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Family Mapping

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Revisit Shame and How it effects Ones Story
To Demonstrate How Addiction and Shame are Intertwined
To Illustrate the Power of Story Telling Through Family Mapping
To use Portraiture as Inquiry

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Family Mapping

  1. 1. Family Mapping Louise Stanger Ed.D, LCSW, CDWF, CIP
  2. 2. Objectives Revisit Shame and How it effects Ones Story To Demonstrate How Addiction and Shame are Intertwined To Illustrate the Power of Story Telling Through Family Mapping To use Portraiture as Inquiry
  3. 3. Using Portraiture Qualitative Inquiry as a way into Story
  4. 4. Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
  5. 5. About Sarah Lawrence Lightfoot Prize Winning Sociologist-McArthurAward George Leider Prize for research Harvard 27 Honorary degrees from colleges and universities-novelists -9 award winning books The Emily Hargrove's Endowed Chair which upon her retirement becomes Sara Lawrence Lightfoot chair making her the firstAfrican American in Harvard's history to obtain that. Full of grace and compassion
  6. 6. Who Am I ? “I am the mirror who reflects back their pain, their fears their voices. I am the inquirer who asks difficult questions, who searches for evidence and patterns. I am the companion on the journey bringing my own story to the encounter, making possible an interpretive collaboration, I am the audience who listens , laughs , weeps an applauds. I am the spider women spinning their tales.. I am the therapist who offers cathaersis support and challenge… I am also the stage manager coordinating the intersection of three plays- the story teller, the narrator and the readers inviting your voice to the drama”
  7. 7. Talking With Strangers Tell Me about yourself Tell Me about your family Tell me why your heart is hurting Tell me what is special about your loved one Tell me what you hope for
  8. 8. Let’s talk about Family Substance Abuse Mental Health-Anxiety Depression, Personality, Bi-Polar- Schizophrenia etc Process Disorders- Love, Sex, Shopping, Disordered Eating, Digital,Money Chronic Pain or Other Medical Religion Exercise -Too Much- Too Little
  9. 9. More Questions Disordered Financial Life Over and Under Spending Shopping Gambling Workaholism Financial Betrayal in Relationships Debting
  10. 10. More Questions for Bio- Psycho-Social Marriages/Divorces Death Pregnacies- Misscarriages, Still Births, Live Births, SIDs Geography- Moves Gender preference-Sexual Identity School Legal Community LIFE IS MESSY
  11. 11. Feeling Carried or Denied Gift Anger Rage Stength-Energy, Motivation Fear Panic, Paranoia Wisdom, Protection Pain Depression-Hopelessness Healing, Growth Loneliness Isolation-Helplessness Reaching outward & Inward
  12. 12. Feeling Carried or Denied Gift Shame Unworthy Not Good Enough Humility I am Enough Guilt Panic, Paranoia Wisdom, Protection Embarrassment Stupid Competent Joy Hysteria Hope-Healing- Spirtuality
  13. 13. Meet Christine 32 yo music executive Opioids and disorder eating Mother and Father Brother Cooper
  14. 14. What Stands out?
  15. 15. Meet Erik 20 years old Only son of high wealth family 92 sisters) Legal issues SubstanceAbuse Anxiety & Depression ADHD
  16. 16. Eriks Family Sisters-Bullying and Depression Mom -Family History of SA Mom in Recovery Dad Family History of SA and then Mom said I have something to share …………..
  17. 17. Erik’s mom My brother died at age 38 he had HIV
  18. 18. Family Mapping Started after first placement
  19. 19. Meet Jack and his family 54 yo old retired executive lives with 29 yo son Two previous treatment episodes 3 children 19, 22, 29 Wife in process of divorce Being asked to leave treatment center as wrong placement Had to get him fromA -B
  20. 20. You are Ready?
  21. 21. Take Aways Family Mapping is a way into story You need about 90 minutes Paper and Colored pens Life is messy Qualitative inquiry works to illuminate
  22. 22. Be Curious
  23. 23. Resources Brown, Brene- Rising Strong . Speiegel & Grau International 2015 NYC NY Brown, Brene, DaringGreatly. Gothom Books 2012 Lawrence Lightfoot,Sarah & Hoffman Jessica .TheArt and Science of Portraiture. Joey Bass. 1997 LawrenceLightfoot, S. Respect , 1998. Press Books, Mass. Lawrence, Lightfoot,S. I’ve Known Rivers , Penguin Publishing. Ny 1995 Lawrence, Lightfoot, S Growing Each Other Up, University of Chicago Press. 2016
  24. 24. Resources Kopp, Sheldon- If You Meet The Buddah on the Road , Kill Him, 1982. Penguin House Random House, NY, NY Stanger, Louise. Falling Up-A Memoir of Renewal 2015, WZY Press Stanger,http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/tricksters-addiction- you_us_592f0f7ee4b0d80e3a8a329e Stanger http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/what-are-the- differences-between-trauma-addiction_us_58f4e7aee4b048372700da27 www.allaboutinterventions.com
  25. 25. More Resources What’s Love Got to do with it -Boundaries and Relationships -Stanger Huffington Post The Sober World- Grandmother I have Something to Tell You, Stanger& Porter The Sober World-Parents and Teens in the Midst of an Opioid Crisis, Holomback& Stanger The Sober World: Parents , Teens, Marijuana , Stanger & Porter Recovery Campus-Freshman 101, Stanger& Porter Recovery Campus-Adulting It’s Hard to do , Stanger& Porter All articles and more are available on http:www.allaboutinterventions.com