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Opening GLOW by John Johnston and Ian Stuart

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Opening GLOW by John Johnston and Ian Stuart

ALT Scotland SIG Open Education Open Scotland event, Edinburgh, 3 June 2014

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Opening GLOW by John Johnston and Ian Stuart

  1. 1. Opening Glow John Johnston & Ian Stuart Glow product Owners
  2. 2. Glow is the Scottish Schools National Intranet. This is a major national ICT and telecommunications programme managed by Education Scotland. The funding for Glow came from the Scottish Government and the project is a collaboration between local authorities, Education Scotland and RM Education.
  3. 3. Glow 2007 Sharepoint 2003
  4. 4. 2010 Wikis and Forums and Blogs, Oh My!
  5. 5. ICT excellence Report January 2013 • The Excellence Group recommends that there should continue to be a Scottish schools digital learning environment. The new service should be as open as possible, with only personal and procured content and services behind an authentication barrier. • Ensure that system analytics are openly accessible and easy to use for all users and the interested public.
  6. 6. Layer 3 – everything else Structure Layer 1 - Integrated Services (via SSO, API, Oauth etc.) Layer 2 – not integrated but supported Core Services Identify Management & Storage Service ?
  7. 7. Operating Conditions Open Wi-Fi for All Fast broadband Guidance on filtering policy Bring your own Device/Technology Focus on Education/ Internet Safety
  8. 8. • MS365: Not open by default or in its current setup • Other migrating services, Glow TV, Blogs • Services being replaced, wikis • All in safety mode in the first instance, secure then enhance, this leads into the Glow Now
  9. 9. Glow Future • As yet unnamed project, here lies our wiggle room but patience is needed. • Both of us are committed to working in the open.... • Why is this presentation not in glow, because glow is not yet open enough to share with you...
  10. 10. Open Glow: Interesting Problems • data protection • child protection • engagement of teachers • government, ip • local authorities ip (income generation)
  11. 11. Getting to Open • The technology is the easy bit, culture is harder we need help from folk further along the road.
  12. 12. John Johnston & Ian Stuart Glow product Owners