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Graph visualization options and latest developments

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Graph visualization options and latest developments

  1. 1. Graph Visualizationoptions and latest developments London Neo4j meetup at Skills Matter, Feb 27, 2013 By @Linkurious - contact@linkurio.us
  2. 2. Linkurious startup: a few words about us• Jean Villedieu, CMO Linkurious• Sébastien Heymann, CEO Linkurious• Romain Yon, CTO Linkurious (is coding tonight)2/17/13 2
  3. 3. Example of graph2/17/13 3
  4. 4. Graphs are in our DNA• Gephi, the leading graph analysis and exploration solution• Democratizing network thinking• Linkurious2/17/13 4
  5. 5. The best way to store and access the data of aconnected world• Graphs are “everywhere”: conceptual view on data• Neo4j and graph databases offer a fast and intuitive way to use data• Social networks, recommendation engines, networked systems…2/17/13 5
  6. 6. Visualization is key to understanding graphs• Verify data• Check algorithm• View information in context• Build a visual representation• Understand relationships• Discover information• Find patterns• Illustrate and communicate data2/17/13 6
  7. 7. Global approach vs Centred approachCard, Shneiderman (Using Vision to Think, 1999) Van Ham, Perer (2009)1. Overview first, 1. Search,2. Zoom and filter, 2. Show Context,3. Details-on-demand. 3. Expand on Demand. 7
  8. 8. Play now: which tool for which approach? Cytoscape, D3.js, Gephi, GraphViz, KeyLines, Linkurious, MentionMap, Neo4j server web interface, Neoclipse, NodeXL, Palantir, Sigma.js, SocialAction, Wikisway, WikiWeb... 8
  9. 9. WikiWeb
  10. 10. ToolkitsD3.js
  11. 11. Summary: which tool for which approach? Cytoscape, GraphViz, Linkurious, MentionMap, Gephi, GraphInsight, GUESS, Neo4j server web interface, NodeXL, SocialAction, Tulip, Neoclipse, Wikisway, WikiWeb UCINET Global approach Centred approach + Toolkits to build your own App: D3.js, KeyLines, Sigma.js 18
  12. 12. Global approach vs Centred approachGreat for: Great for:Identifying communities and Investigating entitiesglobal propertiesFinding correlations properties / Exploring local contextstructureCommunicating « wow » effect Communicating insights 19
  13. 13. Global approach vs Centred approachIssues: Issues:Difficult to learn (data mining + CS + Users must know what to searchdesign skills) Poor statistical insightsPoor insights with large graphs (bias due to hidden information)Highly sensitive to graph Orientation is difficultincompleteness (<5% missing data=> important bias)Hardware limits (goodbye mobile!) 20
  14. 14. Global approach vs Centred approachUse it for: Use it for:Analysis at the global scale. Database browsing to quickly find information.Make hypotheses or try toconfirm statistical properties. Analysis of local views.Graphs of size < 50k nodes. Graphs of any size. 21
  15. 15. 3 applications of the centred approach
  16. 16. Use case 1: fraud detectionAutomatic outlier detection over time (Sebs Ph.D.)Visualization of outlier-centred graphs 23
  17. 17. Use case 2: visual recommendationYasiv.com 24
  18. 18. Use case 3: (telco) impact analysisNetwork: millions of routers and machinesLocal impact of a router failure in network services? Entypo pictograms by Daniel Bruce — www.entypo.com 25
  19. 19. Linkurious: visualize graph data easily• A tool to visualize any graph database• Graph search made easy• Approach : search, show context, expand on demand2/17/13 27
  20. 20. Linkurious competitorsLocked to a specific use case:MentionMap => Twitter mentionsPalantir => for Palantir customers onlyTheAdvisor => scientific papers recommendationWikiways => TechCrunch DatabaseWikiweb => Wikipedia browsingLimited browsing features:Neoclipse, Neo4j web adminToolkits (require to code): D3.js, KeyLines, Sigma.js 28
  21. 21. Live demo2/17/13 29
  22. 22. Questions? @Linkurious contact@linkurio.us