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analyses of the motivational factors of employees of mondelez

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motivational factors of employees of mondelez food private ltd.

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analyses of the motivational factors of employees of mondelez

  2. 2. Bachelor Of Commerce In Specialization (Human Resource and Marketing) By MAYANK AGARWAL UnderThe GuidanceOf MR. NARESH KEDIA (Asst. Professor) AMITY BUSINESS SCHOOL
  4. 4.  Mondelez India Foods Private Limited is a part of the Mondelēz International group of companies and is in the business of creating delicious moments of joy – by producing delectable chocolate confectionaries, gum and candy products, and popular beverages and foods that include many of India's most popular and trusted food brands.
  5. 5.  vision born as far back in 1824, when John Cadbury set up shop in Birmingham (UK)to offer in addition to other things his own cocoa mixture.  A company that has its nearness in more than 200 nations worldwide and has made the name "Cadbury" synonymous with cocoa items in nations crosswise over the planet.  This is the brand that came to India in 1947 to a country that was in its earliest stages
  6. 6.  No.1 Confectionery Company with in the world.  No. 2 Gums company with in the world.  No.3 in the beverages company of the world.  Cadbury Dairy milk & Bourn vita have been declared a “Consumers one of the best brand” for 2006-07 by Super brands India.  Cadbury India ranked 5th in FMCG sector ,in a survey on India’s most respected companies by sector conducted by BusinessWorld magazine in 2007.  2013 third amongst India's Most Admired Companies by Fortune India
  7. 7. STRENGTH • Brand name, brand equity and Brand loyalty • Placement and distribution across the world & Powerhouse brands and Products • Positioning as gift & Promotion WEAKNESS • Rural Distribution • Adulterating Quality of the product on few occasions • Limited Product portfolio OPPORTUNITIES • Rural Markets • New Tastes • CSR THREATS • Health consciousness on the rise • Cost and priceincrease • Decreasing importance of festivals
  8. 8. Cadbury Nestle Ferrero Other  70%  20%  6%  3%
  9. 9.  With 51% of market share (in terms of revenue), milk chocolate from the largest segment of the confectionery industry. Dark chocolate, 31% Milk chocolate, 51% White chocolate, 18%
  10. 10.  Any Business To Run One Needs Four M's In Particular Man, Money, Machine And Material.  Human Recourse Management (Hrm) Is The Vital And Reasonable Way To Deal With The Of Administration An Association's Most Esteemed Resources
  11. 11. Particularly HRM includes these basic components :  HR Planning  Job examination and plan  Recruitment and choice  Orientation and position  Training and advancement  PerformanceAppraisal and Job assessment  Employee and official compensation  Employee Motivation  EmployeeWelfare
  12. 12. Employee retention refers to the various policies and practices which let employees stick to an organization for a longer period of time.
  13. 13.  High turnover regularly leaves clients and workers stranded; withdrawing representatives take a lot of learning with them.This absence of progression makes it difficult to meet your association's objectives and serve clients well.  Replacing worker's costs cash.The cost of supplanting a worker is assessed as up to double the individual's yearly compensation (or higher for a few positions, for example, center administration), and this does exclude the cost of lost information.  Recruiting representatives devours a lot of time and exertion, quite a bit of it vain.You're by all account not the only one out there competing for qualified representatives, and employment searchers settle on choices in light of more than the whole of pay and advantages.  Bringing representatives up to speed takes significantly additional time.What's more, when you're short-staffed, you regularly need to invest additional energy to complete the work.
  15. 15.  Research Design  Sample Size  Data Collection  Questionnaire Schedule  Tools of Analysis  Areas of Study  Limitations of Study
  17. 17. Male, 14 Female, 6
  18. 18. Married, 18 Unmarried, 2
  19. 19. >= 25 years, 3 26-50 years, 17
  20. 20. Graduate, 4 Post Graduate, 16
  21. 21. >=5 years, 8 6-10 years, 9 <= years, 3
  22. 22. >= Rs. 15000, 1 Rs. 15001-25000, 3 <= Rs. 35001, 16
  23. 23. 14 4 1 1 0Employee's opinion Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
  24. 24. 9 8 3 00Employee's opinion Work Load Strongly agree agree neutral disagree strongly disagree
  25. 25. 16 4 000Employee's opinion Working Hours Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
  26. 26. 19 00 1 0Employee's opinion mgmt. & employee relationship Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
  27. 27. 13 4 3 00employee's opinion Sufficient allowances Stronly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
  28. 28. 17 2 1 00Employee's opinion Overall satisfaction level Stronly agree agree neutral disagree strongly disagree
  29. 29. To find out the level of satisfaction that the employee have working in the organization.
  30. 30.  Managing retention is not everything in the organization but the main focus of any HRM in the organization should be is to managing people. If the people are organized well in the organization employee will retain thereof.  The main focus of the organization should be in creating good environment so that it can make the better available of the resources. People wanted to work for the organization which provide  Appreciation for the work done  Ample chances to develop  A well disposed and agreeable environment  A feeling that the association is second home to the representative  Organization environment incorporates  Culture  Values  Quality of individuals in the association Employee improvement and profession development  Leading  Trust
  31. 31. BOOKS AND PERODICALS :  Organization Behavior By Stephan’s Robinson2.  Human Resource Management By Ashwathapa WEB SITESVISITED  www.Google.Com  Http://Www.Mondelezinternational.Com  Www.Motivation.Com  Http://Www.Ficci.Com OTHERS  Hr. Executive Rajesh Khandelwal.