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Hangman game

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Hangman game

  1. 1.  It’s a simple Hangman game.  The player has to guess the letters in the word. If you get a letter wrong, a body part is added to the hangman.  The player can view “How to paly” by clicking on “How to play” button.  The player can also change the language to Arabic.  The hangman body display as an image.
  2. 2.  There is an array has a collection of words and my app will chose one of these words by random way.  Then it will be shown on the screen like this (----------) according to the number of the letters of this word.  You (the player) should guess this word what will be ?  Then you should enter the first letter of the word which you guessed to be and then click check.  If this letter is right my app will display pop-up message (Good Guess!) and if it is wrong it will display (Bad Guess!).  If you enter 7 letters wrong you will be dead but if you enter the right letters you will win.
  3. 3.  button which triggers an action when clicked: the buttons for “How to paly” and letters buttons (27 buttons).  display a pop-up message ("toast"): basically the messages about wrong or right guess.  application interface in English and translated in another language: I will let my app translated in English and Arabic.  display an image: the hangman body will by an image.
  4. 4.  play a sound file: I will paly sound in background to let the player enjoy my app.  Use at least 2 layouts: to make the body of game and the side information's appear, I’ll have to use vertical and horizontal layouts combined.  composed of at least 2 linked activities: the “How to paly” of the game will be displayed in new activity.  display a list of items to choose from: make list of available language.
  5. 5.  After developing the proposed features, I’ll try to enhance some functionalities. Maybe:  Turn it into a more beautiful interface.  Save best score for each player ”the count of words he guesses”.  Add time to know how long player take to get the word.