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Finding answers through visualization (GraphDay Barcelona Feb 2016)

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Presentation of Linkurious graph visualization software.

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Finding answers through visualization (GraphDay Barcelona Feb 2016)

  1. 1. Finding answers through graph visualization. SAS founded in 2013 in Paris | http://linkurio.us | @linkurious
  2. 2. Introduction. ● Linkurious is a graph visualization startup. ● We help companies understand graph data. ● Linkurious Enterprise, an enterprise-ready graph visualization application (out-of-the-box). ● Linkurious.js, a JS library to build custom graph visualization applications. ● 200+ customers (NASA, French Ministry of Finances, Cisco).
  3. 3. Graph dbs unlock connected data. ● The graph schema is a natural fit for highly connected, evolving datasets. ● Fast traversal performances. ● Languages dedicated to graph queries (Cypher). ● Cybersecurity, medical research, fraud, anti- terrorism, network management, etc.
  4. 4. But current tools are not adapted. ● Traditional BI and data visualizations solutions are not compatible with graph databases. ● Representing data as pie charts and histograms doesn’t provide insights into connections. ● There are graph tools designed for developers/data scientists but no tools for business users.
  5. 5. We make graphs easy to understand. ● Easy to use interfaces designed for non technical users. ● Ability to uncover hidden relationships, explore connections, extract insights. ● Compatible with graph dbs like Neo4j.
  6. 6. Anti-money laundering investigation: Swiss Leaks. Background Analysing the bank accounts and companies connected to Emilio Botin, Former Executive Chairman of Spain’s Grupo Santander (learn more) ICIJ is an international consortium of data journalists. Problem Analyse financial records from HSBC to find evidence of tax fraud or corruption. Benefit The journalists are able to analyse data to verify wrongdoing quickly and accurately.
  7. 7. Knowledge management @ NASA. Background Navigating the network of authors, documents, organizations and concepts linked to “High pressure shutoff valve” (learn more) NASA is the United States government agency responsible for the civilian space program. Problem Leverage an existing lessons learned database to improve the success of projects. Benefit More natural way to search content results in better insights derived from data.
  8. 8. Network management. Background View the impact of a server failure on the IT network (learn more) US internet company in the retail industry. Problem Impact of a failure in IT network is hard to understand and to communicate. Benefit Visualization helps communicate complex results and drive action.
  9. 9. Help people see and understand the connections in their data.
  10. 10. How it works. Data sources Ingest Analyse Business analysts Build apps Developers
  11. 11. ● Compatible with Neo4j 2.X (and HA). ● Compatible with Windows/Linux/Mac (Java 8 or later). ● Support of all modern browsers. ● Built with scalable robust open-source technologies (Node.js, ElasticSearch). ● Linkurious Enterprise server provides a set of high level services (search, security, graph traversals, graph visualization) accessible via REST API. ● Integrate graph visualizations into 3rd party apps via a widget or via our linkurious.js JS graph visualization library. How it (really) works. STORAGESERVER Visualization API Search API Graph API Security layer Neo4j FRONT-END Widget linkurious.js Security API SEARCH Elasticsearch Linkurious Enterprise
  12. 12. Conclusion. Question?