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Introduction To Human Resource Management

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Introduction To Human Resource Management

  2. 2. Points to Ponder Definition and Concept of HRM History of HRM Functions of HRM HR Policies and Procedures Emerging Role of HRM Role of HR Executives Challenges to HR Professionals Strategic HRM
  3. 3. Functions of HRM - 1 Managerial Planning Organizing Staffing Directing Controlling
  4. 4. Functions of HRM - 2 OperationalEmployment HR Development Compensation Mgt Employee Relations Performance HR Planning Job Evaluation Appraisal Recruitment Training Wage and Salary Admn Management Selection Incentives Development Career Planning and Placement Bonus Development Induction Fringe Benefits
  5. 5. Organizational Structure & HRM
  6. 6. Formal Informal President organization organization Chess group Vice Vice Vice President President President Division Division Division Division Division Division Division DivisionDivision Managers Managers Managers Managers Managers Managers Managers ManagersManagers Department Department Department Department Managers Managers Managers Managers Department Department Department Department Managers Managers Managers Managers Department Informal organization Managers Bowling team
  7. 7. RESPONSIBILITY, AUTHORITY & ACCOUNTABILITY Responsibility: It is the obligation of a manager to carry out the duties assigned to him. Authority: It refers to the right to give orders and the power to exact obedience from others in the process of discharging responsibility. Accountability: The employees answerability on using the authority in discharging the responsibility is termed accountability.
  8. 8. LINE AND STAFF FUNCTIONS Departments or  Departments or employees of a employees of a firm that perform firm that perform core activities a support Contributes function directly to the  Contributes business of the indirectly to the firm business of the Ex: firm Manufacturing  Ex: HR and and Marketing Finance departments departments
  9. 9. Line & Staff Relationship TradiTional concepT Service orienTed firm Which are line and STaff funcTionS BoTh needS To SupporT each oTher
  10. 10. The Role of Human ResourcesDepartment As a specialist As a facilitator As a change agent As a controller
  11. 11. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND OTHER ORGANIZATIONAL FUNCTIONS Product & HR Production & HR Marketing & HRManagement Techniques & HROrganization structure & HR
  12. 12. Human Resource planning Right number Right Skills Right Time Right Cost
  13. 13. HRP definedProcess of anticipating and making provision for the movement of people into, within, and out of an organization
  14. 14. Objectives of HRP Right Time  To maintainRight number  To forecast Right Skills  To optimize Right Cost  To utilize
  15. 15. Assessing current humanresources and making inventory Job analysis HR inventory – HRIS Generate a fairly accurate picture existing situation
  16. 16. Forecasting Compare future needs with current availabity Analyze companies change plan Forecasting methods used are Time Series Analysis, Regression Analysis and Productivity Ratios
  17. 17. Matching the inventory with future requirements If the current inventory exceeds the future requirements Natural attrition cannot bring down resource to match What to consider then????
  18. 18. MANAGING THE FORECASTEDDEMAND / SURPLUS M anagi ng futur e demand M anagi ng F utur e Sur pl us
  19. 19. Dealing With Surplus Manpower Retrenchment outplacement layoffs Leave of absence without pay Loaning
  20. 20. Growing importance of HRP