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  1. 1. L D NL D N U N O R T H O D O XU N O R T H O D O X
  2. 2. U N O RT H O D OX i s a n a l l - d ay p o p - u p ex h i b i t i o n c ro s s - p o l l i n a t i n g m u s i c , v i s u a l a r t a n d fa s h i o n . T h u rs d ay 15 t h Au g u s t @ B l a ck a l l S t u d i o s , S h o re d i t c h 12 p m – 5 p m A r t E x h i b i t i o n s / / 8 p m – 12 a m L i ve M u s i c purchase live show tickets from www.londrinolopes.com
  3. 3. An event series that will challenge the way we think about the junctions between the creative sectors and hold a mirror up to the London art, fashion and music scenes. This event in particular will have a rotation of art and music to commemorate the release of Londrino Lopes’ new album entitled Triumph: The Elysées Way. Triumph is a twelve track album which can be depicted as having a very atmospheric sound. The influences of the sonics were derived from artists such as The Weeknd, Kanye West, Coldplay, Tina Turner, Daft Punk and Tracy Chapman. The experimentation from the different influences has shown a distinct growth in Londrino Lopes, not only as a songwriter/recording artist, but also as a performer. The songs are more intimate to Londrino’s experiences and conversational which can only be expressed as a perfect formula to enjoy the music, whether via a live performance with his band or in the comfort of your own suroundings.
  4. 4. Hannah Adamaszek injects some new talent and energy in to the street art scene with her female portraits which bring a painterly style often found in contemporary art to the street art scene. Earthy tones and harmonious contours have earned Admaszek’s works a place on many an outside space, from the unique Brandalism project to StreetFest and UpFest. And her unique canvases offer a calm feminine approach and emotional- ly-charged contribution to an art scene predominantly saturated by many a male artist. “I think a lot of urban art can be visually sharp – I’m not sure if this is due to the male prevalence or part of its makeup but my work definitely brings in a softer female touch with emotion being brought into a sometimes a more aggressive world.” H a n n a h C h l o e H a n n a h C h l o e Website: http://hannahchloe.com/
  5. 5. Midnight Eyes Painting of a girl in the dead of night. Colour inspiration taken from a Kilim rug. The thought behind the painting some from a quote in Dharma Bums but Jack Kerouac “Finding Nirvana is like locating silence.”’ Painted in acrylics, Montana Bazooka Joe, Malachite Light and Blue Velvet. 100x120cm £1100 Forever Lost Painting of a girl lost in thought. Inspired by a quote from Haruki Murakami “Memories are what warm you up from the inside. But they’re also what tear you apart” Painted in acrylics, Montana shock black, gleaming pink and bronze. Limited Edition of 10 (5 remaining) Giclee print on German etching 310gsm paper 50x50cm £95 unframed Triumph Painted in acrylic, Montana shock black and gold 100x100cm £950 Drifting A giclee print with a gold hand screen printed overlay of Drifting. They are hand finished prints on German Etching 310gsm paper Limited Edition of 25 65x80cm £230 unframed NO PIC
  6. 6. Kristin Gaudio Endsley is an abstract artist whose work has quickly caught the eye of critics and collectors alike. Her work has been showing consistently since arriving in London in 2011. She was one of hundred emerging artists selected to particpate in The Other Art Fair, and recently had her work published in British Vogue. Influenced by organic and manmade patterns and colors found in both internal and external environments, her works ask the viewer to participate in interpre- tation. This starts with most viewers’ first question regarding abstract art: What am I looking at? Beyond the basics, viewers are also asked to contemplate more existential questions: What’s inside? What’s outside? What’s intentional? What happens by chance? Raised near the rolling shores of Chesapeake Bay, Kristin’s perspective was strongly shaped by the visual clash of industry and nature in and around the bustling American port town of Baltimore. Descended from a long line of artists and craftsmen, Kristin has a family history in highly tactile expressions of crea- tivity. Her grandfather was a furniture maker; her mother is a mixed media artist. Family influences in materials and craftsmanship helped fuel Kristin’s interest in textiles— both natural and synthetic textures and patterns. As a result of this interest, in addition to her fine arts work, Kristin obtained her Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design at Virginia Tech. Kristin is constantly working towards fresh ideas for new bodies of work and continues to take on commissions for collectors worldwide. She currently lives and works in East London. Kristin is an advocate of “shop local” which consists of supporting local businesses and artists. K r i s t i n G a u d i o E n d s l e y K r i s t i n G a u d i o E n d s l e y Website: http://www.krgendsley.com/
  7. 7. Baltimore Framed, Acrylic and Spray Paint on Paper 81 cm X 59 cm £500 Limited edition screen prints of The Pilgrim, edition of 25 Acrylic and Spray paint on paper 59 cm X 81 cm £250 Limited edition screen prints of The Day’s End, edition of 25 Acrylic and Spray paint on paper 59 cm X 81 cm £250 AK-47 Abstract Acrylic on Paper 56 X 76 cm £400 AK-47 Acrylic on Canvas £450
  8. 8. Making big waves with her latest collection Carleen De Sözer is widely regarded as one of London’s most skilled and diverse airbrush artists. Hailing from London this gritty artist has found a place on the London art scene with her highly appealing freehand and stenciled airbrush pieces. C a r l e e n D e S o z e r C a r l e e n D e S o z e r website: http://www.carleendesozer.com/
  9. 9. Activation 76cm x 76cm £995 Natural Freedom 1 31cm x 82cm £500 Natural Freedom 2 31cm x 82cm £500 Love External 122cm x 61cm £1200 External Reflection 122cm x 61cm £1200 Powerwomen (print)+ cushions 70cm x 50cm £35 Powerwomen (print)+ cushions 70cm x 50cm £35
  10. 10. Influenced by a diverse range of genres and everyday experiences, artist Willkay has managed to create a raw and distinctive style all of his own. Starting at an early age, Willkay knew he wanted to be an artist, winning art competitions and eventually attending London’s Central Saint Martins and the London College of Communication. Passionate about art in all its capacities, the artist then set up ODDKINGDOM, a brand offering creative services to clients. W i l l K a yW i l l K a y website: http://www.oddkingdom.co.uk/
  11. 11. Adela Amici by Willkay ‘You don’t know what you’d do without all your friends’ Others leave you alone, out of respect and fear. (Jacob) Physically well built, and dexterous. (Chipie) Feared for your power and status. (Lavi) Has a pretty good social life. (Adela) Helping others is important. (Alva) Known for their aggressive sexual appetite. (Luka) A3 size, Printed on Fabrino S 300gsm watercolour paper £ 50 Jacob Chipie Lavi Alva Luka
  12. 12. Zincstyles is a freelance artist and muralist working and living in London. His work fuses together many of his interests, from his involvement in the graffiti scene from a young age to pop imagery and American sensibilities. His early work combined an interest in geometric abstraction with a traditional graffiti style, creating interesting and intricate shapes and forms. After graduating from Leeds University in 2011 with a BA Honours in Contemporary Art, he developed an interest in classic portraiture and his current focus is creating portraits which combine pointillism and vivid colours to create a unique energy on both canvas and walls. His work has featured at a number of UK and International festivals and his distinct style continues to resonate with a growing audience. Clients include Puma, Madtech Records and Meltwater News International. Zinc Styles will be doing a special live piece on the day. Z i n c S t y l e sZ i n c S t y l e s website: https://www.facebook.com/zincstyles
  13. 13. Zinc Styles will bring in some surprise new pieces along with doing the live art
  14. 14. An ecclectic hip-hop collective from South London whose musical influence reflect a 70’s funk soul with deep 1990’s hip hop undertone and rare grooves accents. Influences include Fela Kuti, James brown, 70’s Funk Soul, Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest. Ben’s music falls into the Folk basket, with a hint of Reggae and Soul as well as the traditional acoustic tradition. Recently Ben has been experimenting with blues as well as putting a band together to play a brand new set of tracks. Ben has played slots in various venues around Manchester, London, in New York, Birmingham and Edinburgh. B e n W i l l i sB e n W i l l i s C r o o k S t r e e tC r o o k S t r e e t website: https://soundcloud.com/ben-willis website: http://www.youtube.com/crookstreet
  15. 15. Londrino Lopes is an independent recording artist and songwriter/record producer with an interest in fashion and cinematography. Born in Luanda, Angola and raised in South West London, music has always been an integral part of his life. From an early age poetry was the guiding force but it didn’t take long before his attentions turned to song writing. In a matter of a few years Londrino was self releasing his own albums with ‘Expectations’ selling over 15,000 units in 12 months. A following across Europe has led Londrino to embrace this reach by shooting videos in France & Portugal and with roots in Angola he has fans all over the globe. Previous tracks Play listed on AKA and Flava Play listed on BBC 1xtra plus support from Ace & Vis Previous release ‘Focus’ was title track of ASH! Tha Producer’s mixtape alongside Lioness, Kano and Little Dee. Played on Tim Westwood 1xtra show www.londrinolopes.com www.twitter.com/londrinolopes www.facebook.com/londrinolopes www.youtube.com/elyseesTV L o n d r i n o L o p e sL o n d r i n o L o p e s
  16. 16. W W W . U N O R T H O D O X L D N . C O M