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13 Best Brochure Templates for Business

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Whether you work for a small travel agency or a large real estate company, a business brochure is an excellent marketing tool you can use to visually communicate your products or services to your customers.

Here are 13 brochure template designs you can use to start growing your business today.

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13 Best Brochure Templates for Business

  1. 1. Brochure Templates For Business 13
  2. 2. Who are we? We empower millions to create stunning visual content on the web through our two cutting-edge web applications: Diagramming App Layout & Design Tool
  3. 3. But mostly... We're a bunch of passionate, collaborative, outdoor-loving nerds who want to help you tell your story.
  4. 4. Why make a business brochure? A business brochure is an excellent marketing tool you can use to visually communicate your products or services to customers. With a brochure, you can show and tell, adding a lot of power to your marketing. Lucidpress offers you a variety of brochure layouts and designs to choose from. You might find that tri-fold brochure templates are best for your needs or opt for a bi-fold design. Browse the selections below to find the right fit for your business.
  5. 5. Travel Brochures
  6. 6. Redwood Coast Travel Brochure The travel brochure templates in Lucidpress are designed so that they tell a compelling story about a destination through a balance of text and images. This brochure template has a clean design that gives you plenty of space for brilliant photos without making things cluttered. 1 InsideOutside
  7. 7. Alpine Vista Travel Brochure This brochure has a professional look while still giving an immersive and artistic view of the mountain destination. A simple color scheme and pattern creates an intriguing yet balanced effect, and there's space for a stunning main photo to draw in readers. 2 Outside Inside
  8. 8. Golden Gate Travel Brochure Here is our tribute to California and San Francisco. The colors and layout in this brochure template do a great job of capturing the spirit of a beautiful state. You can use it as is or as brochure design inspiration for a brochure with a fun, carefree feel. 3 Outside Inside
  9. 9. Big Sky Brochure 4 Outside Inside Travel brochure templates can have a lot of variety, as evidenced by the Big Sky brochure. Subtle changes from the other brochure designs give a feel that is perfectly tailored to an adventurous mountain destination. Customers will be ready to strap on their boots and go.
  10. 10. Real Estate Brochures
  11. 11. Avenues Real Estate Brochure (red) 5 Outside Inside It can be tough to think of good brochure design ideas, especially for something specialized like real estate. This template strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and creativity with bold colors and beautiful images, all in a clean design.
  12. 12. Avenues Real Estate Brochure (green) 6 Outside Inside This template has all the benefits of the previous brochure design, except with a green theme that is a bit calmer. You can choose between red or green, depending on your brand. Having color options makes it easier for you to find the perfect fit when looking for brochure ideas.
  13. 13. Corporate Brochures
  14. 14. Corporate Brochure This brochure is made for those times when professionalism is a must. But there's no reason you can't look good and be professional at the same time. This corporate brochure design strikes the perfect balance. And, the striking colors send a message of, " We mean business." 7 Outside Inside
  15. 15. Contempo Brochure With the Contempo Brochure, professionalism is maintained, but it's given a playful edge. If your brand strives to present a fun and exciting image, this design will be just the ticket. 8 Outside Inside
  16. 16. Prism Brochure The Prism Brochure screams adventure. It captures the thrill of fresh powder and clear blue skies, so it's ideal for a company specializing in travel or outdoor recreation, or for promoting an upcoming retreat. Readers will be immediately drawn in to this captivating design. 9 Outside Inside
  17. 17. Small Company Brochures
  18. 18. Lavender Cafe Brochure This is a brochure for the trusted neighborhood business. It has a nice warmth and familiarity, and it also sends out a competent, professional vibe. Take the next step in your small business marketing with the Lavender Cafe Brochure. 10 Outside Inside
  19. 19. Mediterranean Brochure Let the mediterranean brochure take you away to soft sandy beaches and warm sea breezes. This free brochure template will rejuvenate your marketing with it's fresh colors and modern design. It will work especially well if your brand has a connection to the ocean or the coast. 11 Outside Inside
  20. 20. Wine Country Brochure The tranquility and natural beauty of wine country is embodied by this picturesque brochure template. The stunning photographs take you to a land of rolling hills and rustic country homes, and the colors and font add a nice professional touch consistent with the theme. 12 Outside Inside
  21. 21. Academic Brochure This template has a scholarly feel, making it perfect for local museums, historical sites, or bookstores. There is plenty of space for images showing off what customers or visitors can expect to find, and each image is paired with a neatly organized description. 13 Outside Inside
  22. 22. Create beautiful content without a designer. Sign up for a free Lucidpress trial and get access to over 200 professionally-designed templates just like these! Start my free trial