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What is LocalGovDigital? | June 2014

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Presentation on what LocalGovDigital isand what the organisation offers. Presented at the Local Discovery Day on 13 June 2014 by the Department for Communities and Local Government in partnership with GDS.

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What is LocalGovDigital? | June 2014

  1. 1. www.localgovdigital.org @LocalGovDigital
  2. 2. What is ?
  3. 3. Service
  4. 4. A network of digital practitioners Employed by local governments Working in councils Accountable to local politicians and people
  5. 5. A network of digital practitioners Steering Group Birmingham City Council Bristol City Council Cornwall Council Devon County Council Kirklees Council Lambeth Borough Council North Yorkshire County Council Nottinghamshire County Council Surrey County Council Swansea City & County Council Warwickshire County Council West Berkshire Council
  6. 6. A network of digital practitioners Chair Carl Haggerty Leadership Excellence winner at the Guardian Public Services Awards 2013
  7. 7. A network of digital practitioners
  8. 8. Fostering the new models of local democracy made possible by digital Discovering examples of digital democracy in the UK and beyond Sharing examples of digital democracy across networks for learning and inspiration Prototyping new ways of doing local democracy digitally Collaborating and innovating across and outside the sector
  9. 9. www.localgovdigital.org
  10. 10. Digital practitioners who design or develop content or services for local government. @LGMakers
  11. 11. Sharing: Technical ideas and innovation through professional networking, using sites such as the Knowledge Hub, Google+ and Twitter. Design and development code through the use of online tools, such as GitHub, with the consent of their employer where appropriate. Promote and where appropriate write best practice for local government. Collaboration: Where common aims across organisations exist, on the creation of digital services. Peer review other’s work, if requested to, offering constructive criticism. Define and use common standards for APIs and data formats. Attend and organise meetings, unconferences and hack days, where and when convenient.
  12. 12. http://council.usability-test.org.uk/
  13. 13. Hack Day: 20 June in Birmingham A fringe event of LocalGovCamp Crosses over with the Local Leaders fringe event
  14. 14. The free unconference for local government, by local government Started in 2009 Run for the first time this year by LocalGov Digital
  15. 15. Start talking: Tweeting, blogging, posting on Google+ Start sharing: Share what you’ve done, online. Ask for feedback. Start collaborating : Work with others to produce better, more efficient outputs
  16. 16. www.localgovdigital.org @LocalGovDigital