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Proposal for Procurement Officer at Daleel Field

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Proposal for Procurement Officer at Daleel Field

  1. 1. DALEEL PETROLEUM L.L.C Proposal for Procurement Officer at Daleel Field Mahmood Said Al Amri 01-Sep-13
  2. 2. Introduction: Daleel Petroleum Company production increased sharply in last 5 years to reach more than 40,000 ppd. Daleel aim to produce 50,000 ppd in the coming few years. Company operation is expanding in all areas because of increase in production. Availability of spare parts in right time with right quantity is very critical to ensure smooth operations and stainable production. Demand for spare parts increased due to increase in operations. To meet operations requirements and demand, Daleel needs to have Procurement Officer at field. A procurement officer, also known as a buyer or purchasing officer, became a critical position and important at Daleel Field. The procurement officer will ensures that the company makes wise purchases of goods or services to use, to satisfy end-users and to meet their requirements. The needs for the services of procurement officer at Daleel fieldbecome one of key players to achieve Daleel’s vision. Scope of job: The procurement officer will purchase mainly form Ibri which is the nearest city to Daleel field. This also will consider as supporting for local community. In addition, he will have other options like Al Ain and Al Sharyqa. Both cities have very big industrial areas. The purchase procedure must be very short and smooth to avoid long approval process which will result on late delivery time or any complications. For example; there will be budget of 30,000 $/monthly cash to purchase the required items with Field Manager approval only (way of payment could be through credit card, cheque,90 days or cash). Also, he can make normal requisitions in ERP system for other field requirements. In addition, we can go for price agreement with local supplier. This will ensure competitive price for items and short delivery time. Also, price agreement will ensure to deliver item as per our requirements, standards and specifications. There are many examples of items and services can purchase from local suppliers in Ibri such as;  Toyota spare parts and service, there is a branch for Toyota in Ibri we can purchase from it.  Michelin tires.  Consumable items (mechanical consumables, electrical consumable & instruments consumable), lab consumables and camp maintenance materials.  Most of PPEs are available.  Stationeries.  ACs purchase and repair.  Waukesha spares parts and services. (Al Ain or Al Sharyqa)  Radiators repair. (Al Ain or Al Sharyqa)  Furniture.  Engineering and Production fittings like; Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Nipple, Ball valve…etc
  3. 3. There are many local suppliers in Ibri (i.e. Abdullah Al Shibani Trading LLC) have shown their willingness to supply the above list in time with good quality and they approve their capability to do so. Key responsibilities:  Procurement Officer at field will report to procurement section head and CPL manager. He will be field base.  Work closely with warehouse team and with end-user departments to forecast demand and to ensure efficiency in inventory management.  Purchase from Ibri, Al Ain or Al Sharyqa.  Seek to develop productive ongoing relationships with suppliers.  Site visit to market and suppliers to enhance good relationships.  Assist the procurement team in providing information about items to influence customers to standardize products within Daleel field.  Assist in Min/Max quantity review and lead time.  Analyze purchase requests from user departments and units within the company and determine the appropriate method of procurement.  Involvement and assistant in preparation of contracts and tender for Daleel Field.  Contribute to the development and formulation of purchasing procedures and practices as required.  Assist in the periodic and annual physical inventory count process. Benefits of having ProcurementOfficer at Daleel Field:  Reduce inventory value.  Reduce total cost of purchases.  Increase critical items availability.  Reduce delivery time.  Reduce transportation cost.  Reduce stock holding cost.  Decrease stock on hand quantity.  Supporting local community.  Increase productivity.  Reduce and eliminate equipments down time. Moreover, working at site will give the procurement officerexcellent chance to know more about Daleel field operations. Also, he will gain technical experience about materials where to use, how to use and by whom. Working closely with end-users will eliminate gaps and will open more channels of communication.
  4. 4. Organization Chart: