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Mahmoud Yosri

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Mahmoud Yosri

  1. 1. MahmoudYosri Mohammad King Faisal st, Giza 01019313799 m.yosri.m@gmail.com Education Faculty: Engineering. Department: Mechatronics. University: Helwan University. Graduation Year: 2013 Experience  From: March, 2016 To: present Software QC Engineer for Nokia  Job Role: - Review of software requirements specification - Preparation/review of test plans (web/mobile) - Preparation/review of test cases (web/mobile) - Execution of tests (web/mobile) - Reporting of defects - Preparation of test reports - Mobile Test Cloud using Xamarin tool - Test Effort Estimation - Communicate with the on-site/ offshore team members as required   From: July, 2015 To: March, 2016 Software QC Engineer for Chestnut  Job Role: - Preparing and Executing Manual Functional Testing (web/mobile) - Preparing and Executing Automation Testing using Selenium and TestNG. - Performing load testing using JMeter - Report Defects on the Defect Tracking System. - Python Code Review and Inspection. - Conducting UAT with clients. - Test result reporting
  2. 2.  From: November, 2014 To: May, 2015 Junior Software Testing Engineer for Enjaz (full/part time).  Job Role: - Test cases review and execution. - Defects Reporting. - Performing user experience testing. - Performing system testing  From: Jan., 2012 To: Oct., 2015 Freelance Software Tester for UTest  From: Feb., 2012 To: Present Freelance Software Tester for BugFinders Courses & Certifications   Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) Diploma, Software Testing track. Duration: 9 months Start Date: June, 2015 End Date: March, 2016  Content Of Scholarship: o System Software Engineering Concepts. o Database System Concepts: SQL. o Programming Full Track: C# o Developing Windows Communication Foundation Solution. o Certified Associate in Software Testing: Software Quality Foundation. o Certified Associate in Software Testing: Software Testing Foundation. o Certified Associate in Software Testing: Test Automation Foundation. o Software Testing with Visual Studio 2013. o Software Testing Test Cases and Case Study. o Track Assessment Exam & Certified Associate in Software Testing CAST
  3. 3.  Certified Software Testing Engineer (CAST) and Ranked #1 on my diploma group  From: Feb. 2016 To: June 2016 SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurs training  From: Jan. 2016 To: Present Project Management Diploma – Alison  From: Nov. 2010 To: Sept. 2011 PR Head and Co-Founder at Gadgets Company, Injaz Entrepreneurship Competition  From: July 2010 To: Aug. 2010 Trainee at South Cairo electricity station.  From: June 2009 To: Aug. 2009 Mechatronics Engineering training at Helwan Engineering Faculty (Summer 2009) Skills     Programming and Computer skills:  Very Good command of: o C# o Python (2.7 & 3.0) o SQL o CSS o XML o Java o Redmine o JIRA o Visual Studio (2013 & 2015) o ALM o TFS o JMeter o Tarantula o Selenium o TestNG o Agile Testing o Agile / Scrum
  4. 4.  Language skills:  English: Excellent  German: Basics  Italian: Basics  Soft skills:  Leader, Creative and initiative thinker.  Very good planner (short term and long term) and well organized person.  Hard worker, flexible and a very good team player.  Able to still being creative under pressure. Personal Data  Date of Birth: 01-01-1991  Military Service: Completed  Marital Status: Single References are available upon request.