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360i: Doubling Down on Reviews Women in Tech: How to Build A Human Company

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360i: Doubling Down on Reviews
THE COMPANY: 800 employees, founded in 2004
Rather than annual performance
reviews, 360i employees conduct two
self-reviews a year focused on what they
want to be working on, where they want
to go in the coming years, and how
current assignments contribute to these
goals. The company also ensures cross-
functional knowledge sharing at a
capabilities day where teams teach one
Instead of top-down management, 306i
uses a “team of teams” approach.
Aligning on goals on the individual and
team levels provides the accountability
and business context for 360i to thrive.
“Our guiding principle is
simple. we believe that
alignment is the most
important thing:
What do employees want?
What does company need?
What do our clients need

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