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GCSE Media Studies Magazine Production

Example of student's research work for a GCSE Media Studies production project

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GCSE Media Studies Magazine Production

  1. 1. Type: General Magazine (beauty, fashion, lifestyle) Publisher: Hachette Filipacchi Target Audience: Women 18-35 ELLE magazine appeals to their target audience because the colours are often very feminine (pinks and purples), also the magazine includes women’s fashion and beauty and the main image is often if not always a female celebrity. It always includes a title which is large and in capitals on the top so it very easily recognisable to readers. The cover includes a barcode, a price, anchorage text and sells lines. Type: Specialist Magazine (children’s television) Publisher: Immediate Media Company London Limited under licence from BBC Worldwide Target Audience: Children aged 2-6 Cbeebies magazine appeals to its target audience because it uses lots of bright colours which are attractive to children. There is also less writing and lots of pictures because young children can’t read very well. It includes a title, logo, barcode, sell lines and lots of colours and pictures to appeal to children. Magazine Research ELLE Magazine Cbeebies Magazine
  2. 2. Type: Specialist Magazine (music) Publisher: Mark Ellen and David Hepworth Target Audience: Men & women 18+ interested in music Q magazine appeals to its target audience because it is red/white/black which tends to be the colours that would appeal more to adults. The main image is of a famous music artist who links with the genre of the magazine therefore appealing to the people interested in music. The main image is usually a man which is why some may say it is aimed more at male readers. The anchorage text is large and bold so the readers know who the main image is. It includes lots of sell lines about which artists are featured inside. The title is slightly covered by the main image but this doesn’t matter because the title is iconic and recognized by its audience. It also includes a barcode and price. Q Magazine
  3. 3. Genre Conventions All the magazine covers in the mood board are on the higher end of the fashion genre therefore have very minimal writing and a large image taking up most of the page. They are all modern and stylish and appeal to teenagers/young adults. These magazines are priced between £5 and £10. This of the higher end in terms of pricing for magazines because they are famous and high end fashion.
  4. 4. ANALYSIS OF MAGAZINES The title is large and in capital letters, it’s a faded white and the font is thin and stylish to match the fashion genre. It’s placed in the top third of the magazine so it is visible to readers even if its placed on a top shelf. The main image is of Jenifer Lawrence. The main image is a female which means the target audience is also females because they will look up to Jenifer Lawrence and admire her make-up and jewellery in the photo. Her face takes up most of the page and she is using direct mode of address to attract people’s attention to the magazine. A very important aspect to the magazine is the barcode and price so people know how much the magazine is before they decide to buy it. The word ‘fashion ‘is in big capitals letters so the genre of the magazine is obvious before reading it. It’s written in the same font and colour as the title so it fits the stylish theme and matches the rest of the cover. This is the anchorage text to say who the main image is of. This will attract the target audience to buy the magazine because she is a famous actress who would appeal to the target audience. These are the sell lines, there aren't very many on this magazine because it is high profile so it doesn’t need very many. Overall this magazine is very minimalistic. The main image takes up most of the page and there is a very small amount of text. This is because the magazine is high profile and doesn’t need lots of advertising to get people to buy it. Harper's Bazaar is a world- renowned arbiter of fashion and good taste. Created in 1867 it is America's first fashion magazine. These are the main colours used on the magazine cover. They’re very plain which makes the image stand out and makes the overall cover look modern and high fashion.
  5. 5. ANALYSIS: ‘LOVE’ MAGAZINE The title is in large writing covering right across the top of the page so the title can be spotted even on the top of a shelf. It is bright and multi- coloured to make the title stand out on the shelf. It is got the effect of paint dripping down the page and gives the cover a young/urban look. This is the important information that readers need to know. The price and barcode are featured on every copy so people can buy the magazine. It is normally positioned in the bottom corner (in this case on the left) because it is only a small feature which is essential but doesn’t need to stand out. The main image is a female which indicates that this particular issue is targeted at females. The way her hair is styled suggests that the magazine is alternative but the top she is wearing shows the magazine is still high end fashion. The image takes up the majority of the page because the cover is very minimal and LOVE covers are mostly dominated by the image rather than text. The text at the bottom (Miley) is the anchorage text which is telling us who the main image is of and because Miley is famous and people know who she is there is no need to include her last name. People who like Miley Cyrus will be attracted to buy this issue and will know straight away that it is her on the cover. It is written in lower case and in the same font as the title but black and looks a lot softer because it is lower case. The anchorage text is positioned at the bottom of the page so it is underneath the main image indicating that it is who the image is of. It is softer than the title because the information isn’t as important but is still the same font so they fit together nicely. The background is plain and is sky blue. Aqua blue is also used in the title, this is so they don’t blend together but also don’t clash against each other. Aqua blue is a unisex colour which shows the magazine could be targeted at either gender and is a bright and attractive colour which draws the audience to look at the cover straight away. These are the main colours used on the magazine cover, these colours are very bright, fun and appealing which attracts people’s eye and shows the magazine is alternative and targeted at teenagers/young people.
  6. 6. LOVE magazine unlike most other magazines have multiple contents pages throughout the magazine rather than just one at the beginning. This is to split up the magazine into smaller sections. Each contents page of this issue looks practically identical but with different information. I wont be using this multiple contents page idea in my magazine because I think its confusing and my magazine wont be as long so wont need to include as much information on the contents. Because the magazine has multiple contents pages they don’t have loads of writing on them and look stylish and uncluttered. The information is split up into 9 small paragraphs making it easier to read and to find something quickly. The title is in the same font as used on the cover and is black with 2 small lines in front of it. It looks very minimalistic and modern which fits the alternative and stylish genre of the magazine. At the bottom of the page is a picture of some flowers. This adds a nice touch to the contents page by giving the readers something nice to look at rather than just writing. It has bright appealing colours and would be targeted stereotypically at a female audience because they are flowers and pink/red colours are used. The colours are quite feminine and are also darker than the colours on the cover and look as if they would be targeted at young adults rather than teenagers.
  7. 7. Again the same font is used again so all the pages fit together and match the title’s font. Almost the whole page is covered with writing which shows the magazine is targeted at 16+ because an older audience are more able readers and would be interested in the information as well as pictures. The writing is written in columns making the page look neat and organised. On the second page as well as writing pictures are used to liven up the double page spread and give the reader something else to look at other than text. The pictures are laid out neatly along side each other leaving only a small white gap in-between so they look symmetrical and stylish. The images are of catwalk models which match the fashion genre and presumably are related to the article. On this page the writing is organised into a small quote at the top then a column down the side of the pictures. Both of the pages are organised neatly into three sections so looking across the double page spread everything is symmetrical which is pleasing to the eye. Although there is lots of text everything looks very neat therefore uncluttered which matches the minimal cover and contents page. The colours are mainly black and white which is very minimal and stylish however small amount of yellow is used on the picture to draw attention to the images.
  8. 8. ANALYSIS: ‘ID’ MAGAZINEThis is the title of ID magazine, unlike other magazines the title of ID is sideways on the left hand side of the magazine but still at the top so it can be seen on the top shelf of a rack . The font is large so it can be identified as ID magazine from a distance. The title is white and seems to lend into the background slightly but because ID is a big and high end magazine its readers can recognize it is ID magazine from its other iconic features. On every cover of ID magazine the model on the front has one eye covered. This is the main, most iconic feature of ID magazine which means the magazine can be identified without the title standing out so much. These are the cover lines which tell us about what's inside the magazine. They are in a small font as they aren’t as important as other information on the cover. They are in red so they don’t blend into the background and give the cover a little colour. The barcode and price are a very important aspect of the cover and need to be visible which is why they are placed in the top corner isolated from everything else. The main image is of a model who has short hair which is quite alternative. She is using direct mode of address to draw in the reader and attract them to the magazine. She has black nail polish and is wearing a black lace bandeau which looks high fashion. Her collar bones and arms are exposed and she isn’t wearing very much make-up which makes her look young and innocent. Because the model is female and around 18 years old this shows us the target audience would be girls 16+. This is the main cover line of the magazine which is smaller than the title but larger than the other cover lines. Apart from the title it is the biggest typeface on the page and has a soft font. The colour is white (same as the title) so it matches the black and white theme. The font is soft and looks delicate like the model. ‘There are no rules’ sounds very rebellious and is a cover line which would appeal to teenagers because stereotypically teenagers are rebellious. Overall the cover is very minimal and the main image dominates the page rather than text because the magazine is high end. The colours are very modern and are used commonly in alternative magazines because they look new and interesting.
  9. 9. The title is at the top of the page so its visible straight away, its in the same font as the rest of the text but slightly bigger and bold so it stands out. The text is laid out in a wide column down the centre of the page. It looks neat and is easy to read. In the background is the title ‘ID’ in a sponged effect so it looks faded into the background and the writing on top is still visible. This adds a nice effect to the contents page and means that if you were to see the contents page on its own you would know what magazine it was from. ID magazine the same as LOVE magazine has multiple contents pages throughout the magazine rather than just one at the beginning. This is to split up the magazine into smaller sections. Each contents page of this issue looks practically identical but with different information. I wont be using this multiple contents page idea in my magazine because I think its confusing and my magazine wont be as long so wont need to include as much information on the contents. At the bottom of the page is the image from the cover of the magazine shrunk down, the ID is stamped over it so it doesn’t really stand out. It is included on the contents page so that when reading about the magazine the readers can also look at the cover without flicking back to the front. These are the main colours used on the contents page. It is mainly black and white like the cover but then with a splash of pink which brightens up the page and gives it that extra touch to appeal young people especially females.
  10. 10. The whole of the left hand page is covered with writing, this would be more appealing to an older audience who are better readers and who enjoy the information in the magazine more than other aspects. The writing is organized into two columns which makes the page look neat and symmetrical which is pleasing to the eye and makes it more logical to read. Because there is lots of writing you can tell straight away this magazine is aimed at an audience of 16+. The image is very big and takes up almost the whole of the page just leaving a white frame around it. The fact that it is large will draw the readers attention to the picture. The girl looks quite young and her hair is covering one of her eyes. Because she looks about 17 means that the image was targeted at an audience of around the same age. One of her eyes is covered to fit with the theme that ID always use that one eye is always covered. Her other eye is looking over onto the other page which intrigues the reader and makes them want to read it. Like the girl on the front the model is wearing hardly any makeup and her hair looks natural which makes her also look young and innocent. This double page spread uses very plain and natural colours. Overall it is very neat, uncluttered and looks pleasing because it is aimed at a 16+ audience so doesn’t need bright colours or loads of pictures.
  11. 11. Colour Palettes I like this colour palette because although black and white is very simple its also a classic colour combination which is used in lots of magazines because of how effective it looks. A minimalistic colour scheme like this makes the main image stand out and look better quality. This colour palette is very different. Its not often that you would see this combination being used but this is why I like it because its alternative which fits the genre of my magazine. It’s new and fresh and would really stand out on a magazine rack. This colour palette is very pleasing to the eye. These colours are often associated with summer and as summer is coming up these colours would fit very nicely. Also, this season pastel colours are supposedly ‘in’ which would fit nicely as my magazine is all about what's new and trendy. These colours are very girly which would fit the target audience of girls 15+.
  12. 12. I like this colour palette because its quite different but it works really well and all the colours complement each other really nicely. They look quite vintage and also very classy. The pink adds a feminine touch and would definitely appeal to my target audience. This colour palette is quite simple but looks very modern. Its fresh and is very bright so would catch a readers eye straight away. This colour scheme is not something you would expect to look nice together but on the cover I think they complement each other nicely. It looks very feminine and attractive.
  13. 13. AUDIENCE PROFILE I have decided that my target audience will be girls aged 15-24 years old. The genre I have chosen is alternative fashion. The magazine will be high end and priced at around £4. The magazine will be published every month and will contain 80-100 pages. I will use modern/trendy colours to make the magazine stand out and look more alternative to other fashion magazines. The magazine will include articles about fashion and what is ‘in’ at the moment. FEMALE Name: Tats Sullivan Age: 15 Interests: fashion, music, football, socialising Favourite bands/artists: Kasabian, Little Comets, Bombay Bicycle Club, London Grammar, SBTRKT, Mumford & Sons, M.I.A, Mount Kimbie Favourite places to shop/brands: Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, American Apparel, Office Profession/Occupation: Saturday Girl at Barry Bott Jewellers Other Info: Lives in Cosby, plays for Cosby Girls FC, regularly reads magazines such as Love, ID and Bazaar
  14. 14. MALE Name: Chris Causier Age: 16 Interests: music, football, socialising Favourite bands/artists: Nujabes, Bon Iver, Death Grips, Joey Bada$$, Madvillain, Jamie T, Action Bronson Favourite places to shop/brands: Wellgosh,Office/Stussy,Supreme,Bape Profession/Occupation: Unemployed Student Other Info: Lives in Braunstone Town, plays for Ayelstone Park FC From this audience profiles I have created I can design my magazine based things that they like so the magazine I create will appeal to them.
  15. 15. After looking at the UK Tribes website I decided that the type of people I will be targeting my magazine at are LEADING EDGE people, particularly indie scenesters who discover the newest fashions and music before anyone else which is what my magazine is all about. Considering my target group of people I will be focusing on brands such as Urban Outfitters and Lazy Oaf which are high fashion and alternative. They stock clothes which would be considered ‘high fashion’ and ‘ahead of the curve’.
  16. 16. Questionnaire Research Web Link To My Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SYP2Z3G The majority of responses from my survey were female (4/5). This will be good for my research because my magazine is targeted at females but it is also good to have some feedback from a male audience member as well. The people who answered my survey were 16,16,15 and 23. This is the age range I will be targeting my magazine at which is good because I can use their ideas and thoughts when designing my magazine.
  17. 17. The only two options that were chosen were ‘High Street’ and ‘Casual’ fashion. Although my magazine wont just be based on these fashions I will include articles based on ‘High Street’ and ‘Casual’ so that they can look at clothes they may buy themselves. Lots of the brands were chosen and a few were not but I will be looking at the most chosen brands. These were: • Urban Outfitters • Topshop • American Apparel • ASOS Other brands which were chosen by more than one person were: • Nike • Lazy Oaf • Adidas • Penfield • Converse • Vans • French Connection From this research I can include the brands which most people liked in my magazine.
  18. 18. 2 people had never heard of ID magazine and the other 3 people said they didn’t buy it. I am basing my magazine on magazines like ID magazine so this concerns me. Most people said that they usually spend between £3 and £4 on fashion magazines I will price my magazine at around this price so that taking into consideration their age it will be affordable to my target audience. Most people said they would like to see more pictures in the magazine so when creating it I will ensure I use lots of pictures. 2 people said they would like to see more text so I will also ensure I include a fair amount of text inside too. No- one wanted to see advertising so I will limit the adverts.
  19. 19. From this I can see that everyone would like to see black and white on the cover so that is a definite. Other colours which most people chose were: • Red • Purple • Orange • Gold • Grey Most of the other colours were also chosen apart from brown but when choosing my colour scheme I will use the most popular colours so the cover will attract my target audience.
  20. 20. These responses will be very useful to me when I create my magazine because with this information I can make sure that inside my magazine I can include something that my target audience wants to see and this will attract them to buy the magazine and others alike. It seems that they all want to see clothes which are high end but can be purchased at affordable prices which I can definitely include.
  21. 21. When I design the cover of my magazine this information will be really useful to me. From this I can conclude that I need a little writing but not too much, no cheesy captions or celebrity gossip and I need someone recognizable on the front who isn’t an overly skinny model.
  22. 22. Does The Page Work? Inside the top hotspot is the eye of the doll and the earring. Inside the bottom hotspot is the sleeve of the dress. Inside the top hotspot is Lady Gaga’s eye and her goggles. Inside the bottom hotspot is the bottom of her hair and part of the anchorage text (sell lines). In both hotspots at the top of the page there is an eye in the hotspot, this is highlighted because the person is using direct mode of address to attract readers. In love magazine the bottom hotspot is the sleeve of the dress to draw attention to the clothes. In the bottom hotspot of V magazine includes a bit or the anchorage text so the readers will want to buy the magazine as they will spot this straight away.
  23. 23. In the top hotspot is the models hair. This is in the hotspot because her hair has been professionally done and is nicely styled. In the bottom hotspot you can see the models back which is curvy and will make the audience want to read about the dress and its good to have curvy models on the cover of a magazine rather than stick thin women. In the top hotspot is the models eye which is significant to this magazine because in every ID magazine one eye is covered. Also the eye is using direct mode of address to attract the readers attention which is important. In the bottom hotspot is the models mouth with the anchorage text inside so the readers notice this straight away.
  24. 24. In the top hotspot is the models hair and part of the leopard she is holding. This highlights the leopard print on the animal and her hair which has been styled professionally. In the bottom hotspot is the patterns on her dress which are very detailed and fashionable highlighting that the genre is fashion. In the top hotspot is the number 758 which is significant because it tells the reader there are 758 pages which is a selling point. In the bottom hotspot is the anchorage text ‘Kate Moss’ who is the model on the cover which is also a selling point.
  25. 25. £3.50 DRAFT 1 OF COVER This draft would appeal to my target audience because the cover star is young and alternative. This magazine purposely breaks the conventions by putting text across her face to make it stand out and be alternative/high end.
  26. 26. DRAFT 2 OF COVER I prefer this draft because its minimalistic therefore looks expensive and high end. It is uncluttered and looks alternative and also stylistic therefore would appeal to my target audience. This magazine purposely breaks magazine conventions by leaving the page very bare and uncluttered as if it does not have to sell itself to the buyer. The target audience do not desire value for money but want quality and style instead. £5.00 ISSUE 5 FURURE OF FASHION EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW GRACE ARGYLE STYLE
  27. 27. 5 Designer Interviews 17 High Street Fashion 34 Future of Fashion 65 Designer of the month 84 Shoe Collection 103 Culture In Fashion 145 Cover Story 178 Boutiques 200 Celebrity Style DRAFT OF CONTENTS PAGE I like this draft because it’s a high fashion image and it looks modern and also very classy. It looks expensive and would appeal to my target audience because its new and alternative.
  28. 28. PLANNING/RESEARCH Font: I have chosen this font because its big so it stands out. The lettering is thin which makes it looks classy and simple . The font is called NEOU. It will appeal to my target audience because it looks modern and attractive. Colour Palette: I have chosen this colour palette because it’s classy, which fits with the rest of the magazine and at the same time is alternative and the colours complement each other. They will appeal to my target audience because they are modern and look fresh and new. Cover Star: Tats Sullivan Make-up:Thismakeup stylewouldappealto the target audiencebecauseit’smodernand uses bright coloursandglitter making it lookalternativeand unique. Hair: Ilike thesehairstylesbecausetheylookhighfashionand frame theface.Theywouldappealtomy targetaudiencebecausetheylook modernandalternative. Clothes:I wanttouse clotheslike thisbecausetheyarebold,alternative andmake astatementwhichwouldappealtothetargetaudience.