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MAPIL Auction PowerPoint 4 3 13

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Many thanks to Taylor Sampon ('15) for putting this together!

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MAPIL Auction PowerPoint 4 3 13

  1. 1. MISSIONMAPIL has three goals:The first is to encourage students to engagein one of many diverse, volunteer legalopportunities during the school year andsummer;The second is to encourage students topursue careers in the public arena bydemonstrating that public interest work is aviable and desirable alternative to working inthe private sector;And the third is to promote the ethic of probono work.However, a lot of time and effort goes toputting on this amazing auction!
  2. 2. OPPORTUNITIESYour generous support at this auction is akin to directly supporting students to pursue their public interest law dreams through summer fellowships.These fellowships provide laws students and ourlocal community with a unique opportunity: whilestudents directly assist community members whocannot afford legal services, they gain practicalexperience working within the areas of law, policy,and entrepreneurship.The fellowships provide the funds to support thestudents and their families while working in whatwould otherwise be an unpaid position.
  3. 3. AUCTION LOGISTICS In 2012, MAPIL’s annual auction raised over $10,000, providing eleven students with fellowship funds to work with public interest and nonprofit organizations from Portland, Maine to New Delhi, India. After a successful online auction, tonight’s schedule is as follows: Silent Auction: Begins at 5:30PM Live Auction: Begins at 6:45PM
  4. 4. AUCTION LOGISTICSCHECK-IN and RAFFLE: Main LobbyDoors open at 5pm. Please be sure to check-in with a staff member, collect a brochure, and pick up a bidder number before proceeding to the silent auction.SILENT AUCTION: 1L ClassroomDoors open at 5:30pm, and the auction closes at 6:45pm.LIVE AUCTION: Moot CourtroomDoors open at 6:45pm.CHECK-OUT: Room 118Check-out available by 7:15pm. Winning bidders can pay for and collect their items in Room 118. Payment may be made in cash, by check or credit card. Please do not take winning items before confirming with a staff member.
  5. 5. AUCTION LOGISTICS: RAFFLEIn addition to this year’s auction, M.A.P.I.L. is raffling off certain items in the Main Lobby, as well as holding a 50/50 raffle. Tickets may be purchased from 5pm-6:30pm. Ticket Prices: 1 for $1 6 for $5 15 for $10 Please place your bidder number on the back of every ticket.
  6. 6. SILENT AUCTION ITEMSFOR YOUR STUDIES(3) $1000 Gift Certificates from BARBRI(1) Study Guide Package for 1L‟s from Wolters Kluwer(1) Study Guide Package 2L‟s and 3L‟s from WoltersKluwer(1) 10,000 Points from Westlaw(1) MSBA 2013 Legal Year in Review (6 CLEs)FOR YOUR MAINE LAW PRIDE(2) Maine Law Gear from the Student Bar Association(1) Dean Pitegoff Bobblehead Doll(1) Women‟s Law Association LLDP Glasses and T-Shirt(2) First and Second Choice Carrel Pick
  7. 7. SILENT AUCTION ITEMSFOR THE OUTDOORS(1) Mailboat Run Cruise for Two from Casco Bay Lines(1) Basic Bicycle Tune-Up from Gorham Bike and Ski(1) Three Day Kayak Rental from Eastern Mountain Sports(1) One Week Snowshoe or Ski Rental from Eastern Mountain Sports(1) Five Dog-Walking Sessions from Weltzel Walks „Em(1) Gift Certificate to Skillins GreenhouseFOR THAT NIGHT OUT(1) One Night Stay for Two with Complimentary Breakfast from the Portland Hilton Garden Inn(1) Four Admission Passes to the Portland Museum of Art(1) Two Main Stage Ticket Vouchers from Portland Stage Co.(2) Four Tickets to the Portland Sea Dogs(2) Two Tickets to the Portland Symphony Orchestra(1) Two Tickets to the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project‟s Cele Soiree Event on April 12th
  8. 8. SILENT AUCTION ITEMS FOR ART and ACCESSORY LOVERS (1) Gift Certificate for Casco Bay Frames and Gallery (1) Gift Certificate for Cross Jewelers (2) Gift Certificates for Days Jewelers (1) Gift Certificate to Daunis Fine Jewelers (1) Pewter “Summer Island” Pin by Lovell Designs (1) Leather Wallet from Rogue Industries (1) Leather Bound Journal from Rogue Industries (1) Gift Certificate for Longfellow Books (1) Autographed Copy of “Dying for Deception” by Gerard G. Bianco from Porte 4 (6) Framed Original Artwork (2) Portrait Packages from Emily Delamater and Betsy Boardman (1) Signed Photo of Stephen Gostkowski from the New England Patriots (1) Gift Certificate to Kenny‟s Studios (1) Gift Certificate to Color Me Mine (1) WCLZ Water Bottles, Reusable Grocery Bag and CD‟s from WCLZ 98.9 (1) Gift Basket from Village Candle
  9. 9. SILENT AUCTION ITEMS FOR THOSE THAT LOVE HOMEMADE (1) Homemade Maple Syrup from Michelene Decrow (1) Handmade Messenger Bag from Vickie Olfene (1) Handmade Silver Earrings from Mary Roy (1) Handmade Necklace from Destiny Cook (1) Hand-knit Baby Sweater from Allison Ouellet (‟13) (1) Hand-knit Baby Hat from Prof. Nancy Wanderer (1) Hand-knit Scarf and Hat Set from Jackie Moss („14) (1) Handmade Quilt by Megan Adams („14)
  10. 10. SILENT AUCTION ITEMS FOR YOUR HEALTH/STYLE (1) Gift Certificate to Ferricchia Salon (1) Gift Certificate to Mensroom Salon & Lounge (1) Gift Certificate to O2 Salon (1) Gift Certificate to Pure Movement (3) One-Hour Massages from Akari Salon and Spa, Ellen Chapman (LMT) and Wendy Dolloff (LMT) (4) Half-Hour Massages from New England Chiropractic (2) One-Hour Bodywork Sessions from Tina Claypoole (1) Two Private Fitness Training Sessions at the Bay Club in Portland from Original Strength (1) Gift Certificate to Leapin‟ Lizards (1) Arbonne Skin Care Set from Destiny Cook
  11. 11. SILENT AUCTION FOR YOUR APPETITE (1) Gift Certificate to the following establishments: Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, David‟s Restaurant, Gritty‟s Restaurant, J‟s Oyster Bar, Silly‟s Restaurant, Standard Baking Co., Bull Feeney‟s, Keys to the Kitchen, Bruno‟s, Pampered Chef, Mount Desert Ice Cream, Nosh, Rivalries, Siano‟s Pizzeria, Flatbread, The Frog & Turtle, and Mac‟s Grill (2) Gift Certificates to the following establishments: Local 188, RSVP, and The Great Lost Bear (1) Gourmet Spice Box from Vervacious (1) Dessert of the Month Club from Dean Heimes (3) Twelve Beer Glasses from Novare Res (1) Food Basket from Lisa Marie‟s Made In Maine (1) Gift Basket from Coffee by Design (2) Wine Basket from Jen Hebert, Lexi Moras, and Kayla Ramsey
  12. 12. LIVE AUCTIONAUCTION ORDER1) Big-ticket Items2) Student-donated Goods or Services3) Adventures with ProfessorsHOW IT WORKS1) Get your bid numbers from the staffed MAPIL table.2) Raise your bid number to place a bid.3) Winning bids can be paid at the MAPIL check-out tables.
  13. 13. BIG TICKET ITEMS(2) $1000 BarBri Gift Certificates(1) Rafting Trip Vouchers from the Northern Outdoors(1) Two, One Day Vouchers to Saddleback(1) Three Day Kayak Rental from Eastern Mountain Sports(1) One Week Snowshoe or Ski Rental from Eastern Mountain Sports(1) One Year Parking Permit for Faculty Lot Use from USM(1) First pitch at Portland Sea Dogs game, Sea Dogs baseball cap, and signedphoto of Trot Nixon
  14. 14. STUDENT DONATED GOODS/SERVICES10 Hours of Babysitting from Gabrielle Pierce („14)4 Hours of Babysitting from Betsy Boardman („15)Day of Landscaping and Yard Work from Conor Shankman („15)
  15. 15. ADVENTURES WITH PROFESSORS• Doubles Tennis Match with Professor Bam and Dean Pitegoff• Afternoon Sailing Trip for Five with Professor Zarr and Cluchey (food and drinks included)• 1 Hour “Jam Session” for Three with Professor Schindler• Coffee Talk and Roasting Tour for Four at Tandem Coffee Roaster with Professor Welch and Professor Schindler• Karaoke Outing with Professors Schindler, Bam, Wriggins and Owen• Portland Sea Dogs Game for Three with Professor Ghachem• B-Cubed Package: Barbeque, Beverages and Bowling with Prof. Northrop, Prof. Schneider and Prof. Beyea
  17. 17. SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR DONORSKramer Portraits Others Café Grittys Restaurant WCLZ 98.9Granite Ridge Estate Gorgeous Gelato Hilton Garden Inn Wendy Dolloff, LMTLe Parker Meridien New York Leonardos Pizza Js Oyster Bar WestlawBowry & Canal Historic Walking Videoport Kennedy Studios Longfellow Books Tours Environmental Law Society Leapin‟ Lizards Bull FeeneysThe Belfry Student Bar Association Lisa Maries Made in Maine Porte 4The Museum of Modern Art BarBri Local 188 Eastern Mountain SportsJacobs Chiropractic & Acupuncture Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse Lovell Designs Keys to the KitchenJohn Bradley, Thea & Shoen, Inc. Casco Bay Frames and Gallery Mensroom Salon & Lounge BrunosBoston Red Sox Casco Bay Lines O2 Salon Ellen Chapman, LMTHappy Go Legal Color Me Mine Portland Museum of Art Pure MovementGaleyrie Maps and Custom Framers Cross Jewelers Portland Stage Co. Weltzel Walks EmProf. Norchi Davids Restaurant Rogue Industries Prof. WandererCaroline and Joseph Fazekas Days Jewelers Sillys Restaurant Jennifer HoweNicole Vinal Village Candle Skillins Greenhouse Emily DelamaterBig Sky Bread Co. Ferricchia Salon Standard Baking Co. VervaciousDeans Sweets Gorham Bike and Ski The Great Lost Bear
  18. 18. SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR DONORSMonaghan Leahy Prof. Petruccelli The Salt Exchange Prof. SchindlerRSVP Sianos Pizzeria Megan Adams (14) Prof. WelchDestiny Cook New England Chiropractic Lexi Moras Prof. OwenMount Desert Ice Cream Original Strength Kayla Ramsey Prof. BamFogg Lighting Dean Heimes Jen Hebert Prof. WrigginsWomens Law Association John Carnes Melissa Hamlin (15) Prof. GhachemUniversity of Maine School of Prof. Smith Betsy Boardman (15) Prof. Northrop Law Wolters Kluwer Daunis Fine Jewelry Prof. SchneiderNosh Flatbread Coffee by Design Prof. BeyeaRivalries Jamal Bsat Garbrecht Law Library Gabrielle Pierce (14)Portland Symphony Orchestra Vickie Olfene Northern Outdoors Conor Shankman (15)Jackie Moss (14) Great Falls Security Systems Saddleback Portland Sea DogsAllison Ouellet (13) Novare Res USM Parking Derek VanvolkenburghMary Roy Michelene Decrow Dean PitegoffNew England Patriots Lucky Catch Cruises Prof. ZarrTina Claypoole Maine State Bar Association Prof. ClucheyAkari Salon and Spa
  19. 19. SPECIAL THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT AND ASSISTANCE!Dean Peter Pitegoff  Dean Nicole Vinal-Harvie  Mary Roy  Michelene Decrow  Kerry Wyler  Jen Hebert  Rachel Reeves  Tara Wheeler  Lexi Moras  Kayla Ramsey  Tina Claypoole  Carol Taylor  Heidi Gage  Fran Smith  AngusMcFarland  Frank Bishop  Peter DeTroy  Tavis Hasenfus  Ben Birney  MartaHurgin  Saad Khan  Brendan O‟Brien  Valerie Randall  Helen Lukacs  Chris Harmon  Chris Marot  Ryen Schimerman  Emily Gaewsky  Isabel Ekman Jackie Moss  Katie Narbus  Beth Valentine  Taylor Sampson  Moe Bsat  Nate Walsh  Conor Shankman  Carly Traub  Kristen Dorion  Debbie Alamrew  Betsy Boardman  Steve Wagner  Ari Solotoff And everyone else that helped to make today a happen! We appreciate all you have done in support of M.A.P.I.L.—The M.A.P.I.L. Board
  20. 20. 2012/2013 M.A.P.I.L. BOARD Co-Chairs Amy Olfene („14) Brandon Farmer („15) Auction Coordinator Mariah Mulvihill (‟14) Treasurer: Dan Eccher (‟14) Secretary: Joseph Mendes (‟14)Communications Director: Stan Tupper (‟14) Staff Support: Taylor Sampson (‟15)