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Web Tool 2.0 Slideshare for teaching

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Web Tool 2.0 Slideshare for teaching

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Web Tool 2.0 Slideshare for teaching

  1. 1. Web Tool 2.0 for teaching Created by Magda Jazmeen Moreno Material design for virtual environments Group: 551021_20 Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia (UNAD) March 2017
  2. 2. Web Tool Presentation: Slide Share Slide Share is a web tool 2.0, which allows to users share different kind of documents, for example presentations from power point, documents in word, pdf, open office, among others formats, even with multimedia files like audios of videos, in a public or private way, just having a count and uploading the document to the page. The viewers can find a big list of documents and see them without a count, also the readers can comment the documents.
  3. 3. A way of using Slide Share for teaching  I would like to use this tool to explicate a topic in the classroom, especially grammar rules, structures and giving to students many examples as an alternative for the power point presentations, these documents might be from me or present to the class other documents of Slide Share from other users, so the students can compare and see different explications.  But also this tool can be added in other web tool 2.0 like a blog, or a web page, so I would like to create a blog to include some documents saved in Slide Share as a help for students who want to take a second look to the documents and presentations from their homes and take clear some aspects that maybe in the class they couldn’t get.
  4. 4. The students also can use Slide Share in an active way, creating contents like presentations, documents or multimedia to share with their partners and teachers directly in Slide Share page or in other tool like a personal and academic blog or a web page, so the students can reflect about the document presented by one of them of an interesting and current topic, comment down below, give recommendations or feedback, knowing the opinion of others. And the most interesting thing it’s that even in certain time, in the future, a stranger student can find the presentations and these could be a help for him/her, so language students might support between them. Share own creations with all online public and followers from Slide Share. Receive comments and opinions and be able to respond and comment other publications. Academic Interaction in Slide Share
  5. 5. Importance of Using Slide Share Tool  In this web tool, all people especially students can find a huge list of educational documents of different education fields, depending of their interests and needs, even when this tool don’t have just academic documents, there are interesting and helpful resource for the individual students' investigation, because they can find concrete information without need to download any document.  By other side, the teachers can share interesting and useful documents for their students without sending it to each student, it is just necessary to upload the documents in the same place Slide Share, so the students can find them easier, having the document's name or user name of their teacher.
  6. 6. Thanks for watching…