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General Assembly: We Have You Women in Tech: How to Build A Human Company

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General Assembly: We Have You Covered
THE COMPANY: 400 employees, founded in 2011
General Assembly covers 90% of health
insurance premium costs for every one
of its U.S. employees.
GA was an early adopter of Sherpaa, the
medical concierge service that acts as
an insurance broker and provides
employees with a dashboard through
which they access physicians, insurance
information, and more.
This has given the company access to
better rates (and reduced employee
contributions), and also means GA
employees have in-a-moment access to
medical advice and resources.
“Ping pong tables and beer
kegs can be fun, but we’ve
found candidates and
employees most appreciate
practical considerations like
affordable monthly health
benefits costs, eliminating
their monthly phone bill, and
the ability to take our classes
for free.”

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