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Marketing Communications/B2C Sales - Entrepreneurship 101

  1. Epiphanies, Florida & The Key to Marketing Success
  2. Before We Get Started…… @markevans #ent101
  3. July: average temperature 28C
  4. Yes, that’s an air conditioner
  5. • Needs • Motivations • Desires • Fears • Challenges • Interests
  6. • Brand awareness • Leads, sales • Users/customers • Validation/credibility • Media coverage • Investors
  7. The average person sees and hears >100,000 words/day of content: TV, radio, social media, video games, text messages, Web.
  8. Brands need to be publishers (apparently)
  9. Social media is table stakes (aka every is doing it)
  10. Consumers have lots of information at their fingertips
  11. Engaging Distracted, Multi-Tasking, Information Overloaded Consumers There is a Huge Challenge
  12. The Answer: Storytelling
  13. What is Storytelling, Really?
  14. • Engaging • Authentic, meaningful • Tap into emotions • Spark interest, imagination, curiosity • Drives actions (leads, sales, users) • Drive relationships Why Stories Matter
  15. The Digital Evolution Websit e Socia l Medi a Content Marketing Storytellin g
  16. #7 Poor Marketing (Should be higher!)
  17. 7 Must-Haves for Storytelling Success • Being customer-centric • A willingness to listen • Flexibility, agility • Having personality • Commitment • Courage
  18. • How are you unique or different? • Who are the target audiences? • Where do you tell stories? • Who gets to tell stories? • How do you measure success? • How do you keep it going? Keys for Telling Good Stories
  19. Storytelling Story-doing Credit:
  20. Rank Your Storytelling Priorities Nice Never Now
  21. Everyone’s a Storyteller
  22. Messaging, Website, one-pagers Case studies, videos, infographics, conferences Social media, advertising, white papers A Staged Approach to Storytelling
  23. “Storytelling for Startups” How fast-growing companies can embrace the power of story-driven marketing
  24. A signed copy of the book and two hours of consulting Visit: or leave your business card
  25. Thanks! @markevans da

Notes de l'éditeur

  1. Business is about epiphanies, pivots and changes in direction. Nothing is every static, the status quo doesn’t stick around for a long time. I want to talk about two important epiphanies in how I do marketing for startups.
  2. A few years ago, I was in PEI for two weeks. At the time, I was doing a lot of social media consulting – strategy and tactics. It paid the bills….but it was, well, boring – very rinse and repeat…..Not my cup of team.
  3. I decided to stop doing social media. There were other people more passionate about social media who could do a better job. Instead, I was going to focus on startup marketing