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Chemtrails hearing EU parliament

Health effects on humans, flora and fauna of toxic clandestine aerial sprayings

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Chemtrails hearing EU parliament

  1. 1. SKYGUARDS at the EU Parliament ~ Brussels, 9 April 2013 CLANDESTINE AERIAL SPRAYING the health effects of the toxic sky war on humans, animals and plants Désirée L. Röver medical research journalist, author, radio hosttext & photography Désirée L. Röver Ⓒ2013 www.desireerover.nl
  2. 2. Clandestine aerosol spraying, a.k.a• persistent jet contrails • albedo technologies• stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering • cloud seeding• solar radiation management • climate remediation• global dimming • ecological bioterrorism• terra forming • chemtrails• weather modification • air crap• space shades
  4. 4. lightis a conditio sine qua nonfor ALL LIFE on planet Earth
  5. 5. sunlight is an essential macro nutrientBIOPHOTONS
  6. 6. Sunlight enters into our biological systems in 2 different ways
  7. 7. 1. by way of our eyes 15% of the sunlight goes to visus 85% of the light goes to the hypothalamus
  8. 8. 2. by way of our food
  9. 9. photosynthesis: translation of biophotons
  10. 10. When we eat these plants we feed ourselves with SUNLIGHT!
  11. 11. Deficient food will create deficient peopleWeston Price, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, 1939 the Netherlands, October 31, 2012
  12. 12. NO SUNLIGHT? NO biophotonsNO photosynthesis NO nutrition NO vitamin D3No immune system
  13. 13. Vitamin D3 (hormone)• calcium absorption ↑ • insulin production ↑ • bone growth, density and • risk diabetes type 1 & 2 ↓ strength • helps prevent • osteoporosis, rickets - osteoporosis - osteoarthritis - depression• modulates cell growth, maturation - cancer of colon, prostrate, breast and proliferation • preserves muscle strength after• stops abnormal cell growth exercise• immune T-cells ↑
  14. 14. Government officials and politicians are as vulnerableto these health threats as we ALL are!
  15. 15. TOXIC METALS
  16. 16. Metallic salts (oxides) • aluminium (nano particles) • strontium • nano aluminium-coated fiberglass • lithium (CHAFF) • zinc • barium • nickel • cadmium • uranium • chromium • titanium the air is no longer neutral for these particles are electromagnetically charged
  17. 17. Humans are electric beings•all body cells are molecules generating electromagnetic frequencies according to their subatomic vibration•these frequencies are an important part of the cell-to-cell communication anything interfering with these frequencies may result in dis-ease in the body
  18. 18. ALUMINIUM & the human body electro active substance (deodorants, cookware, vaccines, medication)• makes proteins fold differently (3D) different substances: different effects• damages the central nervous system• weakens the cell membranes• passes the blood brain barrier• oxidizes the suppressor oncogene P53, causing a mutation• aluminium in combination with toxins deplete and deactivate enzymes
  19. 19. NANOPARTICLES ~ Isis Report ~ 10/10/05• Nanoparticles in the lungs are translocated to the circulatory system and from there throughout the body, accumulating in the liver, spleen, and bone marrow.• Nanoparticles inhaled through the nose and air passages are translocated to the brain through the olfactory nerves, and accumulate in the brain. http://www.i-sis.org.uk/Nanotoxicity.php
  20. 20. ALUMINIUM nanoparticles Russell L. Blaylock, MD neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental effects• easily penetrate the brain via the blood and olfactory neural tracts• infinitely more reactive inflammation• Alzheimer’s, A.L.S., Parkinson’s• inflammatory reaction in the lungs• pulmonary diseases, asthma on SAGsnanoparticles are worse than asbestoshttp://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/neurologist-warns-aluminum-in-chemtrails-could-cause-explosive-increase-in-neurodegenerative-diseases/
  21. 21. ALUMINIUM & FISH • impaired ion regulation at the gill • less oxygenation • fish mortality ↑ • growth ↓ • reproductive potential ↓ • altered food availability
  22. 22. ALUMINIUM & increased soil acidity• death of intermicroreselis of lichen and fungi• aluminium will clog up root structures of trees and plants• forests turning into tinder: today’s forest fires blazing hells
  23. 23. ALUMINIUM & PLANTS aluminium oxide nanoparticles in groundwater (within 7 days) inhibit the root growth of: • corn • cucumber • cabbage Cotton root growth • carrots restricted by aluminium • soybeans the smaller the nanoparticle, the greater the effect Daniel Watts, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  24. 24. BARIUM• breathing difficulties • changes in nerve reflexes• blood pressure ↑ • swelling of the brain• heart rythm changes • swelling of the liver• stomach irritation • kidney and heart damage• muscle weakness • neurodegredation, MS
  25. 25. BARIUM• turns off the body’s T-cells (immune system)• depletes potassium from the human organism ➡ muscle weakness, heart defribillation• makes magnesium bind to aluminium ➡ blood clotting• barium’s frequency (380 nm) interferes with self healing mechanism of cells• manipulates / stalls the jetstream• makes human bodies more vulnerable to X-band radar (8 - 12 GHz) barium and aluminium work together in diffusing and strengthening an electrical charge
  26. 26. Aluminium & barium• HAARP runs on ELF (High-frequency Active Aurora Research Project)• X-band radar scans organisms for barium• the aluminium in your system turns you into an ANTENNANOW YOU ARE A PERFECT COMPONENT FOR THESE TWO SYSTEMS TO WORK AGAINST YOU!
  27. 27. ALUMINIUM electro active substance• aluminium enhances effects of HAARP (High-frequency Active Aurora Research Project)• HAARP 20-30HZ (ELF) emissions alter thoughts and emotions: • anxiety • inability to concentrate • depression
  28. 28. CADMIUM• diarrhea, stomach pains, severe vomiting• bone fractures• reproductive failure, possibly infertility• damage to central nervous system• damage to immune system• DNA damage• cancer development
  29. 29. NICKEL• chance of development of cancer in lung, nose, larynx, prostate ↑• lung embolism• respiratory failure• birth defects• asthma and bronchitis• allergic reactions• heart disorders
  30. 30. CHROMIUM• skin rashes• upset stomach and ulcers• respiratory problems• weakened immune system• alteration genetic material• lung cancer• death
  31. 31. THORIUM• radio active• bone cancer• lethal in massive amounts
  33. 33. Non-metallic substances • fluoride • exotic strains of bacteria • infectuous pathogens • parasitic nematode eggs • sedatives • ethylene bromide • dessicated blood, plasma • nano particulates • mold spores • polymer /polyethylene silicon fibers • virally mutated fungi • crystalline substances • yellow fungal mycotoxins • self-replicating nanomachines http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=19047
  34. 34. Fluoride (toothpaste, Prozac, Teflon cookware)• accumulative poison +++ • inhibits antibody formation• IQ: 10-15 points ↓ • inhibits movement white bloodcells• damage to hippocampus • inactivates/inhibits enzymes• accumulation in pineal gland • collagen damage (ageing)• thyroid function ↓ • uptake of aluminium ↑• bone fractures ↑ • tumor & cancer rates ↑ Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3491930/pdf/ehp.1104912.pdf
  35. 35. MYCOTOXINS OF FUNGI & MOLDS• estrogenic effects mind control• carcinogenicity toxic syndromes in mammals• mutagenicity• teratogenicity Aspergillus Penicillium Fusarium
  36. 36. MOST IMPORTANT STUDY Middelveen et al., Morgellons Disease: A Chemical and Light Microscopic Study, J Clin Exp Dermatol Res 2012, 3:1Morgellons Disease: A Chemical and Light Microscopic StudyMarianne J. Middelveen¹, Elizabeth H. Rasmussen², Douglas G. Kahn³ and Raphael B. Stricker¹* ¹ International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, Bethesda, MD² College of Health Sciences, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY³ Department of Pathology, Olive View ­ UCLA Medical Center, Sylmar, CaliforniaAbstractMorgellons disease is an emerging multisystem illness characterizedby unexplained dermopathy and unusual skin-associated filamentproduction.We present relevant clinical observations combined with chemicaland light microscopic studies of material collected from threepatients with Morgellons disease.
  37. 37. Morgellons Disease: A Chemical and Light Microscopic StudyMarianne J. Middelveen¹, Elizabeth H. Rasmussen², Douglas G. Kahn³ and Raphael B. Stricker¹* ¹ International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, Bethesda, MD² College of Health Sciences, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY³ Department of Pathology, Olive View ­ UCLA Medical Center, Sylmar, California Our study demonstrates that   Morgellons disease is NOT DELUSIONAL  and that skin lesions with unusual fibers are NOT SELF-INFLICTED OR PSYCHOGENIC.
  38. 38. Morgellons Disease: A Chemical and Light Microscopic StudyMarianne J. Middelveen¹, Elizabeth H. Rasmussen², Douglas G. Kahn³ and Raphael B. Stricker¹* ¹ International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, Bethesda, MD² College of Health Sciences, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY³ Department of Pathology, Olive View ­ UCLA Medical Center, Sylmar, California “We provide chemical, light-microscopic and immunohistological evidence that filaments associated with this condition originate from human epithelial cells supporting the hypothesis that the fibers are composed of keratin and are products of keratinocytes.”
  39. 39. filament formation associated with the follicles. Microscopy revealed abnormalities of the follicular bulbs and the hair associated with these follicles that indicated abnormal functioning of follicular keratinocytes (Figures 4A-4D). Many follicles contained malformed bulbs with distorted shapes, and some follicles had two or more hairs branching from a single inner root sheath (Figure 4A). Filaments stemming from the bulb end were found in some follicles and these appeared as root- )"*+,-(./3#<.1+-,=!"#$%&(#".&%9++<**-<%>$%/0#-99&>-*>*$&>&8<>"9& (Figure 4B). Transparent filaments were observed that like growths ,*-.3"+&454778."/%$(0"9$-%:; stemmed from cells within the inner root sheath (Figure 4C). On some hairs red or blue colored filaments branched from the shaft (Figure 4D). Many hairs were flattened or tape-like on cross-section rather than concentric. These )"*+,-(.)?#<$+=C<-*&+0&%0&-,()&*+<%>&*DE#$/=9$%/,*-.3"+&454778 hairs were similar in appearance to Morgellons)"*+,-( .!( 1!"#$%& ()&*+ ,-*.$%/ ."0*-+0-1$0 ."++&+ $% (%/&* 2&))$%/,*-.3"+&45678."/%$(0"9$-%:; filaments. ."/%$(0"9$-%:; BDD Microscopic observations Biopsies from late proliferative stage BDD lesions were examined microscopically for comparison (Figures 5A-5D). Although the scale of filaments was much larger, the BDD filaments (roughly ten times )"*+,-(.0?#<&(#".&%92$9=)<#)@#$A&&%>567B.>$".&9&*:+$.$#"*9-"="$* ,-##$0#&,*-.3"+&454778."/%$(0"9$-%:; was not fluorescent nor was normal skin. Color intensity and hue of)"*+,-(./3#<.1+-,=!"#$%&(#".&%9++<**-<%>$%/0#-99&>-*>*$&>&8<>"9& the red and blue filaments was influenced by the,*-.3"+&454778."/%$(0"9$-%:; color spectrum of )"*+,-(.1F*$>&+0&%0&-,"/*&&%()&*,*-.3"+&454778."/%$(0"9$-%:; the illuminating light. This property and the presence of iridescence suggests that a structural component is involved in the unusual colors seen in Morgellons fibers. )"*+,-(.)?#<$+=C<-*&+0&%0&-,()&*+<%>&*DE#$/=9$%/,*-.3"+&454778 ."/%$(0"9$-%:; Case 2: Microscopic examination of scab material revealed scab detritus imbedded with long filaments of various colors (Figures 3A- 3D). Hyaline, red, blue, and light purple fibers were observed (10-40 µm diameter) (Figure 3A, Figure 3B). One sample revealed fibers tangled around a hair and these fibers may have been associated with the hair follicle (Figure 3C). Smaller, pale purple fibers (10 µm diameter) appeared to form a mesh around the follicle. Some samples revealed fibers that lay beneath or penetrated dermal tissue Figure 3D. Case 3: Microscopic examination was performed with particular)"*+,-(.0?#<&(#".&%92$9=)<#)@#$A&&%>567B.>$".&9&*:+$.$#"*9-"="$* )"*+,-( .2 G9*$A$%/ $*$>&+0&%0& -, " *&> ()&* ,*-. 3"+& 4 54778,-##$0#&,*-.3"+&454778."/%$(0"9$-%:; follicles, as the patient had reported unusual attention to hair ."/%$(0"9$-%:;
  40. 40. was still visible at this timepoint. In contrast, patient filaments began to fray at 1 minute in 10% sodium hydroxide but were still visible after 120 minutes, similar to normal hair. The hair and patient filaments were more resistant to 10% potassium hydroxide, with visible fraying beginning at 10 minutes and fibers still visible at 120 minutes. Although the larger BDD fibers appeared to be more resistant to the chemicals, fraying and shape change similar to the human samples was evident at )"*+,-( .0! "#$! %&$! ()#! *#+,! #/#$$#$! -&! ,.-&! 1+2/! 3%,#! 4! 56778! with each caustic agent. 120 minutes /%9&-*:%;-2&<= Keratin immunostaining The results of keratin immunostaining experiments are shown)"*+,-( ./! "#$! %&$! ()#! *#+,! -&! ,.-&! ,%/0(#,! 1+2/! 3%,#! 4! 56778! in Figure 6. The MD)"*+,-( .1(from Case 1 stained#$8.,%( 7"--/$( T8A.( filaments R"S$8-( G$$78,7"B( strongly with the E,-$( =( <?>>J(/%9&-*:%;-2&<=! /%9&-*:%;-2&<= “pankeratin” antibody AE1/AE3 directed against cytokeratin 1/3. In contrast, the filaments stained weakly with the more restrictive antibody AE5/AE6 directed against cytokeratin 5/6. Staining with AE1/ AE3 was seen over the length of the fiber, while staining with AE5/ )"*+,-(.!!>-#+,!;%&9(#$!%+2)&$!%!?%-+!5(%+9#+!(%:.!,?%1;!;2!+-9?;!21!*9)+#<! -&!3%,#!4!56778!/%9&-*:%;-2&<=! larger) were similar in appearance compared to the specimens observed)"*+,-( .0! "#$! %&$! ()#! *#+,! #/#$$#$! -&! ,.-&! 1+2/! 3%,#! 4! 56778! )"*+,-( 2/( 1,"8( TA%%"9%$( T8A.( E,-$( K( -3AU"B( 7UA( 3,"8-( S8,93"B( T8A.( ,(/%9&-*:%;-2&<= in Case 1 (Figure 5A, Figure 5B). Filaments were macroscopic, opaque ,-&9(#!-&&#+!+22;!,?#%;?!56778!/%9&-*:%;-2&<= and dirty white in color, ranging in size from less than 0.5 mm in diameter to about 1 mm in diameter. In cross section filaments appeared to originate beneath the stratum corneum (Figure 5C). R"S$8-( )"*+,-( .1( G$$78,7"B( #$8.,%( 7"--/$( T8A.( E,-$( =( <?>>J( Longer filaments were close to 1 mm in length. The BDD/%9&-*:%;-2&<= filaments demonstrated fluorescence under UV light (Figure 5D). Chemical Experiments Samples of normal hair, colored filaments and dermal material from Cases 1 and 2, and BDD fibers were subjected to immersion in caustic agents. Duplicate experiments with each caustic agent were performed on each sample. Results of the experiments are shown in (Table 1) Normal hair and patient filaments began to fray after incubation for)"*+,-(.!!>-#+,!;%&9(#$!%+2)&$!%!?%-+!5(%+9#+!(%:.!,?%1;!;2!+-9?;!21!*9)+#<! disintegrated after 1 minute, and the patient filaments had completely )"*+,-(20!@%-+!12((-:(#!1+2/!3%,#!A!,?2B-&9!*(%/#&;,!,;#//-&9!1+2/!)(!
  41. 41. A 440 Hz, pop music Hollywood HAARP MSM, television power lines, ELF, ULF vaccines S-quad, smart meters electro smog Western medicine computers cell phones Health dentistry pharmaceuticals light bulbs adverse effects chemotherapy implants Chernobyl, Fukushima, always are: GM food crops‘depleted’ uranium airport body scans SYNERGISTIC chemicals, DNA rupture pesticides industrial pollution water fluoridation covert aerosol spraying food processing deodorant food additives toothpaste toxic food packaging Codex Alimentarius food irradiation microwave Teflon cookware
  42. 42. Whatever we want to call these toxic trails,THEY SHOULD NOT BE THERE What happened to INFORMED CONSENT?
  44. 44. Politicians have you ever considered what these clandestine toxic sprayingsare doing to nature, humanity, flora and fauna? And if you already did realize, ― or are overstanding just now ― what will you do to STOP this willful demise of our planet?
  45. 45. Dutch citizens are DOING SOMETHING against clandestine aerial spraying: Stop C........s Nu! http://petities.nl/petitie/stop-chemtrails-nu
  46. 46. Belgian citizens are DOING SOMETHING against clandestine aerial spraying:
  47. 47. Worldwide individuals are DOING SOMETHING against clandestine aerial spraying:• www.geoengineeringwatch.org • www.agriculturedefensecoalition.org/ content/california-skywatch• www.aircrap.org • www.worldgathering.net• www.carnicominstitute.org • www.whatintheworldaretheyspraying.info/• www.bariumblues.com/ • www.whyintheworldaretheyspraying.com/• www.aboutthesky.com/ • www.desireerover.nl• www.arizonaskywatch.com/ • http://youtu.be/kXUaI718yJs
  48. 48. What are local, national and EU politicians DOING to clandestine AERIAL SPRAYINGS?
  49. 49. Politicians,you’d better start acting NOW Your own livesand your own families are on the line too! SICK, STUPID & STERILE