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LA HUG Mar 2023 - Scaling Community and Brand Affinity Through Advocacy

  1. What’s Love Got To Do With It: Scaling Community and Brand Affinity Through Advocacy March 21, 2023 I 12:30 PM The LA HubSpot User Group presents:
  2. Which communities are you a part of? What is community?
  3. 1. Current State For Many 2. Brand Affinity 3. Advocacy as a Growth Lever 4. Building an Advocacy Program What are we discussing?
  4. Current State For Many Current State For Many What is the common state for most organizations for their happiest and most engaged community members? What is missing from the current state to get us to the ideal state?
  5. Where We Are Top fans underappreciated Lack of connection More focused on negative behaviors Lack of focused behaviors Where We’re Going Advocates get value and appreciation Preferred behaviors rewarded/incentivized Brand love is reciprocal Advocates have seat at the table Current State For Many
  6. Brand Affinity How To Foster Brand Love The biggest driver for behavior is emotion.
  7. How do you scale delight and love?
  8. Esteem Love/Belonging Safety Survival Self actualization Meets expectations. You provide what they have paid you for. If you can’t nail this, you can’t scale delight. Customer support is your front line. Continue to build trust as customers experience problems. Love: Swag, acknowledge positive word of mouth on social. Belonging: Connect customers to each other. This is where most brands stop. Elite care that feels exclusive. BTS access, meetings with leadership, VIPs, beta test/focus groups. Make them the experts. Give opportunities to shine. Give them resources to improve their knowledge.
  9. Put Out The Fires BUT ALSO Water the Flowers
  10. Brand love is created when it’s clear that you care about what your customer cares about.
  11. Love is built in the small moments that become core memories.
  12. Advocacy as a Growth Lever How Does Advocacy Help You Scale?
  13. People Trust Strangers Over Brands
  14. KPI Desired Behavior Trigger/Friction Advocacy as a Growth Lever Think About Your Goals and Reverse Engineer
  15. Advocacy as a Growth Lever Rituals: ● High Fives ● Badges ● Milestone Markers ● Favorite Trainer(s) Micro/Niche Communities: ● Hashtags ● Social Media Groups (Peloton Moms, etc) ● Group rides Ways to Self Identify as Members: ● Merch ● Hashtag ● UGC Multiple Points of Entry: ● App User ● Attend Live Studio Classes ● Purchase Tread or Bike
  16. Your biggest fans want a closer connection to you. They get a seat at the table and a sense of ownership. You get to harness the power of your advocates. Their Success Is Your Success
  17. Building an Advocacy Program Let’s Build an Advocacy Program
  18. 1. Purpose: Why do you want to create an advocacy program? 2. Identity: Who is the target advocate persona? How do you identify them? What do advocates call themselves? How do they self-identify as brand advocates? Does legal recommend they use a specific hashtag or copy for social media? 3. Value: Why would someone want to join as an advocate? What value do they receive from the program? 4. Success: Definition In the next 12 months, what are 3 milestones that will define success for us? What KPIs will you look at to determine success? 5. Experience: What can advocates expect from being in the program? Do perks scale? What does the onboarding experience look like? 9. Communication: How to we talk to advocates? Newsletter? Private community (Slack)? 6. Roles: Are their tiers/levels of advocacy? What do these advocates do for the brand? What role do they play at events, campaigns, etc? Minimum Viable Advocacy Program 7. Rules: What does advocate code of conduct look like? What are the desired behaviors for advocates and what do they need to do to qualify and maintain their advocate status? 8. Governance: Who is the decision maker for the program? If something needs to be added or someone needs to be kicked out of the program, who has that authority?
  19. Identifying and Empowering Advocates Identify the desired behaviors/criteria you are expecting from potential advocates. What KPIs or traits determine success? ● Engagement rate in the community ● Social sharing and positive word of mouth ● Referral rate ● NPS or review participation ● Event attendance rate ● Level of job title Current behavior is a benchmark for future advocacy.
  20. Identifying and Empowering Advocates Where Are The Advocates? Before you start looking for them, you need to know what you are looking for. What does an advocate look like for your organization? What makes a “good” advocate for you?
  21. Identifying and Empowering Advocates Now that you know what to look for, how will you do it? What are your resources? What’s your tech stack? ● Community dashboard analytics ● Social listening tools ● Customer success tools ● External community monitoring ● Survey tools
  22. Pick Your Own Advocate Adventure People may love you but they want to love you in their own way. If you only provide one way to advocate for you, you miss out an opportunity to diversity what brand love looks like for you and your biggest fans!
  23. The Habit Loop Create advocacy processes that: - Are as frictionless as possible - Communicate desired behaviors clearly - Provide a clear “what’s in it for me” - Turn internal needs into external opportunities - Align with advocates’ motivations How to make advocacy repeatable
  24. This sounds great but I only have a small team…
  25. 1:many activations Community tools Make it easy to reach you Set up Talkwalker Alerts What are the three top plays you want advocates to do? When can you use workflows vs personal reach out? Determine 1:many vs 1:1 initiatives Human vs automation Small Team
  26. “To be successful in a world where fans rule, we must be convinced that relationships with customers are more important than the products or services we sell to them.” FANOCRACY David Meerman Scott Reiko Scott
  27. Q&A Wrap Up
  28. Wrap Up Let’s Network @ThatChristinaG /christinamgarnett
  29. Thank you ● HubSpot Giveaway 2 HUG mugs ● MTR Giveaway One hour strategic marketing call ● Feedback survey: