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  1. 1. Automation & ChatBots For E-Commerce Team-03 2014/ICT/12 Madhavi Jayarathne 2014/ICT/15 Erandra Jayasundara 2014/ICT/45 Buddhika Weerasekara
  2. 2. ChatBot Chatbots are, Artificially intelligent computer systems that converse with humans using natural language !2
  3. 3. Initially created,1960 Simulate the human conversation for the purpose of entertainment. But Today, chatbots are abundant and offer sophisticated services 
  4. 4. Current ChatBots : Have more practical applications due to improvements in data/ text mining and machine learning methods. !4 The main purpose of current chatbots is to increase productivity. 
 Common Domains: -information retrieval (Q & A systems) personal assistance -e-commerce 

  5. 5. How Do ChatBots Work? Natural Language Processing Text systems interpret user input as a “bag of words”, each word considered independent of the others 
 Discourse Analysis Developing a rational, coherent discourse from multiple user inputs Identifies and evaluates patterns within a series of texts Creates relationships between sentences and entities 
  6. 6. Ontology Chatbots automatically create ontologies An ontology is a model for describing an entities properties and relationships In this example, the system understands that the user likes movies 
 Sentence Completion chatbot system has understood the user’s input, it must generate an appropriate response 
  7. 7. ChatBot Use-Cases Customer Support One of the most efficient, Quick & Cost effective Ways of responding to customer queries. Productivity Serve as an inter- committee messaging system which can also be used to share data & files. Social You could also create fun bots that sends jokes or suggestions to user on demand. This could increase the brand preference for your business. Commerce Your Chatbot can also help customers discover new products and collections with ease.You can also enable users to buy products and/or available services easily on such a platform 7
  8. 8. What can a ChatBots can do for your E-commerce website Answer effectively an unlimited amount of web users at the same time. They are automated. They can chat for hours without the need of human supervision. provide 24/7 support. Response time is instant- in any time zone. cheaper option than paying employees !8
  9. 9. Challenges Lack of Data Customer Adoption Selecting Suitable set of Customers Differentiation of bot and human
  10. 10. Popular ECommerce ChatBots
  11. 11. ChatBots in Sri Lankan Market Seylan Bank - to get banking Details Sensodyne chatbot dentist - check sensitivity of teeth TukBoy - Tuk Tuk booking(IBM WATSON support all 3 languages) Machan - Insurance Industry
  12. 12. Impact of AI Automation •Home Automation •Packaging Automation •Shopping Automation
  13. 13. JARVIS IS REAL? (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System)
  14. 14. Home Automation Apple HomePod Google Home Amazon Echo
  15. 15. 65% Do not have a Online Booking System
  16. 16. Technologies IOT IOE AI Computer Vision Cloud Computing NLP
  17. 17. How to create chatbots
  18. 18. Conclusion Godwin low
  19. 19. THANK YOU !