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Social Code: Learn the Code
THE COMPANY: 196 employees, founded 2010
Every 8 weeks, SocialCode requires all
new employees to attend a 3-day
training that delves into the ins and outs
of the company and industry. Each
cohort graduates from the program with
an understanding of how they fit into the
big picture. The session culminates in a
“forget the code” happy hour with the
local office so new employees get to
know their hosting office as well. ​
The program is led by SocialCode’s
training team. Their advice: don’t aim to
make your grassroots training program
perfect, get it started and iterate.
Employees are hungry and engaged, so
feed them with your mission, vision and
know-how. ​
“This program gives
employees the landscape to
understand the impact they
can and will have at the
larger company and team
level. Its larger reason for
being is that we are a
learning culture and this
program is all about offering
an open book to
understanding SocialCode.

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