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CV Made suwandi untuk luar HIL

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CV Made suwandi untuk luar HIL

  1. 1. MADE SUWANDI PERSONAL INFORMATION__________________________________________________ Marital status : Married Age: 49 yr. Interest: reading, listening music, jogging, swimming. Cycling SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS______________________________________________ In deep understanding of MAC concept, a system in organizing production, maintenance and spare parts management. Experience in maintaining and troubleshooting of electrical equipment, high voltage and low voltage switchgear and protection, distribution system, cabling, lighting system. Understanding Allen Bradley PLC, distributed control system and instrumentation devices, AC Drive, DC Drive. Plant Shutdwon Management Skill in organizing and motivating people. Able to operate the Microsoft office, internet and understand MAC & SAP. Budgeting & Capex Project management (PMA) & Planning. General maintenance and operation system. Exchange program to Holcim Vietnam OPI Coach Senior Electrical Engineer Tuban Project Constructions Department WORK EXPERIENCE________________________________________________________ June 1995 – Now PT. Holcim Indonesia , Tbk As Electrical Engineer Tuban Project Construction Department (June 2012 – Now) To supervised constructions activity, equipment specification base on standard drawing and contract, constructions progress activity, define NCR , tenders job , evaluation of contractor work , engineering evaluations, Project management & Planning. As an OPI (Organizational Performance Improvement) Coach (Feb 2010 – May 2012) Performance coach for improvement is strategy to improving business units through the elimination of all sources of losses / non added value on Operating Capability, Management Infrastructure and Mindset Behaviors when transforming input to output As an Electrical & Instrumentation Superintendent (2006 – Feb 2010) To organize the Electrical & Instrument Maintenance activity in order to ensure the equipments availability for supporting the optimum plant performance,Plant Safety, Quality and Environmental standard, reporting , Improve skill and performance employee, Plant Management activity , spare part management, budgeting , Coordination's Exchange Program to Holcim Vietnam ( Oct 2008 – March 2009) Maintenance audit in Holcim Bangladesh As an electrical engineering support (July 2003 – 2005): Modified, planned, maintained and trouble shooting electrical equipment. Organizing overhaul item, budgeting, project & CAPEX As a MAC (maintenance cement) Team (May 2002 – June 2003): Doing the analysis of Narogong and Cilacap plant performance, maintenance cost & asset.
  2. 2. Setting up & implementing a system in organizing maintenance, production and spare parts management related each other, the roles and responsibilities. Coach plant people to change their way of working to become a MAC concept, more detailed planning, systematic review of job planning & execution, structured & formalized communication system. As an electrical planner (December 2000 – May 2002): Modified, scheduled , planned, maintained and trouble shooting electrical equipment. Organizing overhaul item and maintenance people to work. As an electrical shift team leader (1997 – December 2000): Responsible for troubleshooting due to electrical failures. Organizing electricians in day to day inspection. Manage and organize all shift members in order to give the best service to Production department As an electrical staff (1996 – 1997): Maintaining electrical equipment, motors, drives, distribution system. Involvement Cilacap 2 Cement Plant project Commissioning Team Cilacap 2 Cement Plant OJT Jun 1995 – Dec 1995 Maintaining electrical equipment, motors, drives, distribution system. Classroom Training (Cement technology and electrical, instrument maintenance) TRAINING_________________________________________________________________ VSD Training ( ACS 800 held by ABB Indonesia, DCS 500 held by ABB Indonesia, Rubiccon Siemens) Appolo RCA Training RCM Training held by Relogica Problem solving and decision making held by Prasetya Mulai Business school ACS 1000 Training held by ABB Switzerland MAC training held by HGRS. Maintenance system from Fuller Co. Cement technology and electrical, instrument maintenance held by PT Semen Cibinong. System Control for non control engineers from ISBI. Developing & Implementing EQMS from NOVO. Manufacture Workforce Training – Train the trainer workshop from HGRS. Perumahan Karang Indah Block BC Utara #4 Tuban 62381 Jatim PHONE : 08122668330 ; e-mail: made.suwandi859.ms@gmail.com