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Cyber Bullying for pupils

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Cyber Bullying for pupils

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Cyber Bullying for pupils

  2. 2. In the news… Cyber Bullying Encounters Cyber bullies use hurtful and unkind words without considering how others’ would feel. #%&!
  3. 3. How should I behave online? Tips to be respectful online 1. Think twice before you post anything online 2. Be courteous online, just like in real life
  4. 4. You can play your part to stop cyber bullying. • Speak up – ask the bully to remove the hurtful contents. • Save any evidence of cyber bullying and tell a trusted adult immediately. • Be a good friend – reach out and support peers who have been bullied online. How should I behave online?
  5. 5. Be an ‘upstander’ by standing up for what is right! How should I behave online?