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Pinterest: Options for your Options Women in Tech: How to Build A Human Company

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Pinterest: Options for your Options
THE COMPANY: 700 employees, founded in 2010
People who have worked at Pinterest for
at least 2 years and decide to leave for
any reason are given 7 years to exercise
their options instead of the usual 90
Pinterest started by gaining alignment on
their philosophy around retention and
equity. They offer some questions other
companies should ask themselves: Do
you believe that equity is part of annual
compensation and that your team should
have access to it early? Or do you
believe that it's intended to be a reward
only if and when the company goes
public or gets acquired? This philosophy
will drive the decision.
“We’ve just made it much
easier for team members to
leave in one of the most
competitive recruiting
environments of all time. But
that’s a trade-off we got
comfortable with.

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