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How to Succeed with Broken Link Building

Effective broken link building is a white-hat SEO technique that can be carried out at scale. Doing it right is what matters.

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How to Succeed with Broken Link Building

  1. 1. www.viralseoservices.com How to Succeed with Broken Link Building Tulsa, Oklahoma. Call Now: - 1-800-670-2809 Website: - www.viralseoservices.com
  2. 2. www.viralseoservices.com The practice of broken link building is regarded as a better way to generate quality inbound links to your site. It is a simple process involving three steps in which you need to find quality resources or link pages first, check them for broken links, inform the concerned webmaster about the broken links, and suggest your own resource to replace these broken links. Though it is a white-hat technique, many people think it is not for them as it takes a lot of time and the returns may not be worth the effort. Their efforts would pay off only if webmasters pay attention to the email informing about the broken links, mend the links and reciprocate by giving them a link in return. This is a reciprocal link building method. You have to suggest links to high quality content to convince the publisher to provide a link to your site as a reward. However, when done right, broken link building is a white-hat SEO technique that provide you with a fantastic opportunity to gain high volume of inbound links if implemented at scale. Doing it right is what matters.
  3. 3. www.viralseoservices.com Find Multiple Resource Pages with Broken Links Search for multiple resource pages related to your industry. You can find several links on these pages, a percentage of which will be broken. More resource pages will yield more broken link opportunities. You can look for links, resources, websites and recommendation resources with searches based on your own keywords by typing keyword inurl:links, keyword inurl:resources, keyword inurl:websites, or keyword inurl:recommendation. It is very important to choose keywords the right way to find multiple links and resources pages. If you use the same keywords intended for search engine optimization to find resource pages, then you may not quality results. Instead, use a keyword which is very specific, precise and relevant to your industry. Suppose the keyword phrase that you are optimizing for is ‘buy cheap watches’. If you search for “buy cheap watches” inurl: links, you get 29,100 results. Only sites that are interested in cheap watches would have some interest in that keyword phrase. However, if you search for watch inurl: links, you get 5,790,000 results. Explore Domains Linking to Broken Links Checking for broken links in the link or resource pages that you found, checking the relevancy of the resources that they link to, and filtering the results to send pitch e-mails is the typical broken link building strategy. However, if you really want to scale up your broken link opportunities, perform a link analysis for each broken resource (that has been removed or no longer exists) to find other pages that link to it and focus on those resources that have around 100 or more linking domains. Here’s an example:
  4. 4. www.viralseoservices.com Suppose you chose the site www.mywatches.com after searching links or resource pages for watches. Your reason for choosing that particular link could be that you found www.mywatches.com provides quality resources so that your visitors would find the links that point to that site useful and you would get some reward for pointing out those links. It is quite obvious that there will be several people who think alike and link to www.mywatches.com to share its resources with their visitors. So, if you find a broken link with www.mywatches.com, there would be several domains linking to the resource pointed out by that link. Every link from those domains pointing to that resource is broken. If you collect all those domains, you can explore a large number of broken link opportunities, target these domains for acquiring relevant links, and reduce the time spent to check relevancy. Send E-mail Pitch to Linking Domains You should create an e-mail pitch template for each broken resource found on the selected site and send a pitch e-mail to each domain linking to the resource. You can recommend good resources that you have come across while searching for broken links as replacement content. When publishers finds that you have put in a lot of effort to find good replacement content for their broken links, they will surely reward you with a link to your resources. Customize the emails that you send out as this can increase your conversion rates. A lot of effort is needed when it comes implement the broken link building process when working at scale. Partnering with a professional SEO company will help you realize the full potential of your broken link building efforts. Check Out Our Link Building Package