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Malbork - Tourist Guide 2014

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One day is not enough!

If someone who had not been to Malbork for a long time came today to this picturesque town that was once a stronghold of the Teutonic knights, they would certainly be enchanted by the numerous new attractions and would find the view of the beautiful city centre, with its statue of King Kazimierz Jagiellończyk standing in the middle of the square, unforgettable. The colourful fountain, its waters playing this way and that to the rhythm of the music, the surrounding small architectural features and the numerous small cafes and restaurants combine to generate the fabulous atmosphere of Malbork, which was until recently noted only for its castle, which is the largest in Europe. It is worth stopping and taking a look even if only to confirm that ‘One day is not enough’ is more than just a marketing slogan.

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Malbork - Tourist Guide 2014

  1. 1. One day is not enough! Tourist Guide
  2. 2. Contents 4 How to get to us? 5 The glow of the past in the present 7 The castle 9 Guided tours of the castle and the town 10 Enchantment guaranteed 14 The heart of the city 16 Monument of King Jagiellończyk / Malbork Coins 18 The castle is a must, but there’s mucth more to Malbork 22 A town where things happen / The Malbork Siege 24 A town where things happen / Magic Malbork 26 Hotels 30 Cheap accommodation 36 Restaurants 38 Cafes, bars, pizzerias 41 Practical information 43 Free time 47 Visit Pomorskie and then expand your tour 49 Tourist Information / Souvenirs from Malbork and from the region 50 Malbork Welcome Center – Centre of Tourism in Malbork 51 The map – town centre
  3. 3. One day The glow of the past If someone who had not been to Malbork for a long time came today to this picturesque town that was once a stronghold of the Teutonic knights, they would certainly be enchanted by the numerous new attractions and would find the view of the beautiful city centre, with its statue of King Kazimierz Jagiellończyk standing in the middle of the square, unforgettable. The colourful fountain, its waters playing this way and that to the rhythm of the music, the surrounding small architectural features and the numerous small cafes and restaurants combine to generate the fabulous atmosphere of Malbork, which was until recently noted only for its castle, which is the largest in Europe. It is worth stopping and taking a look even if only to confirm that ‘One day is not enough’ is more than just a marketing slogan. is not enough! How to get to us? Pedestrian zone in the center of the town Fountain in the center of the town View of the castle from the Nogat river Do you know... The construction of the castle started in 1274. in the present 4 5 Theglowofthepastinthepresent Howtogettous?
  4. 4. 6 Each year, nearly half a million tourists visit the monument, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The touristic pride of Poland, for years it has been a vision symbol and an obligatory visit stop for polish and foreign visitors. Magical and friendly place, with interesting exhibitions, cultural events and professional touristic infrastructure. The Gothic scenery of former Teutonic fortress hosts numerous collections, among others the collection of amber, militaria, numismats, architectonic details or sculpture. The historical re-enactment “Siege of Malbork” as well as the “Light and Sound” show are other attractions. The Malbork Castle, with its surface of 21 hectares, is the biggest brick castle in the world, the masterpiece of defense and residential architecture of late Middle Ages. Castle The Malbork www.zamek.malbork.pl 1 Do you know... The castle covers an area of approx. 17,5 hectares. Stained glass exhibition Drawbridge 6 7 TheMalborkCastle Theglowofthepastinthepresent
  5. 5. Do you know... Fire at the castle in 1959 was the direct cause of the foundation of the Castle Museum in Malbork. Malbork Tourist Guides’ Association is an association of almost 200 guides. Its objective is to provide tourists visiting Malbork with the best, fully professional service. The services offered by the association include group and individual tours of the Malbork Castle Museum complex, the town of Malbork, the Żuławy region, the Provence of Pomerania and the region of Elbląg. These services are available to Polish and foreign tourists in the following languages: German, English, French, Russian, Czech, Ukrainian, sign language. Malbork Tourist Guides’ Association ul. Starościńska 1 tel. +48 55 272 08 80 tel. +48 55 647 09 37 biuro@przewodnicy.com www.przewodnicy.com Detailed information about the group’s activities is available through Facebook www.facebook.com/przewodnicymalborscy and the website www.przewodnicy.com An association of tourist guides is active in Malbork – Malbork Tourist Guides’ Association Guided tours of the castle and the town 9 www.zamek.malbork.pl “KARWAN” Conference Centre Conferences, conventions, workshops at the Castle Museum in Malbork - the “Karwan” conference centre is organising business meetings, banquets, workshops, which are diversified by variety of attractions ranging from knight’s fights to castle adventure games. Karwan, tel. +48 55 647 08 57, e-mail: karwan@zamek.malbork.pl Museum opening hours: May 01 – September 30: 9.00 am – 7.00 pm, exteriors to 8.00 pm October 01 – April 30: 10.00 am – 3.00 pm, exteriors to 4.00 pm On Mondays and bank holidays, only exteriors and some of the interiors are open. Malbork Castle Museum Starościńska 1 82-200 Malbork tel. +48 55 647 0 800 kasa: +48 55 647 09 02 fax: +48 647 08 03 sekretariat@zamek.malbork.pl kasa@zamek.malbork.pl Amber exhibition Castle courtyard 8 9 Guidedtoursofthecastleandthetown “KARWAN”ConferenceCentre/MalborkCastleMuseum
  6. 6. 1 Castle Museum 2 Church of St. John the Baptist 4 Mary’s Gate 5 Potters’ Gate 7 Old Jerusalem Hospital 9 Rail station building with platform 1, freight forwarding building and station toilets 8 Upper Mill at ul. Konopnicka 6 Old Town Hall 3 Church of the Virgin Mary of Perpetual Help, formerly St. George’s Enchantmentguaranteed 10 11 Enchantmentguaranteed Enchantmentguaranteed
  7. 7. 10 Baptist Chapel at ul. Jagiellońska 105 11 Post office complex at ul. Poczty Gdańskiej and ul. 17 Marca 13 Court Building at ul. 17-Marca 14 Water tower at ul. Dworcowa 15 Interior of St. Joseph’s Parish Church in Kałdowo 12 Water tower at pl. Słowiański 16 Latin School building by the Nogat 17 Malbork Welcome Center – Malbork’s Tourist Centre Do you know... After World War II, remains of the old town were levelled, with all the bricks donated to the reconstruction of Warsaw. 12 13 Enchantmentguaranteed Enchantmentguaranteed
  8. 8. Do you know... In 1286, the city received a town charter (municipal rights). The heartof the city The square serves as a venue for numerous exhibitions, processions, fairs and street theatre shows, which make visitors’ stay in the town more attractive. The main attraction here is undoubtedly the town fountain, where water from almost 50 nozzles “dances” in time to specially chosen music. Daily shows, particularly those in the evening, made more spectacular by light effects, draw hundreds of interested spectators in the summer season. Fountain shows Town centre – the pedestrian precinct on Kościuszki Street Musical shows (lasting approximately 15 minutes) 2:05 (after the noon bugle call from the Town˙˙ Hall), programme beginning with a melody specially written for the Malbork fountain, and at 3 pm, 5 pm and 7 pm Light and music shows (lasting approximately 20 minutes / history show approximately 30 minutes) (history show on Fridays and Saturdays denoted by H) 15 April–31 May – 8.30 pm (H), 9.30 pm˙˙ 1 June–31 July – 9.00 pm (H), 10.00 pm˙˙ 1–31 August – 8.30 pm (H), 10.00 pm˙˙ 1–30 September – 9.00 pm (H)˙˙ 2 Evening fountain show Cinnamon shops – it is a journey back in time to the interwar Poland and the bourgeois and merchant character of street fairs. This zone is devoted to regional products. Traditional Polish cuisine, bakery stand with crescent buns, different kinds of bread, traditional Polish wheel cakes “kołacz” as well as confectionery, grocer’s shop selling aromatic coffee as well as a stand with local beer, cold cuts manufactured by a local butcher, cheese, cottage cheese, bee products, bread kvass, natural juices, meads and liqueurs, spices, regional beers, fruit and vegetables, amber, handmade jewelry, traditional wooden toys as well as local souvenirs. The unique atmosphere of the event is enriched by: painters, portraitists, caricaturists, street musicians, sculptors, news vendors dressed in traditional Warsaw style, a chess table, rickshaws and tricycle rental, pre-war photographer services or periodic art exhibitions. The celebration will also include small thematic events, such as historical re-enactments or for example Kite Festival. New summer attraction in Malbork – CINNAMON SHOPS Street fair with unique atmosphere – Kościuszki Street in the center of the town 14 15 Theheartofthecity Theheartofthecity
  9. 9. Recently, new elements of small-scale architecture have appeared in Malbork – three aluminium coins mounted on specially prepared stones. The presentation of coins commemorates the fact that from the 15th century there was a mint operating in Malbork five times, which twice issued crusader coins, twice Polish and once Lithuanian. The coins are single-sided, showing the obverse and reverse of a Konrad von Jungingen shilling and the obverse of a Stefan Batory shilling. Where can you find coins? Kosciuszki Street – at the beginning of the street• when approaching from the train station Pilsudskiego Street – by the miniature of the castle• Twin Cities Square - near the Town Hall• Monumentof King Jagiellończyk In October 2010 a bronze monument to King Casimir Jagiellon (Kazimierz Jagiellończyk) was erected on the promenade in Malbork. Coins The monument to the Polish king, whose triumphant entry to Malbork in 1457 began the ‘Polish time’ which lasted 315 years, is intended to remind everyone of the Polish history of our town. The monument is 348 cm tall and made entirely of bronze. Do you know... In 1888, the water of Nogat river flooded Malbork. At the Outer Castle (St. Lawrence Chapel) a commemorative plaque was placed, indicating the water level during the flood! 16 17 MonumentofKingJagiellończyk MalborkCoins
  10. 10. The Town Square with fountain and Monument of King Kazimierz Jagiellończyk Read page 14–17 Model of Malbork Castle A great place to take a souvenir photo of your visit to Malbork. This model is made of more than a million specially baked bricks. With a base measuring 11 x 5 metres, and built to a scale of 1:30, the model attracts both tourists and residents of the town. This is one of the features characterising of the modern pedestrian precinct. It lets you see close-up how the Teutonic castle looked before the damage it suffered during the Second World War. The marina The marina is located in the city park area Nogat river, within a walking distance from the Castle of the Teutonic Knights and the city center. It is an important point on the water route of Żuławska Loop. At the marina, floating piers were built with gangways and mooring branches. Platforms allow berthing of 24 yachts and sailboats at the same time. The harbor facilities include boatswain quarters, sanitary facilities and kitchen. You can rent kayaks and pedal boats. Additionally, the infrastructure is complemented by land-use elements such as footpaths and shared zones, network connections and lighting installation. The marina is monitored throughout the year, with additional 24-hour supervision by boatswain from May to September. The marina was created within the framework of the regional project “Żuławska Loop – development of water tourism.” Rock-climbing, tennis, sports pitch and ice rink In the summer season, visitors can enjoy the climbing wall. With the surface of about 100 m2 , it is 11 m wide and its height reaches from 5.5 to 10.5 m. Skilled instructors ensure the safety of the amateurs of climbing. Moreover, brick tennis courts and roller skating arena are available for tourists and citizens of the town. In the winter season, from November to March, municipal ice skating rink is open in Malbork. With its dimensions of 20 x 40 m, it can receive 100 amateurs of this sport at the same time. www.osir.malbork.pl 2 3 4 5 The castle is a must, but there’s much moreto Malbork 18 19 Thecastleisamust,butthere’smuchmoretoMalbork Thecastleisamust,butthere’smuchmoretoMalbork
  11. 11. Jumpy Park The “Jumpy Park” rope park in Malbork is one of the biggest attractions of this kind in Poland. On the surface of 1.2 hectares, 1500 metres of routes with different obstacles hung on trees were prepared (bridges, footbridges, nets, Tyrolean traverses and others). The routes are divided into as many as 6 levels. Everybody, irrespective of the age and physical condition, will find an appropriate and safe route to test their skills and experience unforgettable moments, great fun and adrenaline. A new climbing complex opened within this area, called “Himalayas in the Żuławy region”, is the only attraction of this kind in Poland. It is the place where you can reach all 14 eight-thousanders, choosing your own climbing route. Additional attractions include fitness playground, shooting range, bouncies, trampolines, castles and playgrounds for children. During summer holidays, children and teenagers can take part in theme workshops (9 am–4 pm), where they can learn climbing, shooting, fishing, music, dance and participate in survival classes. Each day is devoted to a different theme. The workshops are conducted by qualified instructors. www.jumpypark.pl Dino Park The park, with the surface of 5 hectares, hosts such attractions as: 5D cinema, fossil museum, play land for children, educational path with 40 animatronic dinosaurs in 1:1 scale, souvenir shop, mini zoo, laser tunnel as well as Rope Park. Food and drinks are available in gastronomy facilities. The parking can accommodate 150 passenger cars. www.dinopark.malbork.pl Tourist train This remarkable vehicle, consisting of a locomotive and two carriages, travels on the streets of Malbork between 1 June and 30 September, starting at 9 am. It makes it easier for travellers to see the town, and provides an unforgettable experience. The route takes in attractions of the town such as Malbork Castle, the town’s mediaeval buildings, the dancing fountain and a scale model of the castle. The train serves both individual passengers and organized groups, and is fully adapted for disabled passengers. There is a stop for embarking and alighting at ul. Starościńska (next to the Castle Museum ticket offices). www.latocha.pl Marianek Marianek is the official mascot designed by a resident of the town. The little armoured knight with cape and red cheeks was the winner of a competition run by Malbork Welcome Center. The mascot is present at all events organized by the town of Malbork, encouraging residents and tourists to join in the fun. The Medieval Siege Engines The exhibition was prepared on a grand scale and it is the largest collection of its kind in the world. All machines have been reconstructed with the utmost attention to detail using original medieval craft techniques. The multitude of the exhibits presented in a full-scale will charm not only enthusiasts, but also children and people who value peculiarities and curiosities. www.zamekmalbork.pl Minigolf This is a superb way of spending free time in the fresh air, suitable for everyone regardless of age and fitness. It has 9 holes with obstacles, with a total length of 80 metres. Equipment is available on the spot at no extra cost. The course is open from May to the middle of September. www.zamczysko.malbork.pl  6 7 8 9 20 21 Thecastleisamust,butthere’smuchmoretoMalbork Thecastleisamust,butthere’smuchmoretoMalbork
  12. 12. During these days, the areas around the castle will become a lively medieval town with the camps of knights, shooters and gunners, a fair with products related to medieval cuisine and craftsmanship, tournaments and shows presenting the art of chivalry, fights and armament. Other inherent elements of the event are theatre shows. Everything is accompanied by the sounds of medieval music. This year’s program of the Siege includes the re-enactment of knight’s battles between Polish and Teutonic troops, cavalry battles, crossbow and bow tournaments. Horses and stunts will be of course also present in the show. Knight’s struggles will be accompanied by medieval theatres, puppet theatre, street concerts with the participation of early music bands, painting workshops, night visit of the castle as well as the performances of jugglers, stilt walkers and fire swallowers. www.oblezenie.zamek.malbork.pl The Malbork 18th –20th July Siege 22 23 Atownwherethingshappen.TheMalborkSiege Atownwherethingshappen.TheMalborkSiege
  13. 13. Magic MalborkOutdoor event, organized already for the sixth time, won numerous awards for the original presentation of history through modern forms of dance, acrobatics, music, lasers and light. The culmination of the Magic Malbork event is the unforgettable evening show combining different forms of art: music, dance, image and light. Each year, the combination of talents of famous dance and acrobatic groups with laser, light and pyrotechnic displays attracts and hypnotizes several thousand visitors. The event always includes breathtaking high altitude acrobatics but each year, the organizers provide the viewers with new attractions and effects. The entire show is summarized by a firework display. This year, Magic Malbork starts with evening attractions around the Malbork castle for the first time already on Friday, 9 August. www.magicmalbork.pl 8th –9th August 24 25 Atownwherethingshappen.MagicMalbork Atownwherethingshappen.MagicMalbork
  14. 14. Hotels BCentrum Malbork *** ul. Aleja Rodła 7 tel. +48 55 273 22 33 tel. kom. +48 605 405 555 e-mail: rezerwacja@hotelmalbork.pl www.hotelmalbork.pl CGrot *** ul. Kościuszki 22 D tel. +48 55 646 96 60 tel. kom. +48 601 707 654 fax +48 55 646 96 70 e-mail: recepcja@grothotel.pl www.grothotel.pl DMajewski *** ul. Daleka 125 tel. +48 55 272 26 55 fax +48 55 272 26 51 e-mail: hotel@hotel-majewski.pl www.hotel-majewski.pl EStary Malbork *** ul. 17 Marca 26-27 tel. +48 55 647 24 00 fax +48 55 647 24 12 e-mail: hotel@hotelstarymalbork.com.pl www.hotelstarymalbork.com.pl FDedal ** ul. Gen. de Gaulle’a 5 tel. +48 55 272 31 37 tel. +48 55 647 90 80 e-mail: dedal@hotelewam.pl www.hotelewam.pl GParkowy * ul. Parkowa 3 tel./fax +48 55 272 24 13 e-mail: hotel@caw.malbork.pl www.caw.malbork.pl 1 27 Hotels
  15. 15. 5 6 3
  16. 16. Cheap Accommodation HB&B Vis a vis Zamku Guests Rooms ul. Wałowa 11 tel. kom. +48 512 248 339 tel. Kom. +48 512 378 778 e-mail: visaviszamku@gmail.com www.noclegimalbork.com.pl IB.C.8 Guests Rooms ul. Zamkowa 8 tel. +48 55 272 19 36 tel. kom. +48 502 375 121 e-mail: czbenrot@hotmail.com JEdMar Guests Rooms ul. Wałowa 19 tel./fax +48 55 272 08 54 tel. kom. 881 313 312 e-mail: pokoje@edmar.pl www.edmar.pl KGroblanka Guests Rooms Grobelno 8 tel. +48 55 272 22 67 tel. kom. +48 503 723 200 tel. kom. +48 664 199 200 e-mail: elrogrobelno@poczta.onet.pl www.groblanka.pl LHeldruk Guests Rooms ul. Pionierów 10 tel. +48 55 272 03 15 fax +48 55 272 74 02 e-mail: spa@heldruk.pl www.heldruk.pl MKarat Inn ul. Boczna 2 tel./fax +48 55 272 89 53 e-mail: zajazdkarat@wp.pl www. karat.malbork.net.pl NKrakus Guests Rooms Grobelno 58 tel. +48 55 272 69 79 tel. kom. +48 509 839 852 e-mail: krakusy1@wp.pl www.pokojemalbork.pl ONa Górce Farm Accommodation ul. Lipowiec 18 tel. +48 55 619 57 23 tel. kom. +48 603 391 798 e-mail: agmed@op.pl www.nagorce.com.pl PNa Skarpie Tourist House ul. Na Skarpie 4 b tel. +48 55 270 93 73 tel. kom. +48 606 316 269 e-mail: skarpa@butryntravel.com www.noclegi.malbork.pl QNa Zamkowej Guests Rooms ul. Zamkowa 5 tel. +48 55 272 17 90 tel. kom. +48 693 400 605 e-mail: siw.smyk@gmail.com www.nazamkowej.malbork7.pl RNad Nogatem Guests Rooms ul. Wałowa 12 tel. +48 55 647 28 70 tel. kom. +48 662 149 824 www.noclegimalbork.strefa.pl SNad Stawem Tent site ul. Solskiego 10 tel. kom. +48 501 406 740 fax +48 55 272 10 15 e-mail: biuro@malbork-kemping.eu www.malbork-kemping.eu TNoclegi Przy Zamku Guests Rooms ul. Głogowa 2 tel. kom. +48 889 242 974 UNogat Camping No 197 ul. Parkowa 3 tel./fax +48 55 272 24 13 e-mail: hotel@caw.malbork.pl www.caw.malbork.pl VNogat Guests Rooms ul. Wałowa 18 tel. +48 55 270 93 73 tel. kom. +48 606 316 269 e-mail: skarpa@butryntravel.com www.noclegi.malbork.pl WOptimal Guests Rooms ul. Lubelska 23 tel. kom. +48 606 425 625 e-mail: joannapufal@o2.pl XPatryk Guest House ul. Rzemieślnicza 14 tel. +48 55 272 60 73 YPod Akacjami Guests Rooms ul. Akacjowa 16 tel. kom. +48 505 175 258 e-mail: pod_akacjami@poczta.onet.pl ZPod Bocianim Gniazdem Farm Accommodation Kamienica 19 tel. +48 55 272 64 27 tel. kom. +48 512 101 515 e-mail: agrokamienica@o2.pl www.agrokamienica.pl 8Pod Brzózkami Farm Accommodation Kamionka 25 tel. +48 55 272 90 15 tel. kom. +48 506 392 687 e-mail: ola.reksa@op.pl www.reksa-malbork.pl 9Pod Markizami Guest House ul. Porzeczkowa 1 tel./fax +48 55 272 45 61 tel. kom. +48 695 757 276 e-mail: gosciniec@ gosciniecpodmarkizami.pl www.gosciniecpodmarkizami.pl :Pod Różami Apartment al. Sprzymierzonych 46 e-mail: grefkun@tlen.pl ;Saturn Tourist House ul. Słowackiego 75 tel./fax +48 55 273 29 50 e-mail: rezerwacja@saturn.malbork.pl www.saturn.malbork.pl <Stajnia Jazon Guests Rooms ul. Dąbrówki 2 tel. kom. +48 693 661 010 www.stajniajazon.pl =Stary Park Farm Accommodation Stogi 20a tel. +48 55 272 91 03 tel. kom. +48 660 172 404 e-mail: starypark@wp.pl www.starypark.pl aSzarotka Guests Rooms ul. Dworcowa 1A tel. +48 55 273 38 32 e-mail: szarotka10@poczta.onet.pl bSchool Youth Hostel ul. Żeromskiego 45 tel./fax +48 55 272 24 08 please ask politely +48 695 433 415 e-mail: schronisko.malbork@wp.pl www.schroniskomalbork.com cU Magdy Guests Rooms al. Sprzymierzonych 48 tel. +48 55 272 44 59 tel. kom. +48 609 667 081 e-mail: umagdy61@wp.pl dU Marioli Guests Rooms ul. Porzeczkowa 2 tel. +48 55 272 15 32 tel. kom. +48 601 073 147 tel. kom. +48 663 287 272 e-mail: mariola6328@wp.pl www.pensjonatumarioli.pl eVilla Centrum Guests Rooms, Bike Rental ul. Mazurów 8 tel./fax +48 55 273 37 03 e-mail: biuro@malborktravel.pl www.malborktravel.pl fZacisze U Weni Kamionka 7A tel. +48 55 272 08 33 tel. kom. +48 602 102 426 e-mail: zaciszeuweni@gmail.com www.zaciszeuweni.malbork7.pl 30 31 Cheapaccommodation Cheapaccommodation
  17. 17. 7 12 18 Large and comfortable place with complete sanitary facilities. The tent site has a beautiful panoramic view over the castle in Malbork, which is a 5-minute walk away. In our neighborhood there several restaurants where everyone can find their favorite dish. The property is guarded 24 hours a day. Bigger groups of tourists are welcome. ul. Solskiego 10 tel. +48 501 406 740 fax +48 55 272 10 15 e-mail: biuro@malbork-kemping.eu www.malbork-kemping.eu 33 Cheapaccommodation
  18. 18. Ul. Porzeczkowa 1 tel. 55 272 45 61 tel. kom 695 75 72-76 www.gosciniecpodmarkizami.pl gosciniec@gosciniecpodmarkizami.pl Comfort at a low price! Open all year round! Gościniec Pod Markizami 20 9 33 27 34 35 Cheapaccommodation Cheapaccommodation
  19. 19. Alfa Club ul. Daleka 125 tel. +48 55 272 55 30 tel. +48 55 272 55 33 www.alfa-club.pl Galeria Cafe ul. Sikorskiego 33 tel. kom. +48 500 217 211 e-mail: kamila.piorowska@gmail.com www.galeriacafe.malbork7.pl Gothic Cafe & Restaurant ul. Starościńska 1 tel. +48 55 647 08 89 tel. kom. +48 783 464 828 e-mail: gothic@gothic.com.pl www.gothic.com.pl Grota ul. Kościuszki 22 D tel. +48 55 646 96 60 tel. kom. +48 601 707 654 fax +48 55 646 96 70 e-mail: restauracja@grothotel.pl www.restauracja-malbork.pl Restaurants Hotel Centrum  al. Rodła 7 tel. +48 605 405 555   www.hotelmalbork.pl Nad Nogatem pl. Słowiański 5 tel. +48 55 272 31 31 www.klubdolek.pl Pekin ul. Sienkiewicza 15 tel. +48 55 273 39 09 Piwniczka ul. Starościńska 1 tel. +48 55 273 36 68 fax: +48 601 255 008 e-mail: piwniczka@wp.pl www.piwniczkamalbork.pl Lancelot ul. Ceglana 9 tel. kom. +48 693-073-085 e-mail: restauracja.lancelot@gmail.com www.lancelot.malbork.pl Grill • Regional cuisine • Pizza Restaurant on the water U Flisaka Przystanek Patrzałkowie ul. Kościuszki 25 tel. +48 55 272 39 91 tel. kom. +48 601 690 903 e-mail: patrzalkowie@gmail.com www.patrzalkowie.pl Stary Malbork ul. 17 Marca 26–27 tel. +48 55 647 24 00 www.starymalbork.com.pl Siódme Niebo ul. Gen. de Gaulle’a 5 tel. +48 55 272 31 37 ext. 411 www.swojskieklimaty.eu U Flisaka ul. Wałowa tel./fax +48 55 272 45 66 tel. kom. +48 509 800 633 e-mail: biuro@uflisaka.pl www.uflisaka.pl 37 Restaurants
  20. 20. Alternatywa ul. Grunwaldzka 16 tel. kom. +48 607 528 460 www.facebook.com/clubalternatywa Baszta Pub al. Rodła tel. kom. +48 513 122 678 e-mail: pub@pubbaszta.malbork.pl www.pubbaszta.malbork.pl Bis Bar ul. Dworcowa 24 tel./fax +48 55 273 48 64 tel. kom. +48 602 661 681 e-mail: kontakt@barbis.pl www.barbis.pl Cafe Paradise ul. Mickiewicza 31 tel. +48 55 273 21 43 Castello Pizzeria ul. Mickiewicza 84 tel. +48 55 255 00 15 tel. kom. +48 661 140 015 Da Grasso ul. 17 Marca 22 tel. +48 55 612 33 33 tel. kom. +48 792 300 333 e-mail: malbork0@dagrasso.biz www.dagrasso.pl/malbork Euro Pizzeria ul. Kościuszki 23 c (1st floor) tel. +48 55 273 29 25 tel. +48 55 272 73 73 e-mail: lgft1991@wp.pl www.pizzaeuro.pl Fortuna Pizzeria ul. Prusa 2 tel. +48 55 272 59 26 tel. +48 55 272 42 98 Istanbul ul. Mickiewicza 31b/3 tel. kom. +48 531 975 909 Cafes, Jadłodajnia Tania al. Wojska Polskiego 520 tel. +48 55 255 50 04 tel. kom. +48 783 993 753 Jazz Club Spiżarnia ul. Dworcowa 23 tel. kom. +48 600 506 068 tel. kom. +48 694 496 545 e-mail: jazzclub.spizarnia@wp.pl Karaoka Tawerna (open in the summer season) Bulwary nad Nogatem tel. kom. +48 602 292 325 Karczma Rycerska The wester side of the castle (open in the summer season) tel. kom. +48 509 800 674 e-mail: biuro@abahus.pl Karczma Zamczysko (along the road to Nowy Dwór Gdański) tel. kom. +48 601 624 661 e-mail: krzysztof@zamczysko.malbork.pl www.zamczysko.malbork.pl Kasyno Policyjne ul. De Gaulle’a 3 tel. +48 55 273 11 73 tel. +48 55 272 20 60 Kozackie Pierogi ul. Kościuszki 23b tel. kom. +48 730 121 313 Mc Donald’s ul. Piastowska 2 tel. kom. +48 694 495 999 News Bistro ul. Kościuszki 14 tel. kom. +48 509 800 633 www.uflisaka.pl Panorama ul. Kościuszki 5 tel. +48 55 647 77 77 tel./fax +48 55 272 23 49 www.panorama.malbork.pl Pasja Restauracyjka ul. Słowackiego 75 tel. kom. 883 327 770 e-mail: jmremix@wp.pl Pepe Pizzeria ul. 17 Marca 47 tel. +48 55 612 90 96 tel. +48 801 432 100 Pieróg Rozpustnik ul. Sienkiewicza 58a tel. kom. +48 881 241 667 Piwiarnia Warka ul. Kościuszki 1–4 tel. kom. +48 600 067 791 www.piwiarnia.malbork.pl Puchatek Bar pl. Słowiański 7 tel. +48 55 647 32 25 tel./fax +48 55 647 22 34 e-mail: spolem.malbork@post.pl www.malbork.spolem.org.pl Quattro ul. Piastowska 1 tel. kom. +48 509 839 859 tel. kom. +48 506 062 722 e-mail: restauracjaquattro@poczta.onet.pl Śródmieście 21 ul. Sienkiewicza 21 tel. +48 55 272 25 87 tel. kom. +48 534 955 696 Wielka Pyra ul. Kościuszki 15 bars, pizzerias 39 Cafes,bars,pizzerias
  21. 21. information PARKING Coaches • All-day attended coach park – ul. Dworcowa • Kałdowo – ul. Wałowa • Castle approach – ul. Starościńska • Castle approach – ul. Piastowska Cars • 24-hour car park – ul. Dworcowa • ul. Warecka (drive-in-entry either from Kościuszki street or Narutowicza street) • „Pod Bramą Garncarską” – ul. Piłsudskiego • New parking – Kosciuszki street – at the back of Kościuszki street • Sierakowskich street (previously Solna) – near the enterance to the castle • Kałdowo – ul. Wałowa • „Przy Pepco” – ul. Kościuszki • pl. Słowiański • ul. Sienkiewicza • ul. Poczty Gdańskiej PAID PARKING ZONES • ul. Kościuszki • ul. Dworcowa • ul. Piłudskiego • pl. Słowiański TAXI Near the railway station tel. +48 55 272 33 20 Near the Music School tel. +48 55 272 31 58 At pl. Wolności tel. +48 55 647 21 20 police station County Police Headquarters ul. Gen. De Gaulle’a 3 tel. +48 55 270 28 10 www.malbork.policja.gov.pl County Fire Brigade Headquarters ul. Wybickiego 1 tel. +48 55 270 21 30 tel. +48 55 270 21 40 City Police pl. Słowiański 5 tel. +48 55 629 04 00 ext. 485 tel. +48 55 273 30 96 fax +48 55 647 32 12 Practical 40 41 Cafes,bars,pizzerias Practicalinformation
  22. 22. post offices • ul. 17 Marca 38 (open 8 am to 6 pm, Saturdays 9 am to 1 pm) tel. +48 55 272 24 46 fax +48 55 272 26 54 • ul. Dworcowa 21 (open 8 am to 6 pm, Saturdays 9 am to 1 pm) tel. +48 55 272 26 04 fax +48 55 272 24 76 • ul. Nogatowa 95 tel. +48 55 272 26 70 • ul. Konopnickiej 69E tel. +48 55 273 50 67 BUS TIMETABLES • www.mzk.malbork.pl • www.rydwan.malbork.pl • www.latocha.pl HOT SPOT County Office HotSpot pl. Słowiański 17 Free HotSpot. Connection time limited to 15 minutes, after which users must log in again. HotSpot at Active Recreation Centre (Hotel Parkowy, Nogat Camping) ul. Parkowa 3 Free HotSpot exclusively for guests of the Centre. HotSpot Malbork Welcome Center (Centrum Turystyki w Malborku) ul. Kościuszki 54 During the summer season. Bike Rental In the VILLA CENTRE Guest Rooms ul. Mazurów 8 tel./fax +48 55 273 37 03 TRAVEL AGENCIES Butryn Travel ul. Kościuszki 5E tel. +48 55 272 08 08 tel./fax +48 55 272 08 09 e-mail: biuro@autowakacje.pl www.autowakacje.pl Maltur ul. Sienkiewicza 15 tel. +48 55 647 44 25 tel. +48 55 272 55 99 fax +48 55 272 26 14 e-mail: biuro@maltur.pl www.maltur.pl Vertigo Holiday ul. Kościuszki 21A tel. +48 55 618 25 35 fax +48 55 618 25 45 e-mail: biuro@vertigoholiday.pl www.vertigoholiday.pl Canaria De Lux ul. Chodkiewicza 33 tel. kom. +48 517 044 651 fax +48 55 272 38 41 e-mail: canariadelux@onet.eu www.canariadelux.pl Gyms Fitnessclub Atlantis ul. Grunwaldzka 16–18 tel. +48 55 272 70 41 GG: 25397187 info@atlantisfit.pl www.atlantisfit.pl Dymek Body Line, Alfa Club ul. Daleka 125 tel. +48 55 272 26 55 biuro@dymek.pl Kwiatek Recreation Centre pl. Słowiański 17 coach@anetaflorczyk.com tel. kom. +48 509 508 446 Sport Life al. Wojska Polskiego 493 tel kom. +48 505 356 394 Swimmingareas,swimmingpools,marinas Town bathing place (open In the summer season) ul. Wileńska 1 (Nogat embankments) tel. +48 55 272 24 96 Indoor swimming pool pl. G. Narutowicza 14 tel. +48 55 647 34 37 “Delfin” Swimming School pl. G. Narutowicza 14 tel. kom. +48 602 539 742 www.delfin.malbork.pl Volunteer Lifeguard Association pl. G. Narutowicza 14 tel. kom. +48 502 462 324 tel. kom. +48 503 123 433 www.wopr.malbork.pl The marina ul. Parkowa tel. +48 55 247 63 49 Czynna: 1.05–30.09 historical reconstruction Free Lance Infantry Regiment tel. kom. +48 508 916 287 mateusz_heise@wp.pl www.regiment.malbork.pl For ten years now the members of the historical re-enactment group, the Malbork Free Lance Infantry Regiment, have been playing the role of mediaeval warriors. The broad range of props and paraphernalia, the vast storehouse of knowledge and the fully professional approach of the devotees in the group ensure that you will be left with an enduring and powerful impression following our displays. The Royal Gunsmiths’ Guild tel. kom. +48 602 465 352 m.karolczuk@poczta.fm www.puszkarze.malbork.edu.pl Historical Reconstruction Associa­tion gathering people interested in military history of the15th-17th centuries, the Polish military tradition of the time, especially the contemporary artillery and firearms. Free timeTown hospital and medical centres Almed ul. Dworcowa 14 tel. +48 55 647 42 12 Children’s clinic tel. +48 55 622 14 94 www.almed.malbork.pl Centrum Dializa Sp. z o.o. (Dialysis Centre) ul. Armii Krajowej 105–106 tel./fax +48 55 612 31 44 e-mail: malbork@centrumdializa.pl AWIP Consortium outpatient care from doctors and nurses during night-time and holidays ul. 500-lecia 98 tel. +48 55 245 00 44 www.awip.malbork.net.pl Mederi ul. Kotarbińskiego 10 tel. +48 55 272 24 91 www.mederi.malbork.net.pl Medicus ul. Konopnickiej 6 tel. +48 55 272 24 19 Town Hospital County Health Centre ul. Armii Krajowej 105-106 tel. +48 55 646 02 00 (hospital) tel. +48 55 646 02 95 (ambulance service) www.pcz.net.pl Primed al. Wojska Polskiego 52 tel. +48 55 647 18 80 tel. +48 501 377 504 www.primed.malbork.net.pl 42 43 Freetime Practicalinformation
  23. 23. Baszta Maślankowa History theatre tel. kom. +48 790 643 262 tel. kom. +48 692 733 945 baszta_maslankowa@o2.pl Knight shows and medieval dance presentations and workhops. Historical shooting range for practicing archery and the crossbow. Medieval games for children. Demonstrations of historical crafts - blacksmith and armourer’s workshops. Organization of events with knightly decoration. Preparation and implementation of scenarios of historical celebrations. Wedding ceremonies in knightly trappings. tourism, culture and other The Malbork Tourist Cluster ul. Kościuszki 54 tel. +48 55 621 21 34 biuro@mkt.malbork.pl www.mkt.malbork.pl Model Flying School, RC Model Flying School Kamionka 7A tel. kom. +48 602 71 152 tel. +48 55 272 08 33 unikat70@wp.pl www.modelarstworc.malbork7.pl Musical and Dance Team „Malbork” Club no 22 Air Base of Tactical Aviation ul. Sikorskiego 33 tel. +48 55 620 67 57 zpitmalbork@wp.pl Malbork Centre of Cultur and Education ul. Kopernika 1 tel. +48 55 272 38 52 biuro@kultura.malbork.pl www.kultura.malbork.pl We invite you to take part in dance classes, vocal, visual, tailor-knitting, foreign languages learning, chess section, corrective gymnastics, historical lab and media and computer lab. Children, youth, and adults are all welcome! Comfortable wooden chalets with fireplaces and balconies• Cosy little hotel with a unique collection of carriages• and sleighs Micro Museum of Agricultural Implements where you can• see a wooden hay wagon, a horse mill, a wooden plough with a metal mouldboard and an original URSUS C-45 tractor The Lakeland Delta Estate Gnojewo, gm. Miłoradz (We’re on National Road 22, one kilometre along after the Moya garage in the direction of Malbork) tel. kom. +48 509 775 106 • fax +48 55 221 55 58 e-mail: litawa@litawa.com.pl • www.jeziornaosada.pl A mound and viewing tower with a wind turbine mounted• on top A wood-feature adventure playground for children• An ice rink and toboggan run• A sleigh ride with an open-firegathering and Polish• sausage grill can be organised The newesttouristattraction inthe Fens Fitnessclub Atlantis ul. Grunwaldzka 16–18 tel. +48 55 272 70 41 GG: 25397187 e-mail: info@atlantisfit.pl www.atlantisfit.pl Monday-Friday: 8.00–21.00, Saturday: 8.00–17.00, Sunday: 10.00–16.00 The biggest fitness club in Malbork! Be with us, be fit! The Atlantis fitness club is located within the walls of the old Loeser & Wolff tobacco factory at ul. Grunwaldzka 16 and combines unique post-industrial style with modern sports facilities. Over an area of 700 m2 we have created a professional training ground based on the most modern technology. The club is equipped with fitness gear of the highest class, including global makes such as Star Trac® and Fitness Authority®. We have divided the area of the club into exercise and rest areas, and you will find a gym with an aerobics area, a fit- ness exercise room, where instructors await you. The in- structors leading Spinning® exercises on exercise bikes take care to ensure an extreme experience to the rhythms of electrifying music. For us, fitness is not only training and watching your figure, but above all means taking care to keep the general balance in your mind and body. The professional assistance of our trainers allows you to safely and holistically plan and carry out a diet, training sessions and regenerative treatments. The Atlantis fitness club in Malbork was created mainly in response to the needs of people seeking a friendly atmosphere, professionalism and moments of respite from the everyday hustle and bustle. We are confident that time spent at our club will bear fruit in the form of a sense of wellbeing, shapely figure and serenity of the spirit! Here, you can find a gym with aerobic zone and a fitness hall, where the instructors conducting different types of fitness trainings are at your disposal. 44 45 Freetime Freetime
  24. 24. Stud Farm, Iskra Guest House ISKRA, a family facility located in the middle of a forest, offers cozy holiday accommodation. In this peaceful place, you can hear birds singing, wind blowing in the trees and horses pleasantly neighing. Picturesque landscape is completed by nearby lakes, nature reserves and broad forest routes. Genuine Polish countryside, these are not only beautiful views, but also delicious, filling cuisine. Tasting ISKRA’s specialties – traditional dishes known for generations – it’s a great fun and pleasure. Homemade smoked cold cuts, game and fish dishes, cakes and desserts – this is just a small extract from our rich menu based on products that we prepare ourselves. The best accommodation facility offering horse riding in Pomeranian Voivodeship in the contest organized by the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture (ARiMR) and the Agricultural Advisory Centre (ODR) ul. Łąkowa 19, Sztumskie Pole tel. +48 504 025 326, 502 387 445 e-mail: kontakt@stajniaiskra.pl www.stajniaiskra.pl unforgettable atmosphere of Polish countryside• peaceful location of our facility• accommodation for 60 guests in rooms• with bathroom, TV, wi-fi horse riding lessons for beginners and advanced• equestrians – 50 horses to choose from services of professional instructors and caregivers• active relaxation in nature• carriage rides and rides in the saddle, sleigh rides,• bonfires, revelries, barbecue, picnics karaoke, discos, dance evenings• free sport and recreation equipment rental• friendly prices, family atmosphere and satisfaction• guaranteed! Our offer includes: ELBLĄG› ŁÓDŹ › TORUŃ › GORZÓW WIELKOPOLSKI › KOSZALIN › BIESOWICEELEKTROWNIA WODNA POGANICEMŁYNWODNY NOWACERKIEW KOŚCIÓŁ JUSZKOWO ELEKTROWNIA WODNA WIELBŁĄDZI GARB RUNOWOPAŁACPODBOCIANIM GNIAZDEM GODĘTOWOPAŁAC WŁADYSŁAWOWO ALEJAGWIAZDSPORTU www.poznaj3miasto.pl LĘBORK RATUSZ MorzeBałtyckie USTKA LATARNIA ŁEBA WYDMY GNIEWINO „KASZUBSKIE OKO” KLUKI MUZEUM SŁUPSK KOMPLEKSZAMKOWY RZUCEWO ZAMEK STILO LATARNIA KROKOWA PAŁAC SłowińskiParkNarodowy CZOŁPINO LATARNIA GDYNIA WEJHEROWO KALWARIA HEL LATARNIA „DARPOMORZA” ZWARTOWO PAŁAC OLIWA KATEDRA POMNIKPOLEGŁYCH STOCZNIOWCÓW SOPOT KRZYWY DOMEK JASTARNIA LATARNIA BYTÓW ZAMEK SZYMBARK „DOMDOGÓRYNOGAMI” KOŚCIERZYNA SKANSEN-PAROWOZOWNIA GAŁĄŹNIAMAŁA ELEKTROWNIA WODNA ZalewWiślany MierzejaWiślana KARTUZY KOLEGIATA TWIERDZA WISŁOUJŚCIE SWOŁOWO MUZEUM ŻUŁAWSKA KOLEJ WĄSKOTOROWA GDAŃSKŻURAW WIEŻYCA WIEŻAWIDOKOWA WYCIĄGNARCIARSKI WĘSIORY KAMIENNEKRĘGI TRUTNOWY DOMPODCIENIOWY WESTERPLATTE TCZEW MOST KWIDZYN ZAMEK WAPLEWO PAŁAC CHOJNICE RATUSZ GNIEW ZAMEK PELPLIN KATEDRA CZŁUCHÓW ZAMEK WIRTY ARBORETUM LEŚNO KAMIENNEKRĘGI WDZYDZEKISZEWSKIE MUZEUM MALBORK ZAMEK J.Charzykowskie SOPOTMOLO ZatokaGdańska LEŹNO PAŁAC MIASTKO RAJDSAMOCHODÓW TERENOWYCH „MAGAMTROPHY” BoryTucholskie ParkNarodowy KRYNICA MORSKA LATARNIA J.Łebsko J.Gardno PRZYWIDZ WYCIĄGNARCIARSKI FOKARIUM MierzejaHelska SIERRA GOLFCLUB TOKARY GOLFCLUB POSTOŁOWO GOLFCLUBBĘDOMIN MUZEUM HYMNU ODRY „KAMIENNE KRĘGI” NOWYDWÓRGDAŃSKI MUZEUMŻUŁAWSKIE SIERAKOWICE OŁTARZPAPIESKI KOŁCZYGŁOWY KOŚCIÓŁ PORAJ GALERIARZEŹB STARZNO KOŚCIÓŁ SALINO DWÓR SZTUM ZAMEK GOŁUBIE OGRODY OGRODY FRANK KRAINA RUMMELA REZERWAT KĄTY RYBACKIE SZLAKHISTORII MILITARNEJ GMINY JASTARNIA CANPOL -KOMPLEKS TURYSTYCZNO-USŁUGOWY ROZEWIE LATARNIA KOLIBKI ADVENTURE PARK PUCK FARA PRZEBRNO -SŁUPYGRANICZNE WOLNEGOMIASTA GDAŃSKA STRUGA ELEKTROWNIA WODNA ŁEBA PARK DINOZAURÓW STRYSZABUDA PARKMINIATUR MECHOWO KOŚCIÓŁRYGLOWY KASZUBSKIE DUCHY P��ygod� Emo��� P��es����� R�����k� K�l��r� Pa�j� A�mos��r� Sa�ysf�k�j� R���ea�j� H��m��i� Goś���noś� 46 Freetime
  25. 25. Tourist Information Centre in Malbork ul. Kościuszki 54, tel.+48 55 647 47 47 cit@mwc.malbork.pl The cheapest souvenirs with the Malbork town logo or views of the castle can be obtained at the Malbork Welcome Center, which includes a small shop. Souvenir gifts, stickers, pens, rucksacks, glass and ceramic ware, pictures, books, graphics, cups and many other things can make an unforgettable present or reminder of your visit to Malbork. Apart from the numerous souvenirs, the shop also offers free informational and promotional materials such as brochures, maps and guides. Souvenirs a tourist information centre open all year round (Monday to Friday, Monday to Sunday in the summer season)˙˙ free promotional tourist materials, maps, etc. available˙˙ shop with tourist souvenirs connected with Malbork and the region,˙˙ maps, pictures, commercial publications, gifts with logo, etc.˙˙ audiovisual presentation of tourist services, directly in the room visited by tourists˙˙ presentation of tourist services on a self-service multimedia information guide in front of the entrance˙˙ to the Tourist Information Centre (24-hour access)˙˙ two computers available to tourists (with constant Internet access)˙˙ tourist library – tourist books and publications, travel and marketing magazines,˙˙ promotional materials from partner towns, etc. available to read on site left luggage office˙˙ photocopying and fax services etc.˙˙ IT point suited to disabled users˙˙ ARS Gallery and Painting Studio Stare Miasto 21 (retail pavilion, 1st floor) ul. Starościńska 4 tel.+48 609 090 616 www.annacwill.nazwa.pl The gallery offers: paintings, drawings, sculptures, replicas of weapons, gifts, publishing, frames, articles for artistic works, paints, brushes, media, paper, easels. Ceramics workroom ul. 17 Marca 42b tel.+48 55 273 49 87, +48 601 841 249 ceramikamalbork@neostrada.pl www.ceramika.malbork.pl Ceramic products and gifts, also with the logo and coat of arms of the city of Malbork. Ceramic workshops using a variety of techniques. „Krispol” ul. Starościńska 1 tel.+48 55 647 09 16 The shop is adjacent to the castle. It offers gifts and souvenirs from Malbork. Pracownia artystyczna EDMAR ul. Starościńska 1 tel.+48 55 272 27 15 An impressive collection of products made from amber and silver; located in the Castle Museum. Museum shop – the Castle Museum in Malbork ul. Starościńska 1 tel. +48 55 647 08 05 sekretariat@zamek.malbork.pl The shop of the Castle Museum offers a number of souvenirs from the castle and the city of Malbork, a rich collection of books, albums and promotional materials. Other shops with souvenirs from Malbork and from the region 49 TouristInformation/Souvenirs The cheapestsouvenirs!
  26. 26. We also offer the organisation of meetings, training courses, conferences and exhibitions: Conference room – 60 seats• Full audiovisual equipment: a 3.5 m x 2.7 m screen,• multimedia projector, 2 booths for simultaneous translations, cordless mobile receivers with headphones, microphones, Supply base – catering service, toilets, etc.• Direct exit from the conference hall to the garden• (possibility to organise meetings in the form of a garden party) An extra room – meetings for 10–12 people• (with access to the Internet) Facilities for the disabled – toilets, etc.• Attic gallery equipped with an exhibition system• (bases for sculptures, a wall exhibition system, bases for photographic works, etc.) We invite you to take advantage of our services!• Malbork Welcome Center – Centre of Tourism in Malbork ul. Kościuszki 54 tel. +48 55 647 14 30 fax +48 55 647 14 31 e-mail: biuro@mwc.malbork.pl We invite you to take advantage of our services! 50 MalborkWelcomeCenter–CentreofTourisminMalbork
  27. 27. Published by: Malbork Welcome Center – Centre of Tourism in Malbork Graphics: StudioA, www.facebook.com/fotogniew The Mayor of Malbork gives sincere thanks to the institutions and photographers who have made their work available, thus helping to make this publication possible. Photographs by: A. Gilewski, M. Golec, T. Kłoss, K. Lewandowski, A. Mroczkowski, B. i L. Okońscy, M. Pawłowicz (www.michalpawlowicz.com), R. Płyszewski, I. Rupniewski, M. Statkiewicz, S. Sułkowski, K. Trojak, R. Volgelsinger, W. Zdunek PICTURES ALSO COME FROM THE COLLECTION OF THE ARCHIVE: Town Hall, The Castle Museum, Malbork Welcome Center, Sports and Recreation Centre, Malbork Tourist Guides’ Association