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Chartbeat: It Takes a Village Women in Tech: How to Build A Human Company

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Chartbeat: It Takes a Village
THE COMPANY: 98 employees, founded in 2009
Chartbeat provides primary caregivers
with 12 weeks of paid maternal or
paternal leave, plus 4 weeks of
transitional flex time at 100% salary.
Secondary caregivers are eligible for 6
weeks paid leave at 100% salary.
Chartbeat suggests other small
companies survey teams to ask them to
prioritize benefits and perks. Employee
opinions matter and it's up to leadership
teams to craft a policy, like maternal and
paternal leave, that makes sense for
their company culture.
“Chartbeat genuinely
believes in creating an
inclusive workplace, and that
means building a company
with policies that cater to
everyone from our interns to
seasoned employees.

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