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Evaluation question one 1

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Evaluation question one 1

  1. 1. Evaluation question one In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Conventional structures of magazine These are a few examples of traditional magazine front covers. The mast head is usually at the top of the page to advertise the brand therefore selling more. Also this is in the top left because of how the are traditionally stacked in shops. The top left is almost the only section you can see of a magazine so that’s why I have made it big on the top left so its easily visible. Other common features include the main image and the cover story line across the middle of the page. There are many similarities I have shared with the magazine in the top right, these include things such a bold title fonts and eye catching colours. I have taken inspiration this cover. Also I have high quality images and have similar amount of text present on the page. The differences include the main image position and the advertisement. My main picture is slightly to the right as you look at it.
  3. 3. Front cover inspiration This is my main inspiration for my magazine cover. I have taken inspiration from this cover because it appealed to me and the target audience I was aim for. It conveys a sense of mystery and sophistication which is perfect for my target audience -18-24 year. I particularly like the bold brand titles which are just simple but effective. I tried to make my own distinct title with a fancy font. My model also looks similar to the original model on the left, white, same style of clothing. I have also added some lighting effects to my main picture to make my magazine look better and more appealing to my target audience. I have made sure mine matches the magazine cover I have chosen best I can because this was the ideal magazine cover for me. As much as I have copied the cover, I have included some of my own creativity in there. This is thing such as the title ‘Tripplemmm’ These sort of modern magazines have inspired my final output. I am trying to appeal to the UK market as this is were I believe I would have the most success. I have chosen to use this fancy font because it looks like a front from a popular console game called GTA. This creates a feeling that my target audience can relate to as most of them play this game. ‘Q’ and ‘NME’ are very popular brands which target the audience as mine. They provide the latest trends and up coming music. An added bonus with my magazine is that my model is half way through singing and gives it a better impression of a music magazine. The NME cover on the left is a music magazine, but the cover doesn’t represent this as it is simple a close up of her face, nothing to do with music. Also the cloths he is wearing looks like he is an actually singer rather and the NME one which doesn’t give you that impression. http://www.qthemusic.com/ http://www.nme.com/
  4. 4. Contents page I set the layout as one column on the left hand side, similar to what I have researched. I decided to keep it to one column because then the reader are not over loaded with information. I also ensures that the text was readable so my audience could understand. I decided to make the contents page similar to the examples beside. They are of UK conventional layouts. I used a main image of the model to highlight that his story is the main feature. I also included another picture of my cover to emphasis the main story. I have three columns like a traditional contents page, the left hand column contains text because it is natural for people to be drawn to the left hand side of a magazine after looking at the main image, this is because in the UK we read from left to right and it becomes second nature. I think that this product out of my other two is the most conventional to existing magazine. The research material had inspired my own logo so that it could become a potentially recognised logo. I have made my contents page busy with picture because after background research I found my target audience like lots of different pictures to look at rather than being over loaded with text. These are to similar pages I have made my self to add on my contents page to make it look more professional.
  5. 5. Double Page Spread Research material Following my house style and what my surveys have said I have created this simple and intuitive design. I have used bold titles in quirky fonts and my colour scheme is similar; red, black and white. I haven't used the conventional UK layout however I have copied a design but add my own creative twist, such as advertising my logo as much as possible and giving it this look which appeals to my target audience. As I'm appealing to my target audience which is around the same age as me, I will know what they are looking for and want which will help my product sell! Although I have some UK conventions such as using shapes to highlight quotes, similar to the magazine on the right. My research shows that the text always seems to be on the right hand side of music magazine double page spreads. This is probable because the image is the main attraction to the page. When making all of the parts to my music magazine I believed that detail was always important as this is what separates a good music magazine from a poor one. Example of this detail on my double page spread is in the bottom right and left with the page numbers and date.