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What is Adware and How Does it Work?

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Privacy and good user experience on mobile are critical – after all, people need to trust and feel comfortable on their smartphones and tablets in order to use them! But questionable mobile advertising practices, such as adware, can get in the way of user privacy and experience, doing things like capturing personal information (i.e., email, location, address list, etc.) without proper notification and modifying phone settings and desktops without consent. While the majority of mobile ads are A-OK, as the industry grows, it needs to protect user privacy and excellent user experience. Beginning today, we’ll be flagging ad networks that we have newly classified as adware in Lookout Mobile Security.

  • Interesting diagram. I found the information valid but an older article. Wondered where you got your information on Google apps. Please read my post on what is adware at www.antivirusremovaltool.com/what-is-adware
    Are there any other what is adware blogs or (web resources in general) that you can recommend to me?
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What is Adware and How Does it Work?

  1. 1. LOOKOUT, MAY — JUNE 2013. METHODOLOGY UPON REQUEST.consent is a clear alert in the application that allows the user to accept or decline,and appears before any action takes place.Approximately 6.5% of apps in theGoogle Play store contain adwarePush AdsPush notification adswithout consentIcon DroppingModifications to desktopicons & settings withoutconsentBrowser SettingChangesChanges to browser settingswithout consentPersonal InfoCollectionSharing of personal info, likephone number and email,without consentADWAREAn invasive type of mobile adnetwork that threatens personalprivacy and user experience.THE MECHANICS OF ADWARE