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Are You Leveraging Social Media to Your Advantage

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A breakthrough phenomenon on how we communicate, social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ deliver unique opportunities to reach diverse audiences at speeds unimaginable just a few years ago.

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Are You Leveraging Social Media to Your Advantage

  1. 1. EXECUTIVE INSIGHTS - BLOG www.careeradvice.lucasgroup.com Are You Leveraging Social Media to Your Advantage? by Scott Ewert Managing Partner – Information Technology DivisionFrom Twitter to LinkedIn and Facebook to Pinterest, social media has engulfed our culture and continues to grow in popularity, bothin the workplace and from the comfort of our homes. Personal interconnectivity has grown exponentially and the behaviors of digitalsocial engagement have developed into an effortless stream of consciousness. Through this process, we have ignited a generationof socially active users who willingly disperse information to professional acquaintances, family across the globe, and people withwhom they have never met or previously communicated.A breakthrough phenomenon on how we communicate, social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+deliver unique opportunities to reach diverse audiences at speeds unimaginable just a few years ago. As an executive recruiter inthe Information Technology industry, I have embraced the depth and reach this connectivity provides, which far surpasses traditionalmeans for staying abreast of current market trends and industry news, and provides a robust tool for researching today’s top talent.The transparency of social media is a two-way street, and the degree to which you may research companies and Thought Leadersin a specific industry, so too are potential employers reviewing your online profile. The information you share on social platforms ispublic and it is critical that you are using it effectively and appropriately. Your digital footprint sets the standard for which current andpotential employers gauge their perspectives of you, and it is therefore of utmost importance to keep your online image polished andin-tune with the industry in which you are currently employed.Many employers are now utilizing many of the same social networking sources to vet and uncover information about candidates notincluded in a resume. While maintaining a “digitally dirt-free” online presence is not only advised, but expected from executiverecruiters representing candidates, employers have shifted their focus to the personal branding of candidates in today’s digitalmarketplace. A Twitter feed that is peppered with foul language and derogatory comments or inappropriately tagged Facebookphotos won’t shed the best light on one’s professional career, much less the opportunity to secure an in-person interview.To ensure your online profile is viewed in the best possible light for your career and professional networking, I encourage thefollowing;Establish your online professional profile – The first thing hiring employers will do is search for a candidate on LinkedIn orGoogle. Do you know what a simple search of your name renders and how this can impact your job search? Not only should yourinformation be professional, but it should be updated frequently and remain current.Review your privacy settings – Utilize these settings to keep potential image-compromising posts and photos at bay. LinkedIn,Facebook, and Twitter offers users the option keep certain information private. Understand that your networking reach will be limiteddepending upon the chosen level of privacy.Expand your network and build connections – Build relationships with Thought Leaders and follow organizations of interest toyou. Encourage conversations and share insights on topics to which you can share past experiences or success stories.The online community continues to grow every day, so too are the ever-expanding networks within various industries of interest.Your personal brand is now more important than ever. www.lucasgroup.com