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MPOC-Cairo efforts to promote Malaysian Palm Oil in Egypt

Presented by:
Mr. Ihab Hassan during workshop on palm oil application on 23rd September 2018

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MPOC-Cairo efforts to promote Malaysian Palm Oil in Egypt

  1. 1. Malaysian PalmOilCouncil The efforts of the Malaysian Palm oil Council in supporting the use of palm oil in food industry in Egypt Ihab Hassan Market Development Executive MPOC - Cairo
  2. 2. Presentation outline ➢About MPOC. ➢Palm oil and the global oils and fats requirements. ➢Palm oil as a market leader / affordability and sustainability. ➢Palm oil is filling the global oils and fats requirements. ➢Palm oil Market share in Egypt. ➢MPOC efforts supporting the Malaysian palm oil industry.
  3. 3. MISSION To promote the market expansion of Malaysian palm oil and its products by enhancing the image of palm oil and creating better acceptance of palm oil through awareness of various technological and economic advantages (techno-economic advantages) and environmental sustainability.
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES 1- To enhance trade opportunities in the market place by identifying and meeting the latest opportunities in the market. 2 - To encourage product diversification by using Malaysian palm oil as the key ingredient, thus gaining a prominent role in new and reformulated products. 3 - To improve understanding of palm oil, enhancing its application and elucidating its numerous strengths and benefits. 4 - To uphold the good name of Malaysian palm oil by closing the gap between the issues of perception, allegations and the realities of palm oil. 5- To safeguard Malaysian palm oil as the most dominant vegetable oil in terms of market coverage, nutritional benefits, environmental sustainability and commercial success.
  5. 5. The Egyptian oils & Fats Market ➢Well structured. ➢Insufficient oils & fats production. ➢Strategic location. ➢Growing population.
  6. 6. Palm oil imports in Egypt in 2017 Vs other oils and fats. Soybean oil 12% Sunfloweroil 29% Palm oil products 54% Others 5%
  7. 7. MPOC efforts supporting the Malaysian palm oil industry. INDUSTRY ➢POTS ➢POTAP ➢CARES ➢Exhibitions (Food Africa / HACE/ Etc…) ➢Seminars/ Workshops ➢Factory briefing ➢Sponsorship ➢Programs for chefs ➢Online: Website / Social media CONSUMER ➢Consumer Events (Cairo Bites) ➢Social Media ( Facebook / YouTube ) ➢Website ➢Printed Media (Magazines /Newspaper) ➢Radio
  8. 8. POTS
  9. 9. POTAP & CARES
  10. 10. Exhibitions
  11. 11. Seminars/ Workshops
  12. 12. Factory briefing
  13. 13. Programs for chefs
  14. 14. Consumer Events
  15. 15. Printed Media
  16. 16. Social Media
  17. 17. Contact us. You suggestions are appreciated. Phone: 01011033035 Email: info@mpocegypt.com www.MPOCEgypt.com /MPOCEgypt /MPOCEgypt Address: No. 227, 4th Floor, Sahara Building, Second Commercial Sector, 5th District, 11835 New Cairo, Egypt.
  18. 18. Presentations /MPOCEgypt