Joel Soto's Period 3 College Project

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17 Jan 2012

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Joel Soto's Period 3 College Project

  1. A College Presentation Written, Researched, and composed by Joel J. Soto
  2. Overview In this presentation, I will provide information on University of Florida, a videogame major, and on scholarships. Along with an example timeline of tasks before college, a college article review, and, 2 scenarios of awkward college situations.
  3. University of Florida 1. One of the many fields of study in UF is Game Design. 2. An acceptable minimum GPA for acceptance is 3.5. 3. An acceptable minimum SAT score for acceptance is 570 for reading and 600 for math. 4. An acceptable minimum ACT score for acceptance is 26. 5. The acceptance rate is 39%.
  4. 6. The graduation rate is 81%. 7. The number of students currently enrolled is 50,116. 8. The size of the campus is 2,000 acres. 9. University of Florida is a university which has fraternities. 10. The cost for tuition in campus is $5,657.
  5. Game Design 1. You can be a great game designer without having to be incredibly good at math. 2. Recommended skills for game design are a creative mind, good web designer, and having problem solving skills. 3. Recommended classes that would help game design as your major are : C++ Certification classes, English classes, Mechanical + Software Engineering. 4. A recommended Minor to go with game design is Game Design Art. 5. Recommended classes that would benefit both your major and your minor are Algebra, Digital Design(using Photoshop), and Japanese(if developing for a company is Japan).
  6. 6. The types of games that can be designed are: action, fighting, shooter, adventure, role-playing, simulation, strategy, music, party, programming, puzzle, sports, trivia, adult, art, casual, adver, Christian, educational, exercise, and serious. 7. Great gaming companies to apply for jobs are Game Freak, Lucas Arts, Nintendo, and Sony. 8. The range of years of study are 4 to 8 years. 9. A minor is useful because is a back up plan for if the field of study you choose for your major doesn’t work out. 10. The average success rate for this field is pretty high if you are willing to put a lot of time into testing videogames for companies and really dedicate to your job.
  7. Scholarships 1. If you are 5feet 10inches and are a woman, there’s a scholarship for you. 2. Also if you are a man and are 6feet 2inches. 3. You can apply for an advance video game scholarship after 4 years of college. 4. You can qualify for a scholarship for being Hispanic, black, Asian, etc… 5. There's also a scholarship if you are literately addicted to candy.
  8. 6. There are scholarships for the year in which you where born. 7. You can also apply for a graphic design scholarship after 4 years of college. 8. There are several other fields in gaming like designer, programmer, tester, demonstrator, and promoter. 9. You can also get scholarships in sports fields. 10. And, on fields of expanding your knowledge on, for example, math, english, and chemistry.
  9. Let's Celebrate: End Of Finals Rituals A news article on Maryland University about some ways college students celebrate the end of their tests and welcome winter recess. Examples are provided through the article, but they still remind the readers that time to party, comes after the tests are studied for and taken. by Chas Guy on December 12, 2011
  10. High School to College Timeline Mid June Make list of Late July Early July Made arrangements materials for Bought books for dorm and college roommate Late June 2013 Mid July Late August Early June Visited college Bought First day of 2013 campus again pencils, pens, college Graduated and other tools From MBSH for college
  11. Scenario 1 Two friends go off to two different college…. And both graduate one is well educated and speaks as if she/he is educated. The other talks as if he never attend college nor graduate and he doesn’t have a job…. Should we blame colleges for the personality and the behavior of college graduates.
  12. I wouldn’t blame the college. I would blame the friend, because clearly this is the result of his choices while he was in college.
  13. Scenario 2 A boy just started college three weeks ago his mother is a teacher and his father is a pastor who loves his BOY…. When he's around campus he’s cool walking around all coupled up with girls but in the evening he secretly drinking heavily. He wakes up his roommate when he and his friends come in to crash and end up vomiting and passing out in the room. His roommate is upset because this is happening every night lately and he has warned that if he keeps waking him up at 3:00smevery night that he is going to inform the resident assistant (RA) of the dorm.
  14. After many warnings, I would be tired too. Frankly, I would have already arranged for him to be banned after the third time that he pulled this little charade.