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FSU SLIS Wk 4 Info Services: Databases & Indexes

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Databases & indexes, newspaper & article searching at FSU SLIS Intro to Info Services class, Florida's iSchool http://slis.fsu.edu/

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FSU SLIS Wk 4 Info Services: Databases & Indexes

  1. 1. “Indexes, Journals & Databases” LIS 5603, Intro to Information Services Dr. Lorri Mon, FSU SLIS, Florida’s iSchool Florida State University
  2. 2. ProQuesthttps://login.proxy.lib.fsu.edu/login?url=http://search.proquest.com?accountid=4840
  3. 3. Just a few more examples in Newspapers… New York Times 1999 to current Historical New York Times (Legacy Platform) (1851-2007) The Times (London)Full-text access to the London Times 1985- present The Times (London) Digital Archive Full-Text Access to the London Times, 1785-1985 Americas Historical Newspapers Full-text, searchable access to Series I,II, and III of the Readex collection, Early American Newspapers, 1690-1922 NewsBank InfoWeb A Web-based collection of primary source information from regional, national and international newspapers, newswires, government and international documents, regional business journals and, periodicals. FSU LibGuide on Newspapers http://guides.lib.fsu.edu/newspapers
  4. 4. World News Connection® (WNC) is an online news service, that offersan extensive array of translated and English-language news andinformation. Particularly effective in its coverage of local mediasources, WNC provides you with the power to identify what really ishappening in a specific country or region. Compiled from thousandsof non-U.S. media sources, the information in WNC covers significantsocioeconomic, political, scientific, technical, and environmentalissues and events.The material in WNC is provided to the National Technical InformationService (NTIS) by the Open Source Center (OSC), a U.S. governmentagency. For over 60 years, analysts from OSCs domestic andoverseas bureaus have monitored timely and pertinent open-sourcematerials, including gray literature. Uniquely, WNC allows you to takeadvantage of the intelligence gathering experience of OSC. http://wnc.fedworld.gov/description.html (we don’t have this one @ FSU)
  5. 5. ERIC Database (Education)
  6. 6. Considerations in News Databases – do you need…National Newspapers (e.g. New York Times, Wall St. Journal, Washington Post – ProQuest, National Newspapers)Local Newspapers (e.g. Tallahassee Democrat, Times-Picayune – Infoweb Newsbank)Community and Ethnic (GenderWatch, Ethnic NewsWatch, Alternative Press Index)International (Access World News, Lexis Nexis Academic, World News Connection, Times)
  7. 7. Journal DatabasesGeneral: Expanded Academic Index, Proquest, Readers’ Guide to Periodical LiteratureSubject: LITA, Library Literature, PAIS (to 1915), America History & Life, Historical Abstracts, Psychinfo, INSPEC, ABI-Inform, ERIC, MedlineOlder: Project MUSE, JSTOR, Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature (to early 1900’s) [News equivalents: New York Times Index, Times of London Index]Publisher: Emerald, Science Direct (Elsevier)
  8. 8. Flying a Light Aircraft QuestionQuestion: Where can I find another articlelike this one?Dewdney, Patricia and CatherineSheldrick Ross (1994), “Flying a LightAircraft: Reference Service Evaluationfrom a User’s Viewpoint,” RQ, Winter1994, 34(2): 217-230.Brainstorming - thoughts about this?
  9. 9. Citation Searchinghttp://www.lib.fsu.edu/get/webofsci
  10. 10. CiteSeerhttp://citeseer.ist.psu.edu/
  11. 11. Google ScholarGoogle Scholar via FSU (allows connection w/FSU holdings)http://www.lib.fsu.edu/eresources/searchDB.php?keywords=google
  12. 12. Indexes for Citation SearchingISI Web of Science – cross-disciplinarycitation search for top-rated journals only– What other articles cite to my article / author?– Citation chainingCiteseer & Google Scholar – citationsearching on the web– Limited in available items/disciplines– Focus on authors who put articles online Citeseer: http://citeseer.ist.psu.edu/
  13. 13. Index/Database Considerations• What is the date of the needed item? Yesterday? 200 years ago? (may mean looking in a print index vs. online, and getting print or digital or microfilm text)• What level is needed? (local, national, international; popular or scholarly; refereed?)• The accessibility for the user? (eligibility for licensed resources, physical access issues) “I used a database at my library called (name). This or another one like it may be available at your local library. I searched (give strategy) and here are some example results that I found.” (give 2-3 example cites/quotes) Here’s how to contact your librarian for help in getting access to this in databases at your library.”
  14. 14. Indexes to Special CollectionsDatabases for microfilm collections (e.g.ERIC, AccessUN)Collections may have unique numberingsystems (ERIC: microfiche by accessionnumbers, ED 123456)
  15. 15. Boolean Searching+ AND digital AND reference (has both)| OR e-mail OR chat (has either)- NOT spice NOT girls (omits one) (spice | spices) -girls +history (spice OR spices) NOT girls AND history Phrase searching with Boolean:“digital reference” OR “virtual reference” NOT wiki“digital reference” | “virtual reference” –wiki
  16. 16. Search TypesIn general, these are types of searching. Check the ‘advanced help’for a specific search engine, library catalog, or databaseimplementation (does it allow nesting, truncation, wild cards, whatsymbols or operators are used) DifferentBoolean: (AND, NOT, OR) In Each SystemPhrases: (“hot dog”) NOT racetrackProximity (NEAR, WITH, ADJ, SAME): dog (w2) trackNesting: ((beef OR chicken) ADJ bean) AND burritoSearch Sets: s s1 and s2 and “low fat guacamole”Fielded: (k kuhlthau.au.), (S dog/DE)Truncation: (S EMPLOY?), (K hyperactiv*)Wild Card: (S organi?ation) , wom?n
  17. 17. PsychInfohttp://www.lib.fsu.edu/get/psycinfo
  18. 18. Questions for Index Searches• Are there articles about the Japanese internment camps written during WW II?• I’m looking for articles about online communities.• How did American Indian news cover gambling?• I want more articles like this one by Dewdney.• Where can I find foreign news and editorials on the Iraq war?• How many other authors have cited my professor?
  19. 19. Index Types• Indexes by Subject – Library & Information Science (LITA, Wilson Omnifile), Medicine (MEDLINE), Psychology (PsychInfo), Policy/Government (PAIS), Literature (MLAB) –and many more (see subject lists for dbs)• Indexes by Format Type - General Periodicals (Readers’ Guide), Newspapers (National Newspaper Index), Academic Journals (Expanded Academic Index), Magazines (Proquest), Ethnic Newspapers (Ethnic Newswatch)• Special Feature Indexes - citation indexes (Web of Science), special collections (ERIC), historic coverage (NYT, Times, Readers’ Guide, JSTOR, Project MUSE)
  20. 20. Upcoming Due DatesDue Mon, Sep 24: IPL Practice QuestionDue Mon, Sep 24: Week 2 Discussion PostDue Mon, Oct 1: Week 3 Discussion PostDue Mon, Oct 8: Question SetNext class: Books/Bibliographic Sources!