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Self confidence

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Good News: You can have ANYthing you want in life - if you have the SELF CONFIDENCE to go after it!
Better News: ANYone can develop their self confidence.
Self confidence is a skill - and like any other skill it can be learned and developed. This presentation shows you how! Stop hoping and wishing - take action today!

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Self confidence

  1. 1. Self Confidence
  2. 2. Self Confidence is a skill and, like any other skill, it can be developed
  3. 3. if you are willing to practice! practice! practice!
  4. 4. so what does it take to be more confident?
  5. 5. most importantly, you must believe you can do it!
  6. 6. it also means acknowledging where you’ve been and what you’ve done
  7. 7. and knowing where you want to be
  8. 8. positive affirmations
  9. 9. and visualizations
  10. 10. allow you to “see” yourself as a strong, confident woman
  11. 11. then making a plan and taking baby steps forward
  12. 12. will allow the real you, the beautiful, self-confident woman to surface
  13. 13. Self confidence is all in your mind Decide – today - to BE self-confident!
  14. 14. For more tips and advice on how you can create the love you want in your life, please visit my website at www.meikihawaii.com