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Finance Symposium - Digital Transformation UK

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Finance Symposium - Digital Transformation UK

  1. 1. Welcome What we will cover today • Challenges of managing multilingual content in the digital age by Lionbridge • Digital transformation in the financial services industry by Econsultancy • Open Q&A session • Tea and coffee
  2. 2. Challenges Localisation How do you increase the level of engagement of localised content? Technology How do you integrate new, different and legacy systems? Digital transformation How do you integrate marketing and communication platforms effectively? Staying regulated How do you ensure regulations and quality standards are compliant?
  3. 3. Buying Patterns Language has a fundamental impact on buying patterns in global markets. 72% ...customers spend most or all of their time on websites in their own language. 72% ...customers say they would rather buy a product that's offered in their own language. …they say that information in their own language is more important than the price. 56% Source: Common Sense Advisory
  4. 4. Top 5 Reasons for Global Content Failure Siloed decision Makers and Resources No global framework to support consistent action No global control for translated brand material No visibility over global community dialogue No cost control over TOTAL global content
  5. 5. The Benefits of Automation Enables faster deployment of global campaigns and content Leads to quicker global engagement and conversion Helps increase global growth and revenue Eliminates manual transfer of content for translation
  6. 6. How to go from this…
  7. 7. To this Creative Agencies Content Owners Tablets Intranets Websites Chat Applications Mobile Email Servers Translations Stack PIM CMS Database LSP FTE s Partner s
  8. 8. Marketing Technology Landscape 2016 • 3,500+ marketing technologies • 87% growth over last year • Many of our clients have multiple platforms in their marketing technology stacks Reference: chiefmartec.com
  9. 9. Web Content Management Market • Split into two segments: – “business as usual” – “business transformed” • WCM are a mission-critical component to: – ensuring the effectiveness of ambitious digital business strategies – the success of the following customer-centric, paradigm- shifting perspectives • conceptual • communicational • architectural
  10. 10. Do more with less by breaking up Global Digital Marketing Services RecouplingDecoupling
  11. 11. Integrated Reporting and Automation • Need to integrate data and reporting into different marketing channels • Time to market: – Automation of commentary – Simultaneous launch into different across regions and languages • Challenge of regulated content (ie. PRIIPs)
  12. 12. Key takeaways You are not alone: everyone is facing the same challenges Look at other industries Ensure localised content is part of your digital marketing and technology strategy Consider outsourcing production processes to specialist vendors
  13. 13. Thank you

Notes de l'éditeur

  • Good morning everyone
    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us this morning. We’re excited to be partnering with Econsultancy to share with you valuable insights around digital transformation in financial services.

    What we will cover today
    We will start the session with a short overview of what’s happening in the industry, emerging trends and challenges marketers in financial services are facing.

    Our special guest today, Lynette Saunders from Econsultancy will then share with you insights on digitising the customer experience, based on a recent Econsultancy research on digital transformation within financial services.

    We will then end the session with a open Q&A. Tea and coffee will be served just before the open Q&A and you are more than welcome to stay back for that.

    The presentation slides you see today will be shared with you all after the event.

    I hope you will find this event insightful and valuable.

    Without further ado, let’s get started

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  • There are 4 key challenges marketers are faced with – refer to points in slide
  • Start with localised content
    Such a select audience know the importance of localising content for their target markets

  • But while it is important – there is a number of headaches associated with localized marketing

    Siloed decision making
    Lack of global framework
    Lack of global visibility
    No governance model

    So the question is how can we remove these roadblocks

    Don’t plan, it is an afterthought
    Anybody can do it (relative, busy colleague)
    Implement a CMS without vetting it for multilingual functionality and workflow
    Create content (text, graphics, video) without other markets in mind

  • I believe, and have seen in many cases, that automation can help with this because@

    It means that the whole organisation shares the same practices
    In can provide greater control and brand consistency
    It will probably reduce costs considerably post-implementation

  • Legacy process
  • Driving global digital strategies that involve the deployment of centrally/globally developed common Web sites, digital marketing campaigns, and other communication assets into multiple markets around the world

    Other corporates outside finance they have been doing this for a long time.

    Good news is that this exists and I have seen it in action
    The not so good news is that I’ve always seen it outside our industry

  • More information: https://www.gartner.com/doc/reprints?id=1-31LMHHV&ct=160321&st=sb
  • Most companies spend a large portion of their marketing budget on digital production and are paying the same high agency rates for both creative and production work.

    The decouple and recoupling process
    Decouple Creative and then recouple global operations
    Outsource technology and processes to specialist partners
    Streamlined process – add approval steps in the process, integrating regulation and quality standards so there is a complete consistent approach
    Cost efficiencies
    Maintain global standards
    Relevant content served to local markets
    Quality assurance

  • You are not alone – these are common challenges across all areas within financial services

    Embrace ideas and look for inspiration outside of the financial sector. This will give you good insight into what customer expectations are of what good looks like

    Localising content should form part of your digital marketing and technology strategy

    Technology and management is fundamental in driving scalability whilst maintaining global and local standards – consider outsourcing to specialist vendors who have the scalability and expertise to do so