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23 Things Most Managers Do Wrong

We all have Awful Manager Stories. Most managers do things wrong. That's because we don't talk about human topics at work. We pretend they don't exist! In this Slideshare Human Workplace CEO and Founder Liz Ryan explains why managers make mistakes leading their teams, and how to talk about human topics at work.

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23 Things Most Managers Do Wrong

  1. Most managers make mistakes. They do a lot of things wrong. Who could be surprised? Managers don’t get a lot of guidance.
  2. We tell managers “Focus on results!” We should tell them “Focus on the energy on the team, and the results will take care of themselves.”
  3. What drives results, after all? It’s the energy on your team. At Human Workplace we call it Team Mojo™.
  4. Team Mojo™ doesn’t grow by itself. We have to nourish it!
  5. We know what blocks Team Mojo™
  6. Eight Mojo Blockers™ • Confusing plan (or no plan at all) • No latitude for team members to use their judgment • Disturbances in the Force that don’t get discussed • Fear of making a mistake • Burnout • Crossed wires – incomplete communication • Red tape – unnecessary bureaucracy • Unaddressed issues that are important but that everyone is afraid to bring up!
  7. We can lead through fear, or through trust. It’s our choice!
  8. 23 Things Most Managers Do Wrong 1.They see their team members as parts of a production machine rather than as collaborators. 2.They don't listen. They don't ask "How do you feel about what I just said?" 3.They don't ask for feedback on their own leadership style. 4.They focus on the goals and numbers instead of the energy behind the numbers. They don't ask "What do we need to be talking about, that we're not talking about?" 5.They focus on what's not working rather than celebrating what IS working. 6.They get tunnel vision. They lose sight of the Team Mojo that powers their organization. 7.They squelch their team's energy by confusing the operational questions "How will we implement this idea?" and "How will we sell this upstairs?" with the question "Is this worth doing?" 8.They keep people in the dark out of fear that their secret manager's-only knowledge is the only thing that distinguishes them from their teammates. 9.They reward and punish based on obedience rather than results. 10.They take things personally. 11.They can dish it out but they can't take it. 12.They forget or whitewash commitments they made when they needed help. 13.They devalue their employees' personal time, or even trample on it. 14.They live in fear or their own boss, and behave as though everyone should live in fear. 15.They ignore boundaries (saying things like "Can you imagine running around to bars with your girlfriends while your husband stay homes watching TV?"). 16.They think about the short term instead of the long term. 17.They put up walls ("I'm the manager, and I'll decide") when they should soften and be human. 18.They belittle people. 19.They forget to say "Thank you." 20.They judge their own transgressions by different standards than the ones they apply to their team members. 21.They make mistakes and blame the mistakes on other people. 22.They think about their own frustrations and forget about anyone else's. 23.They don't own up to their shortcomings.
  9. Why do managers make all these mistakes? Because they are human!
  10. We can talk about the human side of work.
  11. You don’t have to be a manager to start that conversation.
  12. When you speak up, you grow your muscles.
  13. Make your own Human Workplace! Visit us at http://www.humanworkplace.com