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Student Mob

The first Student Mob in the Netherlands, at the CoolBrandsHouse

Amsterdam, November 3rd – Last Wednesday at 10AM the first students came in, had a coffee or two in the Miele Nespreso Lounge and sat down in the Canon Theatre. The theme of the day was People, Planet, Profit so we had invited different brands to share their story with the students.

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Student Mob

  1. 1. Amsterdam, November 3rd Student Mob in the CoolBrands House The theme of the day: People, Planet, Profit
  2. 2. “People, Planet, Profit” - So we invited a Charity [OneMen] 100% biodegradable detergent [Persil ECO Power] Bank [SNS bank] Cradle2Cradle design agency [Reggs]
  3. 3. The majority of the students uses one or more social media Youtube and Facebook scoring the highest
  4. 4. Almost all students would like to part of creating stories for the brands they like or use via co-creation.
  5. 5. Students think brands should communicate: • mainly via social media •second through storytelling •and in the third place by mass media
  6. 6. The students trust: • Mainly their own opinion • Followed by what they find on social media • Opinion of peers • Last in line are the messages of brands
  7. 7. We also asked some questions regarding people and planet. After hearing the stories of the brands OneMen and Persil ECO Power, the majority was willing to give money or do volunteer work to improve the life of people in third world countries.
  8. 8. To decrease their footprint, the students prefer to recycle as much as possible and buy ecologicaly friendly products Stop eating beaf is not popular at all, only 1 student is willing to do that
  9. 9. Two third of the students think: that within 20 years all products will be based on the cradle to cradle philosophy
  10. 10. Apple and Nike are mentioned to be the coolest brands among the students.
  11. 11. The Student Mob at the CoolBrandsHouse was attended by 45 students from all over the Netherlands 50/50 boys and girls The Mob was organized by Maarten Schafer and Anouk Pappers
  12. 12. For more stories: http://www.coolbrands.org http://www.coolbrandshouse.org