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  2. INTRODUCTION • Firstly, I will be working for the NHS, making a campaign for change aimed at 16- to 19-year-olds. This is made to promote a healthier lifestyle and to show the positive impacts of changing unhealthy habits. They are hoping to promote better hobbies to change young peoples lives and make a bigger impact on general health in that age group in order to encourage healthier lifestyles by starting when people are young. • I will also be preventing the use of underage drinking and smoking to help adolescents make changes before an addiction becomes serious and to help label the way they can prevent this
  3. CLIENT RESEARCH The NHS is made up of a wide range of organisations that are made to support patients and carers. They promote high quality health and care for all, and try and give the best outcomes for patients. Everyone in the uk is legally a patient of the NHS that whether if they only visit doctors practicians or hospitals. The NHS have multiple hospitals and practicians around the uk to maintain a stable place that many people can visit locally. They work with many organisations such as the local councils, social care providers and many others to improve the health of the population , improve the quality of care, tackle inequalities and deliver care more efficiently. They support many people by saving lives, expanding lifelines and welcoming new lives to the world. The NHS is one of the most important organisations in the UK as it is worth a near £192.3 billion in the uk alone. The NHS was introduced the 5th July 1948 to try and provide universal, comprehensive and free health care. The NHS motto is commitment to quality of care. compassion. improving lives. everyone counts
  4. AUDIENCE RESEARCH • The audience I am going to be aiming at is 16–20-year-olds over the uk. • I am going to look deeper into the areas that have a higher rate in smoking and drinking at a young age. I have decided to focus further into predicting the incline rate into what areas might increase the rate of underage smoking and drinking within the next five years. - In 2019 , 29% drank alcohol , and 14% binge drank. - 9% of 12 to 20 year old also binge drank within 30 days. These can lead to bad grades within education, increase the rate of suicide and unplanned pregnancy etc. - Smoking one cigarette can take 11 minuets of a life - It harms nearly every organ in the body - 30% of teen smokers will continue to smoke and die from a related disease. - More likely to increase panic attacks and anxiety
  5. PREVIOUS CAMPAIGN Act FAST- this is one example of a previous campaign, as it was made to help the prevention of strokes. They state that there are many signals to show a stroke before it hits. Using the FAST approach reduces permanent disability. They use these ideas - Face – can they speak? Has their face fallen on one side? - Arms- can they raise both their arms? - Speech- are they slurring their speech ? - Time- to call 999 if you see any of these occurring. Covid 9, “catch it , bin it, kill it” – this was one of the latest campaigns to help reduce the rate of covid 19. they wanted to reveal the importance of ventilation and as well as aim to raise awareness of the need for good respiratory ventilation and to encourage correct coughing and sneezing with the use of a tissue. Dementia friends- this was a campaign made to encourage people to become an ambassador to help communicate with people who may suffer with dementia. They can apply by speaking to someone who currently is a member or watching a video. This can enable them to be a carer and a friend for patients
  6. SUBJECT MATTER Better Health is an NHS campaign to try and kickstart peoples health. They offer support on how to lose weight, quit smoking, get active and to drink less. They have different drop down tabs to help separate ways this can be done. They also offer many apps at the bottom of the page for people to download such as the NHS weight loss plan , the food scanner app and the active 10 app. These are all free and offer professional advice as well as an allocated time frame on when to have active days and rest days. Better Health also has a mind matters link that helps people look into mental health wellbeing. Stating that the mind is just as important as the body. In this section there attachment's that help with anxiety easing, money worries as well as breathing exercises to increase a steady pace. This is also aimed at younger children who may suffer from mental health difficulties and it looks at ways this can be prevented at young age. There is many suggestions for professional help however there is also advice on how to help friends in case professional help increases anxiety.
  7. EXISTING PRODUCTS (TV/PRINT ADVERTS) Here we can see some of the existing products that the NHS made. For example here is a tv advert that shows what seems to be the effects of smoking running through the mans veins. Showing how fast the harm can occur. In the advert above we can see the man crying about it being “too expensive”. Further into the advert it shows him as a cigarette being abandoned. In the image, we can see the cigarette leaking blood and tar showing what goes into the lungs overtime someone smokes. All of these adverts show the negative effects of smoking and how it can lead to financial difficulties health issues and overall lowering life capacity. It attempts to show graphic images and videos so that people will alter their decision to not smoke.
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