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One year on: Results of Time Based Separation at LHR

Passenger Terminal Expo 2016 presentation from NATS' Andy Shand and Lockheed Martin's Kevin Hightower

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One year on: Results of Time Based Separation at LHR

  1. 1. One year on: Results of Time Based Separation at LHR Andy Shand General Manager of Customer Affairs Kevin Hightower Aviation Chief Technologist
  2. 2. The Need for Time Based Separation
  3. 3. Runway Throughput Benefits (May – July) • Across all wind conditions – Saving is 78NM per day – Increase of 20 movements per day • In strong wind conditions – Saving is 178NM per day – Increase of 49 movements per day Wind Conditions Extra Movements 17-hour scheduled period Per Hour All AWE 20 1.2 Strong AWE (>20kts) 49 2.9 Wind related ATFM delay reduced by 62%
  4. 4. November Results Estimate over 25,000 minutes of delay saved in November versus distance based separation 15 days of strong headwinds Nov 10th: Zero minutes ATFM delay with 40 knot Headwinds
  5. 5. 5nm becomes 3.7nm in 60 knot headwind
  6. 6. Summary of Findings Reduced cancellations No Increase in Go Arounds or Wake Turbulence Encounters 62% reduction in ATFM wind delay 178NM of spacing saved per day in strong wind conditions (>20kts) +2.9 movements per hour in strong wind conditions 83% of aircraft experienced smaller Arrival-Arrival separations 78NM of spacing on approach saved per day, on average +1.2 movements per hour across all wind conditions No pilot inquires or comments
  7. 7. Intelligent Approach Roadmap