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Contributing to the WordPress Codex

  1. Example of a Codex User Page
  2. Codex Toolbox Menus Views Page Edit Menu Toolbox Organization Management Codex Resources Recent Changes Random Page
  3. What Links Here: It's about the connections Every page in the Codex: 1. Must have a link to it 2. Must link to another page
  4. WordPress Codex Article Features  Page: The article page  Discussion: The "chat" about the article and supporting documentation  Edit: Edit the article  History: History of edits and changes
  5. Discussion
  6. Signature with user page link and timestamp: 4 tildes ~~~~ Triggers a notice to the user that a comment is waiting, part of the communication system.
  7. Summary: Add Twitter-style information on edit.  This is a minor edit: Corrected spelling, link fixes, mark as minor edits.  Watch Page: This adds to your "watch list" to monitor.  Show Preview: Shows preview before publishing.  Show Changes: Shows comparison of edits.  Save Page: Publishes changes to the public.  Editing help: Opens help file with editing tips and techniques.
  8. Keep this open in a tab as reference
  9. == Section Title == An empty line after the end of a paragraph starts a new paragraph, just like in the WordPress HTML Editor. To make ''italic'' use two quote marks. To make '''bold''' use three quote marks. Example Writing in the === Sub-Section === WordPress Codex To create bullets, you use the asterick. * To create numbered lists # You use a pound sign. # Double the asterick (**) or pound (##) to create nested lists. * To make a link: # Internal Link [[WordPress Features]] # Internal Link Different Text [[WordPress Features|the features of WordPress]] # External Link: [ Lorelle on WordPress] # Categories: [[Category:WordPress Lessons]] * Links in red do not exist.
  10. Recent Changes The heart beat of the WordPress Codex. Tracks all Codex activity.
  11. Special Pages is your Codex guide to things to do
  12. the current unofficial to do list for the Codex team
  13. How to add to the task lists: 1. Add recommendations/ideas in the comments. 2. Be as descriptive as necessary so others will understand and take action. 3. Include a link to the article or related articles.
  14. WordPress Meetup Group Task List The following are example group tasks for a WordPress Meetup group. The group should have access to one or more computers. Groups can consist of an individual or up to 6 people. The group can divide up the work and consult with each other on the best choices and decisions. Recommend groups divide up projects alphabetically, or deal with similar tasks in reverse alphaetical order so they aren't all working on the same documents. If a task cannot be accomplished, a member should put it on a to list on the WP Docs Team Task List.
  15. Common Notifications to Adminstrators Please add the following to the top or bottom of an article where appropriate. Delete: {{rfd}} Deprecated: {{Deprecated}} Needs Editing: {{Copyedit}} Incomplete or Short: {{Stub}} Old Pages by WP version: {{Oldpage|WPVersion}} = {{Oldpage|1.5}} Old Pages/Archaic: {{Datedpage|Date}} = {{Datedpage|March 24, 2006}}
  16. PDX Meetup Codex Groups Wanted Pages List of links created on other articles to an article that doesn't exist. 1. Is the page link misspelled? 2. Has the page moved? 3. Was the article deleted? 4. Is more action needed? A new article? Add it to the task list.
  17. PDX Meetup Codex Groups Dead End and Lonely Pages Dead End Pages do not link to any other pages in the Codex. Lonely Pages are not linked to or from other pages in the Codex. They are orphans. They need to be linked back to: 1. Categories 2. Other pages 3. Core reference pages (Function References)
  18. PDX Meetup Codex Groups Search and Replace Search and replace the following terms where appropriate: 1. Dashboard – It is the Administration Panels or Administration Screens. 2. Admin Panels – same 3. Blog – WordPress now uses "site" 4. Look for other archiac User Interface terms
  19. PDX Meetup Codex Groups Categories Uncategorized Pages: Need categories. Wanted Categories: Pages with a category that doesn't exist or match existing categories. 1. Is the category link misspelled? 2. Is it a synonym? 3. Does it need adding? [[Category:Category Name]]
  20. PDX Meetup Codex Groups Random Pages Checkers Dig around the Codex and look for trouble. 1. Check spelling and grammar. 2. Check for links to core elements or topics. 3. If the page needs additional attention, mark it with [[Category:Copyedit]] and list it on the WPDocs Task List site.
  21. PDX Meetup Codex Groups Glossary Update, edit, correct, add to the WordPress Codex Glossary. Include links to related articles in the Codex.
  22. PDX Meetup Codex Groups WordPress in Your Language All external links to international language support sites need to be checked and verified, updated if necessary or removed.
  23. PDX Meetup Codex Groups TOC Sherlock Holmes Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to track down EVERY page in the Codex and match it to a Table of Contents. Add to TOC task on WPDocs Task List.
  24. PDX Meetup Codex Groups CopyEdit Codex uses a special tag "Copyedit" to designate pages that need attention or haven't been reviewed. 1. If the page is complete, remove copyedit category. 2. If it needs more work, do it or list it on the WPDocs Task List site.
  25. The To Do List of the Codex
  26. PDX Meetup Codex Groups Miscellaneous Unused Files: Look for unused files that should be used or should be deleted. Short Pages – short for a reason or incomplete? Long Pages – long for a reason or candidates for breakup? Oldest Pages – Are they still relevant or kept for history?
  27. WordPress Codex Docs Team Resources Internal Link [[WordPress Features]] Internal Link Different Text [[WordPress Features|the features of WordPress]] External Link: [ Lorelle on WordPress] Categories: [[Category:WordPress Lessons]]