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  1. 1. VS. Dubourg Mickael – Robelis Alexis – Cyprien Bocher MBA2B
  2. 2. What makes the difference?
  3. 3. Engagement Looking at both websites of the 2 brands we can really see a difference in the social media strategy. Let’s start with Sofitel hotels ! The website is simple and basic. We note that we can find a link to access to the social networks. It is located at the bottom of the page. We see three small icons which TripAdvisor icon link does not work. Moreover, on browsing the website it is also difficult to find links to social networks. In addition, there is no welcome message inviting the customer to take a look at social networks.
  4. 4. Engagement Let’s go with W hotels. If we look closer, we really see a difference with sofitel website. We see that the color of the website is engaging to social medias. Moreover, we find almost 10 links to social medias with various sections. Even a twitter windows is dedicated to this social medias.
  5. 5. Smartphone App. More and More The really big difference with sofitel is that W hotel is showing a application that really interact and create link with guests. It is more that a simple application to book. We see news about fashion, hot deals and tourism. Also, we can listen some free musics. This can really make the difference to the guests !!
  6. 6. Social medias. A real battle W hotels Facebook Twitter Youtube Foursquare Instagram Tripadvisor Pintorest Linkedin Google plus Flickr Tumblr Sofitel hotels Facebook Twitter Youtube Tripadvisor Linkedin Pintorest Tumblr Instagram Google plus
  7. 7. Conclusion In conclusion, we see a really big difference in the approach of social medias with the two brands. W hotels is bringing alot of money and effort to push social medias in order to create engagement with guests. Sofitel is doing a good job as well but still far away from W hotels. Sofitel has to keep up the good work by following new innovations and creating link to the official website. Youtube page and Google plus account is a really good example a great job. The battle is not over and Sofitel can still be N°1 !!