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Logility Supply Chain Solutions - An Overview

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With more than 1,250 customers worldwide, Logility is a leading provider of collaborative, best-of-breed supply chain solutions that help small, medium, large and Fortune 1000 companies realize substantial bottom-line results in record time. Logility Voyager Solutions is a complete supply chain management solution that features a performance monitoring architecture and provides supply chain visibility; demand, inventory and replenishment planning; Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP); supply and inventory optimization; manufacturing planning and scheduling; transportation planning and management; and warehouse management. Logility customers include Fender Musical Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, Parker Hannifin, Sigma-Aldrich, Verizon Wireless, and VF Corporation. Logility is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMSWA). For more information about Logility, call 800-762-5207 USA or visit http://www.logility.com.

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Logility Supply Chain Solutions - An Overview

  1. 1. L O G I L I T Y V O Y A G E R S O L U T I O N S Powering The Collaborative Supply Chain
  2. 2. Driving Visible Improvements in a World of Complexity In many industries, production is moving farther away from the point of consumption. Supply chains are growing into widely dispersed global supply networks, with multiple layers of sourcing, sales channels and shorter product life cycles. Can you afford longer lead times when customers are calling for quicker service? The complexity can be overwhelming. Even so, it has to be managed in real- or near-real time. And it can be, when technology enables a clear view of forecasts, orders, inventories and service across your global network. Logility Voyager Solutions provide the visibility and automation you need to proactively plan, source, schedule, produce, store, transport and trace global supply chain activities. Compete like never before Logility offers you a three-pronged strategy for gaining a competitive advantage: The visibility to OUTPLAN The velocity to OUTPACE The innovation to OUTPERFORM As a result, you can more profitably satisfy customer demand – and stay in the winner’s circle – by getting the right products at the right cost to the right place at the right time.Logility Voyager Solutions: Technology that Drives Supply Chain SuccessWith Voyager it’s possible to benefit from supply chain Demand Optimization provides the visibility to dramaticallytransformation without turning the company upside down. Our increase forecast accuracy, streamline product introductions,integrated solution suite lets you target the areas of greatest need – assess promotions and create plans attuned to the market.and achieve measurable, positive business results – fast. Inventory Optimization enables you to set optimal inventoryPerformance Management allows you to proactively monitor, targets at each node of a multi-echelon manufacturing andnotify, control and measure supply chain activities on an exception distribution network to match strategic inventory goals.basis, both within your company and throughout the extended Supply Optimization helps slash lead times, dynamicallysupply chain network. source materials and synchronize production plans, optimizeValue Chain Collaboration accelerates sales and operations manufacturing, and reduce distribution costs.planning (S&OP), as well as strategic trading partner relationships to Transportation and Logistics Optimization providesmanage demand plans, direct material procurement, fulfillment and best-of-breed transportation, warehousing and inventoryfinancial goals to increase profitability and improve service. management to ensure cost-effective order fulfillment.
  3. 3. LOGILITY VOYAGER SOLUTIONS The Visibility to OUTPLAN As a stable, profitable and innovative solution provider, Logility The Velocity to OUTPACE has the resources to make great things happen for our customers. We’ve helped thousands ofThe Innovation to OUTPERFORM businesses achieve dramatic improvements in supply chain efficiency, visibility and cost savings.Good results favor those who prepare for them. Make no mistake.Preparation means working smarter now – within your enterprise and Turbo-charged improvementsacross your supply chain. If your goal is gaining and retaining a competitive Logility Voyager Solutions are fully integrated and easy to use. Ouradvantage, a collaborative supply chain isn’t just an option. It’s a mandate. solutions let you monitor, prioritize and coordinate real-time activities at the tactical level, the network sourcing level, the strategic planningLogility gives you the tools for a performance-driven enterprise level, and wherever you have supply chain touch points.The marketplace is buzzing with business-changing concepts. Thereis growing, powerful demand for innovative processes such as Vendor Even better, you can start wherever you want. Need to attack anManaged Inventory (VMI), Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and inventory problem? Improve forecast accuracy? Reduce overtime in theReplenishment (CPFR), Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), distribution center? Improve cost-efficient, on-time delivery? AccelerateMulti-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) – among others. How can sales and operations planning? Logility lets you address your specificyou outpace the competition? With business performance that’s driven priorities on the road to complete business transformation.by Logility’s supply chain solutions for synchronized forecasting, planning,inventory management, replenishment, production, distribution and delivery. Whether you implement one component or the full suite, Logility Voyager Solutions will automatically enforce best-practice methods andUsing Logility Voyager Solutions™, performance driven enterprises seize provide flexible business analysis. That way, you can easily monitorways to leave competitors behind. First by integrating data… then by key performance indicators. You can keep sales and operations plansautomating business processes… and finally by uniting supply chain aligned with business goals. And you can accelerate new productpartners into a single, seamless global supply chain. Logility gives you this introductions to maximize profitability.kind of power, starting with the ability to measure and actively monitor keyperformance indicators (KPIs). The industry’s fastest return on investment Best of all, you can achieve a rapid return on investment while layingWhen you partner with Logility, you’re working with a global company that’s a foundation for future growth. Logility Voyager Solutions take youfocused on helping you reap the rewards of business transformation. beyond quick cost savings and short-term optimization. You’ll gain a renewable competitive advantage that will position you to drive continuous improvements in a dynamic world. Powering The Collaborative Benefits of Supply Chain Supply Chain Collaboration* • 67% reduction in cycle time • 60% decrease in forecast error • 40% reduction in inventory • 30% decrease in transportation costs • 22% improvement in fill rate • 20% increase in revenue * Averages based on Logility customer results
  4. 4. LOGILITY VOYAGER SOLUTIONS Supply Chain Solutions helps you achieve margin improvements with powerful functionality to balance and synchronize operational plans that will meetthat Fuel Competitive corporate goals and objectives. Working from a single set of numbers, managers can quickly make decisions about capital, Advantage labor, materials, capacity, profitability and customer service trade- offs based on an understanding of the business forces that drive risk and opportunities.Logility Voyager Solutions bridge the gaps between sales, customer Optimizing your supply chainservice, purchasing, order management, manufacturing, inventory and Today you need the competitive advantage that comes fromdelivery functions. Our value? No disconnects. Just highly synchronized optimizing your inventory investments across the entire supplycoordination, from planning and forecasting to inventory optimization chain. With advanced simulation capabilities, you’ll realize dramaticand production, through warehousing and transportation management. improvement in revenue, forecast accuracy, inventory optimization, production, reduced transportation costs, sourcing and improvedVisibility into global enterprise performance customer satisfaction. Logility gives you proven best-of-breedThese days, increased accountability is everybody’s burden. Logility capabilities to streamline your global supply chain operations andVoyager Solutions lighten the load by giving you accurate, dynamic gain a competitive advantage.views of your operations. Managers can monitor KPIs to boostperformance in functional areas. Top executives can use KPIs to Thorough, real-time reportingquickly respond to market dynamics and plan proactive strategies to Logility Voyager Solutions feature robust reporting capabilities thatkeep orders on time and on budget. can help you take the pulse of your extended enterprise at anyDemand-driven supply network time. You’ll have up-to-the second visibility into critical operations, inventory shipments and delivery. This insight can help youLogility provides deep, best-of-breed capabilities for creating demand enhance your visibility of the current state of your business, driveplans that are continually updated and immediately shared across efficiencies, and improve customer service.your enterprise. This means you can formulate and revise supply plansbased on the real-time status of demand, inventory, manufacturing Proactive monitoring and notificationcapacity and transportation across a global supply chain. With a Preventing a problem is always better than reporting one. Logility’sdemand-driven supply network, Logility customers boost time to performance-driven capabilities get you in front of potential issuesmarket and service levels while simultaneously reducing inventory and before they turn into crises. Logility Voyager Solutions proactivelyplanning times. monitor operations and automatically alert you to key conditionsSales and Operations Planning across your supply chain. Your team can focus energy where it will have the greatest impact and when it means the most; while youExperts say that companies with best-in-class S&OP programs still have maximum options for quicker resolution.average a 14% higher gross margin than their competitors. Logility Early adoption of innovative trends Logility speeds you to the benefits of new technologies and processes. Voyager supports full compliance for CPFR andLogility offers deep domain expertise VMI across our planning, warehouse and logistics solutions toin the following distribution-intensive give you the innovation your global supply chain requires toindustries: stay competitive.• Consumer Goods• Durable Goods• Electronics/High Tech• Food & Beverage• Life Sciences• Process/Chemical• Service/Aftermarket Parts• Softgoods/Apparel• Specialty Retail• Wholesale Distribution
  5. 5. LOGILITY VOYAGER SOLUTIONSLogility Customers Gain a As a global provider of supply chain management solutions, Competitive Edge Logility has more than 1,250 customers worldwide. Among them are:If you see yourself in the situations below, consider these Alberto-Culver Companyremarkable improvements that Logility customers are experiencing. A.O. Smith Ashley FurnitureCan You... Do You... Are You... Basic American Foods BelkinIncrease revenues and Struggle with too much Apologizing for limitedmanage costs? inventory? product availability? Brown Shoe Company• Ashley Furniture has increased • Intertape Polymer Group • Farnell InOne upgraded its C&C Groupsales an average of 22 to 27% achieved a $40 million year- Logility solution in less than Clement Pappaseach year since implementing over-year inventory reduction a month, a move that allowed Continental MillsLogility Voyager Solutions while while improving its customer the company to boost service David Yurmanmaintaining a minimal inventory fill rate to 95% and slashing its levels without increasingincrease of 5% (each year) through cash-to-cash cycle by 65 days. inventory. Diverseybetter inventory visibility and Electroluxdemand planning. Limit growth due to Constantly expediting Farnell InOne misaligned production freight? Fender Musical InstrumentsAchieve global visibility for capacity? • Logility Voyager Solutions Corporationcompetitive advantage? • Nutra Manufacturing helped a leading tile Handgards• A leading pharmaceutical implemented Logility Voyager manufacturer reducecompany implemented Logility Manufacturing Planning which transportation costs from 8.6% HerbalifeVoyager Solutions across three lines contributed to $8 million reduction to 6.6% of sales, saving over Hewlett-Packardof business to increase visibility in inventory, improved customer $20 million while racking up Intertape Polymer Groupacross global markets, improve service levels by 28% and better on-time shipments and Kraftinternal collaboration and access accelerated inventory turns. improved customer service totimely information to effectively create a competitive advantage. Lancecompete globally. Keep safety stock levels L’Oreal USA high so you won’t get Looking for ways to reduce Magneti Marelli SpAReduce inventory while caught short? transportation costs?improving customer Malt-O-Meal Company • Through multi-echelon • Logility Voyager Transportationservice levels? inventory optimization, Procter Planning and Management Maybelline, Inc.• Remy International reduced & Gamble drove $1.5 billion in saved Malt-O-Meal over Nutra Manufacturingfinished goods inventory by 30% cash savings, while increasing $1 million in one year with Parker Hannifinwhile actually improving customer customer service levels and transportation load building, Pernod Ricardservice levels to 99.6%. reducing safety stock by 17% improved trailer utilization and in their most complex line of maximized carrier discounts. Pfizer Inc.Align your business forecast business. Procter & Gambleand production plans to satisfy Wasting warehousing Rockline Industriesdemand? Collaborate with customers capacity and inventory and suppliers? dollars? Shaw Industries• Shaw Industries formalizedits sales and operations planning • A.O. Smith Water Products • Handgards implemented Sigma-Aldrich Corporationprocess, improved forecast Company implemented Logility Voyager WarehousePRO Sony Electronicsaccuracy, reduced inventory Logility Voyager Solutions to and increased inventory Stanley Black & Deckerand strengthened customer collaborate with key customers accuracy to 99.2%, boosted The Dow Chemicalsatisfaction levels through clear and suppliers, leveraged customer service levels, and Companyvisibility and communication across performance management improved warehouse efficiency. The Home Depotthe company. to become more proactive, decreased inventory throughout Verizon the supply chain and create VF Corporation world-class supply Williamson-Dickie chain processes. Manufacturing Co.
  6. 6. Why Logility?It’s an easy choice You’ll get the industry’s best total cost of ownershipLogility Voyager Solutions are right for today’s dynamic, global supply Our typical implementation times are much quicker thanchains. They’re easy to use, easy to implement, easy to integrate and industry averages. Maintenance is simple, even for limitedespecially easy to justify. You can implement on a modular basis to solve IT staffs. As a result, total cost of ownership is very low – aspecific business problems, or you can synchronize activities across your distinction that separates Logility from other supply chain andentire supply chain. Either way, you can reap dramatic benefits. ERP providers.You’ll create a performance-driven enterprise ExpressROIsm Implementation Services helpLogility provides real-time operational measurements that enable a Logility customers realize maximum value in the shortestperformance-driven enterprise. Increased visibility lets you achieve a time possible.competitive advantage and dramatically improve revenue, cycle time,forecast accuracy, inventory efficiency, streamlined production,transportation costs and customer satisfaction. Deployment is easy.Training is rapid. Results are fast. Average length of supply chain planning implementationYour supply network will be driven by demandYou’ll have the ability to model, schedule and continually revise constraint- more than 12 months 44% of implementationbased supply plans that are based on accurate forecasts of market 9 months to lessdemand – even when that demand is highly volatile. By synchronizing than 12 months 26%your resources and optimizing inventory investments according to actual 6 months to lessdemand, you can drive down costs while delivering superior customer 20% than 9 monthsservice. 3 months to less 7% than 6 monthsYou can rely on our long-term support and continued innovation less than 3 months 3%Stable and innovative, Logility helps customers stay ahead of the source: AMR Researchtechnology curve with advances such as support for Sales and OperationsPlanning; Inventory Optimization; Collaborative Planning, Forecasting& Replenishment; Vendor Managed Inventory; and CollaborativeTransportation Management. Actual implementation times forLogility offers extensive support to further your pursuit of industry best Logility supply chain planning productspractices and unprecedented accomplishments.Our 24-hour Customer Support Hotline is always available, along more than 12 months 0% of implementationwith expertise from our online support services. Wide-ranging education 9 months to less 10%offerings include courseware, workshops, and customized instruction than 12 monthstailored to your specific training needs. 6 months to less 30% than 9 monthsEach year Logility hosts Connections, a forum that invites customers, 3 months to less 56%their trading partners and other industry experts to tap into industry than 6 monthsinnovations, network with peers, and increase their knowledge of supply less than 3 months 4%chain innovations. source: LogilityLogility Voyager Solutions are available for implementations within yourenterprise. We also offer outsourced and hosted deployment options. Worldwide Headquarters EMEA We welcome your inquiries. 470 East Paces Ferry Road, NE Rathbone House Please contact us to learn how Atlanta, Georgia 30305 4a Heath Road Logility can help you power supply 800-762-5207 Weybridge, Surrey chain excellence and optimize 404-261-9777 KT13 8TB your enterprise performance. Fax: 404-264-5206 United Kingdom +44 (0) 1932 846060www.logility.com Fax: +44 (0) 1932 830898© 2010 Logility, Inc. All rights reserved. Logility is a registered trademark and Logility Voyager Solutions is a trademark of Logility Inc.All other trademarks are the properties of their respective holders. OVF1210