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Luxury Brands Marketing – An agency specialised in luxury brands

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Luxury Brands Marketing is a boutique marketing agency that specialises in the luxury brands.

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Luxury Brands Marketing – An agency specialised in luxury brands

  1. 1. Our Allure… We understand Luxury…
  2. 2. BACKGROUNDOur Allure…The Luxury Brands Club is a boutique marketing and communicationagency that specialises in the luxury sector and targets only high net worthindividuals. Boasting over 290,000 UK-based high net worth contacts, we offerunparalleled access to a bespoke network of the world’s most influentialand elite high earners. Persuasively reaching, engaging and enticing prestigious and affluentialconsumers is what we do best. Our expert consultants understand exactlywhat makes the high net worth individual tick and, most importantly, theyput to use years of experience in the luxury sector, leveraging andpromoting only the most appealing, covetable and exclusive high-endbrands.

  3. 3. BACKGROUNDOur Allure…The Luxury Brands Club prides itself on specialising in the managementand marketing of luxury brands. Our mission is to provide prestigiousbrands with strategic insight.We are a high-end marketing and communication powerhouse, offering afull spectrum of services and targeting only high net worth individualsthrough meticulously planned approaches.We will promote the true essence of your luxury brand in response toour understanding of the dreams, aspirations and expectations of high networth individuals.We will maintain and build upon your brand values, taking intoconsideration both your heritage and current trends.

  4. 4. BACKGROUNDOur Allure…Thanks to our world-renowned signature – The Luxury Brands Collection – we have exceptionalexperience of working with:
 -  Chanel -  The Lanesborough -  Louis Vuitton -  Tahiti Tourisme -  Hugo Boss -  Maldives Tourist Board -  Giorgio Armani -  Bahamas Tourist Board -  Lamborghini -  Courchevel Tourist Board -  Bentley Motor -  Kjus skiwear -  Porsche -  Lodger Footwear -  De Beers -  J.M Weston -  Boodles -  Pearl Motor Yacht -  Mont Blanc -  Wentworth Club -  La Prairie -  Poggenpohl
 -  Vista Jet -  Nina Campbell -  Holland & Holland -  Bang & Olufsen -  N. Peal -  Fat Duck Restaurant -  La Perla -  Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester - Thermae Bath Spa -  Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club 

  5. 5. Our Clientele… We understand Luxury…
  6. 6. HIGH NET WORTH INDVIDUALSOur Clientele…The Luxury Brands Club boasts unique access to a network of high networth individuals. We know that these individuals are looking forexclusive and unique experiences. They want to feel special. Enablingsomeone to own a coveted product or enjoy an exclusive or uniqueexperience makes them feel special. “I own this before anyone else.” The Luxury Brands Club uses the psychological values of luxury brandsto enhance the high net worth individual’s consumption, helping to createa feeling of “I am what I own”. They purchase luxury items to fulfil theirdreams and savour the feeling of exclusivity attached to the possessionand consumption of rare brands. Luxury is the symbolic and hedonisticrecompense of their success. We are proud to work with over 290,000 high net worth individualsacross the United Kingdom. Members within our network have at least£45,000 invested in stocks and shares. With an annual income of£100,000+ they are senior professionals living in wealthy locations acrossthe UK.
  7. 7. Our Elegance… We understand Luxury…
  8. 8. LUXURY BRANDS PARTNERSHIPOur Elegance…The Luxury Brands Partnership division at The Luxury Brands Clubdevelops the finest partnerships between exclusive and prestigious brands.Such partnerships ensure that each brand complements and benefits theother in order to generate the highest return on investment and, mostimportantly, achieve sales objectives. Strategic partnership between luxury brands is an ideal way of elevatingbrand image within the high net worth individual’s network. To work incollaboration with another premium brand will enable you to targetexclusive clientele, promoting products and/or services by leveraging therelationship both you and your brand partner have with your clients. Brand partnerships add value and importance, generating new revenue streams andbuilding upon existing customer relationships. Strategic alliances between luxury brands enable those involved to makethe most out of each other’s communication channels. By creating unifiedmarketing messages and maximising exposure and marketplace standout,luxury brands are able to deliver unparalleled and unmatchableexperiences.
  9. 9. Our Touché… We understand Luxury…
  10. 10. OTHER PRESTIGIOUS SERVICESOur Touché…The Luxury Brands Club offers a full spectrum of marketing services tailored purely for luxury brands.We are passionate about luxury and provide a creative, elegant, unique and exclusive approach.
 The Luxury Clinic: Sales Promotion: -  Branding strategy -  Sales and merchandising -  Defining or redefining your marketing mix -  Promotional campaigns -  Developing a marketing and communication -  Experiential Marketing strategy that targets HNWI -  Event Marketing -  Elaborating on your luxury brand positioning -  Roadshows - Developing brand management – managing brand equity
  11. 11. OTHER PRESTIGIOUS SERVICESOur Touché…Direct Marketing: Digital Marketing: Public Relation:-  Email marketing -  SEO for luxury brands -  PR Campaign-  Direct mail -  E-Zine -  Press events-  Loyalty programmes -  Viral campaign -  Press launches -  Social Network Design: Market Research: -  Web design Monthly publication: -  Online banners - The High Net Worth provides a digest of data and insights for -  Microsites professionals who market and sell to the wealthy. It covers -  HTML marketing finance and wealth management, luxury goods, lifestyle and -  Print advertisements philanthropy, as well as opinion pieces and excerpts from -  Mobile marketing proprietary research. -  Brochures -  Lookbooks -  Brand identity
  12. 12. Our Gallery… We understand Luxury…
  13. 13. SHOWCASEOur Gallery…Reference: Luxury Brands Partnership:Christian Dior/ TahitiTourisme
  14. 14. SHOWCASEOur Gallery…Reference: Luxury Brands Partnership:Christian Dior/ TahitiTourisme
  15. 15. SHOWCASEOur Gallery…Reference: Luxury Brands Collection
  16. 16. SHOWCASEOur Gallery…Reference: Quintessentially Publishing
  17. 17. SHOWCASEOur Gallery…Reference: BMW
  18. 18. SHOWCASEOur Gallery…Reference: Chanel (left), Lamborghini (centre), La Prairie (right)
  19. 19. SHOWCASEOur Gallery…Reference: Louis Vuitton (left), Hugo Boss (centre), Holland & Holland (right)
  20. 20. Our Contact… We understand Luxury…