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MICE Presentation Idéa Nordic 2022


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MICE Presentation Idéa Nordic 2022

  1. 1. d e n m a r k Creative Memorable Experiences
  2. 2. Idéa Nordic is a full-service event bureau delivering creative memorable experiences for the local and international M.I.C.E. markets. We were established in 2015 as an event entertainment company, and since then we have grown into an agency with a solid reputation for delivering tailored memorable experiences. Idéa Nordic was founded by two people: one from Denmark, Tore, and the other from Australia, Wade. We are driven by a diverse community of 350 event professionals, project managers, experience designers, event planners, creatives, performers, pedagogical thinkers and tech heads. We are a team with a fabulous mix of creative, structured, innovative, organized, connected, and dedicated people, who simple love what we do! We are driven by two key values: - Sustainability - Diversity and Inclusion Who We Are: Idéa Nordic We take you from ‘Idéa’ to ‘Experience’
  3. 3. Creative ✓ We are up-to-date with the latest TRENDS in our industry and our destination. We keep ahead of the latest trends, by expanding our network outside of the established network of suppliers. ✓ We never stop working on product development to create INNOVATIVE experiences. We differentiate ourselves by our innovative experiences. We are the first to establish agreements with 70% of our suppliers. ✓ We create TAILOR-MADE programs depending on your needs and goals. Before we develop a program we research your organization and learn more about your people. Just like our events, we tailor a program to YOU. We apply our creative thinking to design programs based on a daily theme, the key messages of your brand, and the objectives of your visit. Why Idéa Nordic
  4. 4. Memorable ✓ We know how to create the WOW factor by implementing our in-house entertainment. We know how important it is to create a WOW factor during your events to impress your audience. We develop all entertainment inhouse and align it with your theme. ✓ We are PASSIONATE about what we do! Always delivering the extra mile to create memorable moments. We simply love our work! You will feel it from the first minute you meet us. We take care of every single detail no matter how small it is. ✓ We have strong RELATIONSHIP with our suppliers and partners. We call our partners the Idéa Nordic Community. We invest a lot of time in developing the community, so that we can deliver quality experiences to you. Why Idéa Nordic
  5. 5. Experiences ✓ We always find LOCAL experiences, with a personal touch. We deliver a tangible immersive experience within local culture, which are not available from other operators. ✓ We are CONNECTED, Emergency- 24/7 during your events. We provide a single point of contact during your entire stay, so that you can relax and enjoy the experiences. ✓ We deliver QUALITY! We have tested our products before we offer them to you. If we don’t like it, we don’t offer it. We only promise what can be delivered. Why Idéa Nordic
  6. 6. Destination: ▪ We are experts in Denmark, with its 1.419 islands What we are great at creating: ▪ Immersive Experiences ▪ Tailor-made Incentive Programs ▪ Innovative Social Events ▪ Engaging Activities ▪ Conference Support ▪ Corporate Meetings ▪ Unique In-house Themed Entertainment ▪ Event Planning & Design Our Expertise
  7. 7. ▪ Transfers and Logistics ▪ Hostesses & Guides ▪ Sourcing Unusual Venues ▪ Gala Dinner Experiences ▪ Dine Arounds ▪ Hotel Source ▪ Immersive Excursions ▪ Hands-on Workshops ▪ Conference Energizers ▪ Teambuilding Activities ▪ Audio Visual Support ▪ Spouse Programme ▪ Corporate Gifts ▪ CSR Programs Our Services ▪ Transfers and Logistics ▪ Hostesses & Guides ▪ Sourcing Unusual Venues ▪ Gala Dinner Experiences ▪ Dine Arounds ▪ Hotel Source ▪ Immersive Excursions ▪ Hands-on Workshops ▪ Conference Energizers ▪ Teambuilding Activities ▪ Audio Visual Support ▪ Spouse Programmes ▪ Corporate Gifts ▪ CSR Programs
  8. 8. Our Values We challenge ideas about women's roles in the workplace. We support women in tech! We are an equal opportunity employer. Our teams need to reflect society. Therefore, we are committed to working with people from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. Be the best version of yourself. Be proud. Keep an open mind and learn from others. We support the LGBTQI+ community. Join us at the Pride Parade or sit down with your grandma and tell her why you are happy being you. Idéa is a safe space for all genders and sexual orientations. We are lucky to be based in Copenhagen Denmark, with progressive laws regarding family support. Families come in all shapes and sizes. We adapt our workplace to welcome families, whether they are traditional, hybrid, newly formed, or on the way!
  9. 9. Values: Sustainability ➢ Sustainability is important to us. We want to leave the planet in a better state, than how we found it. We want to contribute to reducing global warming by 1.5 degrees ➢ During the C40 Climate Summit in Copenhagen, we collaborated with Michael Bloomberg, the United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Action, and the creative team at Bloomberg Philanthropies, to produce the 2019 Climate Awards. The Ceremony recognises various climate initiatives, that are being introduced by global leaders in their cities, to prevent the increase in global temperatures of 1.5°C. ➢ Through our collaboration, we were able to learn more about sustainable event practices. ➢ We focus on 5 key areas to make a difference: ❖ Reduce plasticusage and waste ❖ Utilise environmentallyfriendly transport ❖ Up-Cycle event materials ❖ Integrate rechargeable, low energy consuming LED Lights ❖ Meat-Free meal alternatives
  10. 10. What Our Partners Say “We could never have done it without you. You broughtnot only your own considerabletalents to our event – but the talents of a remarkablecross- section of wonderfulperformers. Theresponsehas been excellent – from the Bloomberg team and from so many of the Mayors and VIPspresent. Until wemeet again, I wish you every success!” Doug Bernstein, CreativeDirector, Bloomberg Philanthropies Thank you for supporting the team with managing the event, and the online engagement activities. You are a strong eventpartner. Christian Vintergaard, CEO, Foundation for Entrepreneurship Denmark.
  11. 11. Denmark
  12. 12. Denmark International Airports in Denmark: • Copenhagen Airport • Billund Airport • Aalborg Airport • Aarhus Airport
  13. 13. ✓ Because our capital- Copenhagen, is the Safest City in the World 2021- The Economist ✓ Because everything is closer in Denmark! It only takes 15 minutes from Copenhagen airportto the city center. ✓ Because we are Sustainable! Copenhagen has the Worlds’ most ambitious climate policies with a goal of beingthe first carbon neutral capital by2025. ✓ Because we have the World’s Coolest Neighborhood 2021, ‘Nørrebro’in Copenhagen.TimeOut Magazine ✓ Because we have the best restaurant in the World, voted by the Michelin Guide! Geranium*** ✓ Because our Waterfront has been named the cleanest in the World. ✓ Because we are one the Happiest country in the World☺ Why Denmark
  14. 14. Copenhagen
  15. 15. Copenhagen Danes are said to be the happiest people in the world, and Copenhagen the world’s most livable city. Why? Because every bit of Copenhagen is designed for life, from the buildings and architecture, the food and the water, the many bikes and the intelligent infrastructure to free education, free health care, and a society firmly focused on the life balance between work and play. Copenhagen is a pocket-sized fairy tale and at the same time, a buzzing and innovative hub of ideas. Copenhagen is a city large enough for every kind of life philosophy, but small enough to bicycle from one end to the other in twenty minutes. The Copenhageners excel in combining simple and sustainable solutions with a casually sophisticated lifestyle. A lifestyle based on tradition, history and culture, yet constantly moving forward, giving Copenhagen a unique blend between the harmonies of old-world charm and the progressive beat of a truly cosmopolitan city. This is Copenhagen - a city for life! Click to add text
  16. 16. Activity Inspirations
  17. 17. Coolest Neighbourhood in the World- Nørrebro • Did you know that TimeOut-Magazine has awarded Noerrebro with the tittle of the Coolest Neighborhood in the World- 2021? Noerrebro is a hip, multicultural neighborhood, popular with students and creative types. From kebab joints and indie shops to the design boutique stores and Michelin star restaurants. • The guide will walk the group along the greatest spots of the district, the Instagram world famous spot- Superkilen, the Red square, the charming street of Blågårsgade and the hippest area of Steffansgade with its little Danish boutiques selling handcraft goods. Maybe you would like to add a graffiti workshop? There will be a visit to Noerrebro brewery for beer tasting, brewery visit and lunch. Guests will enjoy a typical Danish lunch- Smorrebrod, open faced sandwich. • Duration: From 3 hours. Capacity per guide up to 23 pax. • Why We Love it? ✓ It is the Coolest Neighborhood in the World! ✓ Pure immersion amongst locals.
  18. 18. Coolest Neighbourhood in the World- Nørrebro
  19. 19. Immersion in the Viking Era • The experience takes place at the Land of Legends! The center for Historical-Archaeological Research and Communication is a 106-acre archaeological open-air museum situated in the Lejre, 45 mins drive from Copenhagen. • The participants will experience a total immersion in the Viking Era! The group will be welcomed by the staff dressed in periodic clothing to greet the guests on arrival. The Vikings will take the group on a time travel back to 800 AD and guide them through a teambuilding activity! Participants will have the opportunity to try activities from ancient times, from fire making, spinning wool, throwing spears, baking bread to participate into quizzes about the Viking Age era among other activities. • Viking lunch will be served at the Kings Hall while Vikings entertain the group with myths and stories. • Duration: Half day. Capacity per guide up to 20 pax. • Why We Love it? ✓ Total Immersion experience in the Viking Era. ✓ Once-in-a-lifetime activity.
  20. 20. Immersion in the Viking Era
  21. 21. Refshaleoen Safari • In recent years, the former industrial district has become one of Copenhagen’s hippest areas and a hub for creativity, alternative urban development, festivals and a great variety of foods from various backgrounds. Refshaleoen hosts the best restaurant in the world, Noma, as well as the biggest food street market in northern Europe, Reffen. • The safari starts with an introduction of Refshaleoen. There are loads of possibilities to tailormade the experience, From skiing 124m above the city on an architecturally designed waste plant, visiting a distillery to create your own Gin, RIB boat adventure on to the open sea, wellness by the water overlooking the city landscape or a visit to Copenhagen’s Contemporary gallery among other possibilities. Lunch can be arranged at the Food Market or maybe at Noma? You choose! • Duration: From 3 hours. Capacity per guide up to 23 pax. • Why We Love it? ✓ Off the beaten track. ✓ Authentic urban development where sustainability is a focus.
  22. 22. Refshaleoen Safari
  23. 23. Entertainment Inspirations
  24. 24. In-house Entertainment • At Idéa Nordic, we truly believe that ENTERTAINMENT is key during your event: - Entertainment engages guests - Entertainment reflects your values and vision - Entertainment helps reach potential clients - Entertainment creates incredible life memories • Idea Nordic provide with in-house ENTERTAINMENT. We develop a tailor-made entertainment plan for your entire event. The plan is based on what you want to communicate to your guests; KEY MESSAGES, theme, brand, or logo. We manage in-house a team of approx. 300 people, from Choreographers, Dancers, Singers, Acrobats, Bands, DJs to Costumes Designers. Yes, we also produce our own themed costumes! • Suitable for: Receptions, Gala Dinners, Lunches, Conferences, during Activities and Workshops, Product Launches.
  25. 25. Vikings and Danish Folklore • Vikings and Danish folkloredate back to 793 A.D. and have inspired many blockbuster movies and global TV series, such as The Vikings, Ragnarök and Thor. The God of Thunder will deliver a powerfulDanish welcometo the guests. He is joined by the Scandinavian folkloreQueen of Elves. She gathers the Elver women and they elegantly mingle with the guests and create multiple selfie opportunities. • During dinner, a band will play live music to entertain the guests. With angelic voice, the Elver Queen, sings while the Elver dance around her. As the folklorebelief describes; with their beauty the Elver will lure the viking men into a dance and take control. The duet between Elver and Vikings builds up and up, while accompanied by traditional acoustic drums. • Between the main courseand dinner, the performancestory continues. Thor and the Elver Queen go head to headin this Nordic battle. Mjölner, Thors Hammer, will electrify the performanceas LED technology and raw physicaldance melts together. This performancewith acrobatic Vikings and dancing Elver women, will surely amazethe guests.
  26. 26. Fairy tales-Hans Christian Andersen ➢ Hans Christian Andersen is Denmark’s most famous storyteller, having written plays, novels, poems and his beloved fairytales. His fairytales has been translated into 125 different languages, and the most successful animated movies of all time; Frozen and The Little Mermaid. ➢ H.C. Andersen will welcome and guide your guests through his magical world ,while introducing his different fairytale characters. The Steadfast Tin Soldier and The Uckly Duckling will mingle with the guests for multiple selfie opportunities. During the tour of the venue, the ‘Snow Queen’ will create a short pop-up performance to surprise the guests. ➢ During dinner, a band will play live music to entertain the guests. The talented lead singer will perform as the Little Mermaid, and play a mix of jazz and contemporary music, the accompanying musicians will play piano and brass instruments. • H.C. Andersen fell in love with Tivoli Gardens and was inspired by the beautiful performances from Harlequin and Columbine on the Peacock Stage. The ballet duo will perform an elegant dance performance between the main course and dessert. A Peacock performer from Tivoli Gardens will join the duet for a ‘wow’ moment finale to the show.
  27. 27. Venue Inspirations
  28. 28. The Krane • Formally used as a coal crane, The Kraneis now an immersive, multi-sensory experience offering a wide variety of options. Insideis exclusive Danish Design in black payinghomage to its pastas a coal crane. Surrounded by the old industrial harbor of Copenhagen it has the sea, the sky, harbor and panoramic views over the city. • Quick facts: -Location: Water-front, 4kmfromcity center. - Capacity: 20 pax Dinner & 30 pax Reception. • Adds on possibilities: - Group arrivalby boat - Endless possibilities for entertainment and decoration • Suitable for:Receptions, PrivateDinning & Meetings • Why we love it? Uniqueness, exclusivity and Danish design, by the old industrial harbor.
  29. 29. The Krane
  30. 30. Kronborg- Hamlet Castle • Kronborg Castle has existed at Helsingør (Elsinore) since 1420. It’s been burned to the ground and rebuilt since, but always maintained its vital position at the head of the Øresund Sound. Ships passing into the Baltic Sea paid tolls at Kronborg Castle and Helsingør was once one of the most important towns in Europe. In 2000, Kronborg Castle became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kronborg Castle is probably the most famous Danish castle, known worldwidefromShakespeare's Hamlet. • Quick facts: -Location: Water-front, 45kmfromcity center. - Capacity: 500 paxDinner & 500 paxReception. • Adds on possibilities: - Privateguided tour of the Castle -DiverseEntertainment in historicalcustoms • Suitable for:Banquets, Cocktails Events & Product Launches • Why we love it? UNESCO Site, Historicaland Unique.
  31. 31. Kronborg- Hamlet Castle
  32. 32. The Old Train Workshop ➢ A stone's throw from the center of Copenhagen is 10.000m2 of event space just waiting to provide the setting for your event. With its impressive architecture the more than 100 years old train workshop offers an unforgettable experience. The Train Workshop's floor-to-ceiling windows and roof structure made of wood and glass gives a nice light filled atmosphere. • Quick facts: -Location: Water-front, 45kmfromcity center. - Capacity: 2500 paxDinner & 3500 paxReception. • Adds on possibilities: - Bring an old train inside the venue during the event with entertainment -Almostno restrictions for deco & entertainment • Suitable for:Conferences, Cocktail Events, Banquets& Product Launches • Why we love it? Endless possibility on a great location
  33. 33. The Old Train Workshop
  34. 34. d e n m a r k Creative Memorable Experiences Address: Hedebygade13A 1754 CopenhagenV Denmark CVR: 39801388 Facebook Instagram Linkedin www.ideanordic.com