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Davis mark advanced search analytics in 20 minutes

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Kitenga's ZettaVox and ZettaSearch products support SOLR and Lucene ecosystems at both the ingestion point and for the search user. In this talk, I will show how ZettaVox, our professional content mining platform on Hadoop, can be used to index content and rich metadata into a LucidWorks Enterprise installation. Being built on Hadoop, ZettaVox scales up by scaling out. I will then create an end-user search and analytics experience using our ZettaSearch solution that leverages the faceted metadata to enhance information discovery and analysis. All in about 20 minutes.

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Davis mark advanced search analytics in 20 minutes

  1. 1. Kitenga reinventing informationMark DavisFounder/CTO
  2. 2. AdvancedSearch andAnalytics in 20 minutes
  3. 3. Scalable  Big   Advanced   Built  on  an   Data   Search   open  source   Analytics   foundation  
  4. 4. Conquer  “Big  Data”   Overcome  information   overload   Transform  data  into   actionable  intelligence   Find  the  needle  in  the   haystack  
  5. 5. Big  Data    Enormous  transactional  data  Enormous  unstructured  information  Too  big  for  databases  New  tools  are  needed    
  6. 6. Get   Extract   Index  Document   Information  
  7. 7. ¡  Scalable   ¡  Cottage  industry  ¡  Fault-­‐tolerant   ¡  Complex  ¡  Network/rack   MapReduce   aware   model  ¡  Parallel   ¡  Stability   programming   ¡  Command-­‐line   model:   tools   MapReduce  
  8. 8.   The  voice  of  Big  Data     Out  of  the  box  MapReduce  components   for  content  mining     Reduce  time-­‐to-­‐action    Integrated  visualization   and  analytics    
  9. 9.   Faceted  search  for   complex  metadata    Analytics  and  search   together     Revolutionize   enterprise  search    Built  on  open  source   success  
  10. 10. Advanced Search and Analytics in 20 minutesSTART  THE  TIMER  
  11. 11. Advanced Searchand Analytics in 20 minutesDID  IT  WORK?  
  12. 12. ZettaVox  1.4   ¡  Drag-­‐and-­‐drop  Hadoop  analysis   ¡  Natural  Language  Processing   ¡  Cluster  monitoring   ¡  HDFS-­‐aware  analysis  tools   ¡  Integrated  information  visualization  ZettaSearch  1.0   ¡  JSP  Custom  Taglib  search  designer   ¡  Charts  and  tools  tied  to  metadata   ¡  Available  for  free  (soon)  ZettaSearch  2.0   ¡  Drag-­‐and-­‐drop  user  search  designer   ¡  Personalization   ¡  Rich  visualization  options  
  13. 13. Questions?