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Basic script for compulsion

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For AS media studies: very basic script

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Basic script for compulsion

  2. 2. Shots 1-4  Shot 1: Black screen  Thanatos: My names Thanatos it means death in Greek.         Lasts 6 seconds. Shot 2: Black screen with Compulsion written on it Dark music backs this while it is happening. Lasts 7 seconds. Shot 3: Bella's hand turning off the alarm clock Close up shot focusing on the clock then when the clock goes of her hand appears to turn it off shot lasts 5 seconds . music starts, upbeat and fast. Shot 4: panning shot of Bella's room, camera stops by her bed Bella's feet drop to the floor. Lasts 6 seconds Music plays whenever in Bella's room. Shot 4: Thanatos' room, camera pans his room. His feet drop to the floor No music, only diegetic sound. Lasts 6 seconds
  3. 3. Shots 5-10  Shot 5: Bella's room, camera facing on her bed, last for      about 5 seconds Bella throwing her clothes onto her bed. Shot 6: Close up on Thanatos' hoodie. camera moves up his body as he zips it up. Shot lasts for 5 seconds. Shot 7: Camera facing the mirror from behind Bella's head, Bella putting on make-up. Make sure that Bella's face is never shown. Lasts for 4 seconds. Shot 8: Thanatos sticking Bella's and his chewing gum onto the pin board , he then draws a heart next to it. lasts for 5 seconds. Shot 9: Bella brushing her hair, shot duration: 4 seconds. Shot 10: Thanatos sticking Bella's hair on to the pin board. shot lasts 6 seconds.
  4. 4. Shots 11-18  Shot 11: Bella receives a text from her boyfriend, saying ' morning        beautiful' close up on her phone. Lasts 5 seconds. Shot 12: Thanatos putting pictures of Bella onto the pin board. Lasts 6 seconds Shot 13: Bella packing her bag. focusing on her feet. lasts 5 seconds. Shot 14: Thanatos crossing people out the pictures. lasts 7 seconds Shot 15: Bella putting her coat on camera following up her body as she does the coat up. shot lasts for 6 seconds. Shot 16: Thanatos picks up his wallet picture of Bella inside, lasts 5 seconds. Shot 17: Bella stood at the top of the stairs camera from behind her head. lasts 5 seconds Shot 18: Thanatos walking down the stairs just focusing on his feet, lasts 5 seconds.
  5. 5. Shots 19-24  Shot 19: Bella sends a text on her phone saying ' leaving      now ' lasts 6 seconds. Shot 20: Thanatos puts his bag onto his back. lasts 5 seconds. Shot 21: Bella walking down a road on her way to college lasts for 7 seconds Shot 22: Thanatos stood in a gap in the hedge watching Bella as she walks past. 6 seconds. Shot 23: Thanatos walks behind Bella, lasts for 5 seconds. Shot 24: Bella and Thanatos walking into college together. 6 seconds