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Adriano reference letter

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Adriano reference letter

  1. 1. Gunnebo South Africa (Pty) Ltd 105 Nagington Road Wadeville/Germiston Private bag X023 Wadeville 1422 Telephone: +27 11 878 2300 Facsimile : +27 11 827 7765 gunnebosa@gunnebo.co.za www.gunnebo.co.za VAT: 4830101400 PSIRA: 0017196 CO. REG.: 1966/009876/07 Directors: M. Houseman* (Managing Director), D. Smith*, R. Armour, A. Vermeulen, A. Romano, M. Broadbent * British To Whom it May Concern: I confirm that I have known Mala Mohamed for the past 18 months as she has worked within my department for the full period, predominantly as a junior buyer. At all times I have found Mala to be, hard-working, conscientious, honest, peace-loving and courteous. Mala has excellent communication skills and in addition, she is extremely organized and reliable. in her efforts she has always proven to be as helpful as possible in satisfying the requests and concerns of all her fellow staff members. On a personal level I have always found it very easy to relate to Mala and I welcome her company as her input is very much heartfelt. It is on this basis that I would highly recommend Mala as a candidate for employment to any organisation seeking her skills. Mala would be a tremendous asset for any company and has my highest recommendation. If you have any further questions with regard to her please do not hesitate to call me. Kind Regards, Adriano Romano Operations Director