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How To Make Sure Your Ecommerce Site is Ready for the Holidays. 10 Tips.

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If you own or run an Ecommerce Holiday store, it's imperative you have your site ready for the holiday season. The time period from November through January can equate to sales and conversions for your site and your business. Taking all holidays into account (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and for some e-retailers this can be extended as far as February for Valentine's Day) there's 10 vital tips to follow. They are:

1). Create an Initial Site Checklist
2). Quick Load Time for Pages
3). Optimize Copy and Make Site holiday Oriented
4). Responsive or Mobile Adaptive Website
5). Optimize Your Checkout
6). Optimize UX/Buying Process
7). Feature Holiday Blog Content
8). Run Email Campaigns
9). Integrate Social Media
10). Use Proper Data and Analytics

We dive deeper into each of these topics in this webinar. You've got to be ready for the influx of traffic on your website. These tips will help you along.

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