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Nailing It! How to ace the online sales meeting

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Connecting with today’s crazy-busy prospects is tough. More and more, your conversations happen over the phone and online. Which is why winning in that virtual meeting – whether by phone, screen share, or video – is more critical than ever.

If you missed it, click here to watch the webinar on-demand: http://w.on24.com/r.htm?e=1003114&s=1&k=3BA617C52273420BD5F9DC11C43618D5&partnerref=slideshare

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Nailing It! How to ace the online sales meeting

  1. 1. Nailing It! HOW TO ACE THE ONLINE SALES MEETING @joinme
  2. 2. 2© 2015, LogMeIn, Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL – FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY This webinar will be recorded Q&A section to follow presentation Housekeeping Items Join the conversation – follow @joinme @joinm
  3. 3. 3© 2015, LogMeIn, Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL – FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Today’s Speaker Jill Konrath Sales Acceleration Strategist Author | Speaker @joinm
  4. 4. I have a confession to make… @joinme
  5. 5. World of the Modern Buyer @joinme
  6. 6. Perceptions of Salespeople @joinme
  7. 7. How about we jump onto a quick online meeting? JillKonrath.com @joinme
  8. 8. engagement possibility credibility differentiate JillKonrath.com Why online meetings? @joinme
  9. 9. Strategic Spontaneity @joinme
  10. 10. Pique Curiosity Drive a Commitment to Change Close the Deal JillKonrath.com @joinme
  11. 11. Discuss Relevant Trends JillKonrath.com @joinme
  12. 12. Offer Fresh Perspectives JillKonrath.com @joinme
  13. 13. Spark a New Idea JillKonrath.com @joinme
  14. 14. JillKonrath.com Get Input on a Concept
  15. 15. Simplify Decisions JillKonrath.com @joinme
  16. 16. Explore Options JillKonrath.com @joinme
  17. 17. Do a Quick Demo JillKonrath.com @joinme
  18. 18. Review in Real-Time JillKonrath.com @joinme
  19. 19. Zero in on Value JillKonrath.com @joinme
  20. 20. Lead Conversations JillKonrath.com@joinme
  21. 21. JillKonrath.com Video Create Engagement White boarding @joinme
  22. 22. JillKonrath.com Get Really Good At It @joinme
  23. 23. Online meetings are rapidly becoming the new status quo. JillKonrath.com @joinme
  24. 24. Need for Agility @joinme
  25. 25. JillKonrath.com Questions? @joinme
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